Is Magnepan still in business ?

Does anyone know if these guys are still actively in business? No one answers the phone, no one returns a VM, no one returns an email- except Wendell who briefly and vaguely says "I'm no longer involved with sales and I'm traveling"- 


I ordered a pair of LRS+ back in November with a woman at Magnepan who now seems to no longer be there (her email bounces back) and when I call/email to check in on the order I get nothing from anyone. Does anyone know what's going on or is it as obvious as it appears- they're out of or going out of business? Bizarre.


Somethings going on- the phone number and various options for Sales, Service, Orders etc. still work but no one answers or returns a call. Proceed with extreme caution at this point I'd say. 

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Give a dealer a call to verify!

Magnepan Dealers - USA

@yogiboy I guess I will but it already feels like I'm trying way to hard to both try to make a purchase and to follow up with an unresponsive company. I also understand that Magnepan doesn't sell the LRS+ through dealers and only sells that model directly to consumers themselves, making it even more frustrating. 

My mistake about the Facebook page post above. The date of the post was 2022, a year ago. That was the last time Magnepan posted on their Facebook page. There indeed might be a problem in Maggie land.

Drove by Magnepan on 9th street in White Bear Lake a couple weeks ago. The lights are on and the parking lot is full.

Hum. Maybe they feel they're busy enough though don't need to be bothered answering the phones or calling people back. 

Don't forget they had a really bad snow storm this week. There could have been a power outage or the business could have been unexpectedly closed for a day or two.  Try contacting them again during their business hours (central time).

We are a dealer and they are in business. They always ran a quirky operation but are also having staffing challenges since the pandemic. They are flat out trying to keep up with orders. Some of their long time people have retired, and the founder’s son has instituted some management changes. Kinks from this are not yet worked out. My opinion only.  And yes, the weather in the Northern Plains may have caused them to close up for a few days.

I spoke to them about the still not available LRS+ stands last month, have never had a problem getting hold of someone there...

And then there is Bruce Thigpen, who has himself answered the Eminent Technology phone when I have called them.

If at all possible, try and hear the ET LFT-8b (or the new -8c, which replaces the -8b's sealed omnipole woofers with dipoles), like Magnepan's a planar-magnetic dipole loudspeaker. 5' tall, 13" wide, $2900/pr. 

After a few more calls today, they called back and are preparing to ship the speakers so all's well that ends well I guess.

I emailed MAGNEPAN and got a reply from Eric in marketing, who said:

"The Twin Cities metro was hit with a large snowstorm that started on Wednesday. Magnepan closed early and was not open for normal business yesterday.

Magnepan has been in business for 53 years, and is not going out of business. We just had the highest volume sales year we have had in more than 10 years. Plenty to look forward to!"

Magnepan is a manufacturer. Calling them is like calling GM because your Chevy needs service. They are understaffed and are tough to deal with but most of the time, they are busy working on your order. 

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One thing about Magnapan, they have been around a long time. Their speakers have always sounded good and are reasonably priced. A three month lead time is for starters these days.  I see ads here for admin asst  here for $20-25/hr.  Thats what it takes to get people interested. They need one.  

They've been out showing off their subwoofers lately, check out audio excellence Canada on YouTube. 

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Since when is not getting back to someone in a manner that works for you, "obviously" going out of business? 

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Slow down there Mr Speed thrills-

Your post motivated me to inquire about my pending order.

My email to the person who took my order bounced back.

I filled out the contact page on Maggy site asking about my order.

Eric replied within the hour saying Char was gone and my order was about a month out.

This is what I consider as very good CS. 

Last year i sent email to Magnepan,ask infoto buy directly LRS Planar speakers and price with shipping to Puerto Rico 2 weeks later they answer me and they’re not ship to Puerto Rico because the speakers is too fragile and they said may arrived destroyed,🙄 i am very frustrated to that but i decided not to buy Magnepan because it’s too much trouble or they’re not interested to sell speakers i recomend you to buy another brand the speakers.

Own a pr. of LRS+ purchased from dealer. Had the new stands also...WoW. You Don’t need to audition. Get your hands on a pr. and Buy them. Phenomenal sound for a grand. Could be the best sounding speaker in the entire Magnapan line. All New Technology.

I never had an issue contacting Magnepan.  They have always been both responsive and prompt.

Maybe things are different in 2023...


I went to make a call and didn't get a dial tone. Is Verizon going out of business?

I know! I'll start a thread and ask this question. That will solve it.

@hilde45 It really isn't the same as your example. The email of the person there bounced back and offered no alternative. No one answered any extension in sales, service, support or orders. No one returned one of the several VM's I left for days. At some point, given how fragile some businesses seem to be post Covid it was reasonable to begin to wonder if they were still in business. I posted the update above that they eventually did return a call and then my speakers were shipped and are on the way so all good. It wasn't a case of my "dialing, getting no dial tone and then assuming they were out of business"- it was over the course of several days. Thanks 

How many LRS+ models are back ordered? You are just 1 of hundreds? Maybe if a 30.7 was ordered Magnepan would be more responsive due to fear of an order cancelation.

@uncledemp  So right.  Audio manufacturers sell through dealers.  This one item is only available directly.  This is to keep the price point low enough to sell this one item as a "loss leader."  When many customers get this item, they realize, as we did in the 1970's, that Magnepan speakers reproduce what you send them.  Many do not like this, but for those who do, the idea is to entice them to purchase larger, more expensive models as they move up in their electronics.  

As for the snowstorm, email issues--I don't think they have a computer guy on staff to manage email, but they might--and employee turnover (big surprise these days, right?), it seems a few issues occurred at the same time to cause a short disruption.  As mentioned in an earlier post, this is a SMALL, family owned company producing what I, and many others, believe to be the most accurate (BEST) speakers ever made.  I would rather they be late in getting back to a potential customer than stop MAKING product to answer the phone.

Patience is required when dealing with small companies.  As they pointed out, they sold more product last year than in their previous 52 years.  Sounds like many people are "catching on" and finding their speakers desirable enough to fork over their hard-earned money for them.  As we used to say at the large company that I worked for, that is what is called a "good" problem that I am sure they will address when they can pick their heads up from actually MAKING the speakers.


speedthrills....Here name is Charlene and she answers txt messages assuming you have the right number.  If you have her number and message her and it doesn't work, PM me with the number you have and I'll see if it matches the one I've used to communicate with her.  Based on what she told me about five weeks ago, lead times were still about 6 if you ordered mid are probably looking at late May or early June as the realistic delivery timeframe.

Still Magnepan should reply regardless of all the excuses. It is just good proper business.


I'd love to see just one MAGNEPAN that didn't include someone shilling for Eminent Technology.

The definition of "shilling" is of a hustler or con artist who tries to convince others to buy something that will benefit the shiller.

As a long-time (and current) Magnepan owner (first pair bought in 1973) that term does not fit me. I also own the Eminent Technology LFT-8b, which I thought the OP might like to become aware of. Everyone knows about the planar-magnetic loudspeakers offered by Magnepan, far fewer that Eminent Technology offers a somewhat similar (and imo superior) loudspeaker as well.

You got a problem with that? May I ask why?

@snapsc Thanks but as I posted above Eric finally called me back, the speakers are enroute and- Char no longer works there - hence the email bounce back.