I’m in trouble

I just sold my classD power amp that produced 140 and 300 watts at 8 and 4 ohms, respectively.
I have speakers that are :
4 ohms producing 92dBSPL and 6 ohms producing 87dBSPLBat 2.83 v input!

I listen at low levels in a 12’x14’ cave to jazz and chamber music

No tube gear ; I live in So Florida!
integrated amp would be great!

Prime use- mask my tinnitus!

You did the right thing!
now, increase your smile with a nice class A/B amp!

tons of great stuff out there. Enjoy the search!
2nd Note;stick with a Class-A or Class A/B product.  Thank me later.
Happy Listening!
Thanks for all the advice !
im looking at a Rotel A 14 or A12,
Cyrus One, Cyrus One ,Ascam  SA 10 or 20 and Itoa SA3

Rotel is AB
SA 10 is AB
SA 20 is G
Iota SA3 is AB

Big menu and no HiFi shops to audition!
I got an SA10 via mail order and sent it back low tones were raspy and hi tones “vailed” not sure if it was a bad amp or just the way it works? I did like the amp physically very much!
also totally confused ad to the amount of wattage I need. Also having coax inputs is becoming a question as well since my Streamer and CD players has both analog and dig outputs and which DAC DO. I use the one in the streamer or CD PLAYER or ONE IN THE  amp?

Then to top it off the speakers have a wide range of acceptable wattage 20-120.
I am fully conversant on wattage and the 
dB scale and under stand logs! Understanding the math is of no help-

This is supposed to be fun?
I think this all has to do with no dealers available for sample listening! It’s a PIA to 
un box ,hook up , listen  , re box and send
then to just re order! 
never had this problem in the pastWhere do I start?


What part of South Florida. Southeast, Southwest?? Are you near Miami or Sarasota. 
The amp I sold was PA Audio S-300 and Stellar Gainn Cell DAC/pre
it was 140 at 8 and 300 watts at 4 ohms and sounded good when it worked! Amp was not functioning and needed new output brd and re build of trigger on off mechanism. The Pre amp has a chip problem in that the readout was stuck at 44.1 irrespective of input! So I never knew how or what I was listening to- no ability to fix it! Long story -many text messages -
no resolve- so I sold them both!
What I liked about the D class was no heat!
I had Primaluna pre and amp running but living in So Florida listening in a 12’x14’ cave was no fun! The Arcam SA 10 I had fir a test run was rather cool but it did not sound good???
may try another one since I liked the amp

I need to keep heat low in my office, so I used these two pieces together for many years

a Carver M-400T amp


and one of these for it's 4 inputs, remote volume and remote balance


Now with small integrated 10wpc tube amp. I still use the Chase unit just for it's switched power outlet for remote system on/off 
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nuforces are quite good, as @tomic601 mentioned

i have also really liked this one - amazingly good sound for not much $, small form factor can be a big plus for some folks too i imagine... 

bought it on money back trial, liked it enough to keep it :)
I'll throw out my normal recommendation of a Musical Fidelity M5si.  I'd also be thinking of better loudspeaker, perhaps a nice tower. 
I hope you did not accept much cash for two malperforming pieces. I bought the SGCD for $1100 new and traded it in for <$800.
Never ANY problems, not even a reboot. 
Built my own trigger to the amp since the new pre doesn't have one - no off switchIf you liked the S300 ,just get a VTV amp.
He'll build whatever you want, 30 day trial.
A Pass or Parasound integrated should do the trick for many years of listening pleasure.
I also bought the Class D GaN amp, and think it sounds fantastic. Problem is, I've gone through two amps, they both  lasted only a week. They just quit, and won't power up. I'm expecting a third amp, most likely today. Reportedly some poorly made parts in the power supply..

Tom has been great to deal with so far.

I'll report how the third amp performs.

The best integrated amp that I have heard recently is the Mark Levinson.  It is a new design that ML hired to make the new amp.  Pretty nice for SS and I am a tube guy.  No it does not sound like tubes!  But pretty natural nun-the-less.  Find a b class for under $6K - or let me know and I will but you in touch with a dealer.

Happy Listening.
You are my target market!  I sooo wish mine was ready :-)  But I'm now in volume-production-subscontractor hell.
Interesting place but a time consuming quagmire
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Hey Larry…! I also live in Miami - Coral Gables - Keep in mind a classA/B amp is going to generate some heat…. My listening room is on the small side and between the integrated amp and the three very large hard drives, it gets hot in there…! Have you ever visited John at www.Audiosalon.net…?  He’s got some cool hear in there and is super knowledgeable… 

I have a Gryphon Diablo 300 - It runs pretty hot…!

good luck and enjoy…!
@larryro2 if you are looking for a SS integrated you have lots of choices. See the examples above, plus Luxman 509X or one of the new Yamaha integrateds. Accuphase I understand makes a great integrated. Same with McIntosh. There are others. If you want light weight and low heat and willing to stay with separates then a pair of Benchmark AHB2 amps or something from the class D stuff by Jeff Rowland Design I understand may be a good choice. You will have to investigate that as I have no personal experience with JRDG. I don’t know if what you sold were Jeff Rowland units. 
Buy 2 used Jeff Rowland Model 12 monoblocks. Class AB. 350W into 4 ohms. Least expensive option for the best result. 

Easy peasy. You win!

How do I know? That's what I have into my 4 ohm, 92.5dB Mezzo Utopia's. 
I just ordered a Peachtree 150 which will power my speakers-it’s 150 into 8 and 200 into 4 ohms. I spoke with tech support at Peachtree and they have perps with my speakers and the 150 that are satisfied.
i went over this amp carefully and ckd the
specs with tech support at Peachtree.
I was exhausted searching the web and speaking with Ill informed staff at various sellers! Also the way in which equipment data is reported is pathetic! I wish I did not fully comprehend the electronics and the measurements- I would be better off! I would be plug n play!
when I lived in Evanston Illinois and north of NYC I had great audio salons to go to with knowledge people! Buying gear was effortless and a pleasure! Where I lived in Westchester county we had two excellent dealers in a tiny town !
Not now!
Thanks for all you guidance!
Gosh, Larryro2,  I read all these post's and again.. and a 3rd time..  I guess your covered now since you ordered the PT150 and all yur ohms are figured out too?

Wish I woulda got involved earlier on in post's, It truly is Exhausting. 

I would have asked:
How much money do you want to spend in Total?

Room size, I think you said 12x14?

Do you do, vinal, CD, Streaming, and yur type or favorite music and listening level 95% of the time? in dB I suppose?

Condo, high rise, or?  and just one dedicated listening room or with the possibility of expanding into other rooms?

Anyway, I guess all your solution set questions are answered?

...*phew* S/E FL and a small room......

I'd stick with D, but choose carefully...A/B allows lots of opts, but the btu's will rise relentlessly....

Tinnitus with chamber music...*?*
Well, I hope you're 'tuned in', more or less in key....

No AC in the listening space?!  IN FL?!

* 'sotto voce'  I'll bet he's that guy that mows his lawn @ daybreak in his Speedo on Sat. mornings....
You wake...you look outside....hope you're still dreaming, back to bed.

Spend the next hour hoping for a 'minor accident', 'cuze you basically like the guy, BUT....😖😒😣

...as D. Duck once raved:

"Flesh 'n Feathers can take No More!"

Just a tease in a minor key....;)  Good luck, and enjoy. 
@elliotbnewcombr.....I'm big into matrix-type controls, so the Chase strikes me as a good option for what you suggest and ran....

Personally, a linked-in eq for me handles room eq and minuit db adjusts

I'm all A/B for the most part...a little D, here 'n there.

Computer fans on the A/B, but I'm Definitely not in FL. *L*
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sell everything
But a  845 SET anda  nice WBer  multi speaker.
Thats where everything is headed
Sweetest sounding integ. amp SS A/B $2200  get the   BELLES Aria , 70 W 8 OHM   120 W 4 OHM. Made by David Belles right here in the US...
I owned a Belles power amp years ago
great amp
it powered my Maggies with a Boulder preamp 
Black Ice (Jolida) tube integrated...power, low price, well built, sounds great.

Larry, see Mike at Suncoast Audio in Sarasota.  He is extremely knowledgeable and has a nice showroom to audition.  I believe he carries some of the brands you are looking at. Good luck.

Not sure what’s going on but I have noticed way to many threads started that seem to be filled with nonsensical gibberish that are not asking anything.
Got a Peachtree 150 Nova
beautifully designed articulate
great sound and vocal clarity 
much cleaner low frequency response even out of a bookshelf speaker

the volume control needs to be moved a lot to generate changes -different from prior vol controls but I understand their design .

 This guy says,   You did the right thing! now, increase your smile with a nice class A/B amp!   
 Good advice    maybe pay
15k for class D  should be pretty nice then 
Thanks for all the suggestions!
Also happy that I am using an integrated amplifier . I’ve come to reduce the 
Clutter from behind my setup. Also using coax and optical has cables cut the mess down even more.

I have used separates for years. Big change!