What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?

I recently found a cryotherapy facility that has the option of listening to music during the 3 minute session; plus, it's the middle of winter so the subject seems timely.

For those of you not familiar with cryotherapy, picture yourself standing in a phone booth and wearing only your boxers, gloves, socks and a knit hat; and, most importantly, the temperature is 175 degrees BELOW zero. Trust me, having good music to listen to is a very needed a welcome distraction!

So far, my song choices have been:

Crack The Sky - "Ice"

John Hiatt - "Icy Blue Heart

Pousette - Dart Band - "Woman in My Dreams"

Joni Mitchell - "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire"

Stephen Stills - "Cold, Cold World"

I'm currently stuck on these five and I could use a few suggestions. Thanks in advance, Mitch. 



Google "figure skating music" for more ideas.


I have a set of "officially licensed" ice skating music LP's around here somewhere, but only recall "Swan Lake" out of the pieces.


I played them years ago during a Los Angeles heat wave (there was no A/C in our apartment) and started to get chills and goosebumps (not kidding).


Guess they took me back (mentally) to my adolescent ice rink/frozen pond skating days.



Put on anything by Icelandic band Sigur Ros - you'll feel like you're on a glacier...

Ralph Vaughan Williams-Sinfonia Antarctica

James Keelaghan/Richard Shindell-Cold Missouri Waters

There is a whole song cycle of 24 songs that describe a very cold and bleak internal and external landscape:


I was once REALLY overwhelmed by heat-waive few years back and was actually dreaming about frigid COLD winter. To fulfill somehow my dream about cold frigid winter in the middle of the summer heat wave, I decided to turn on TV and find an extremely COLD movie and that was Wind River!

To reiterate myself, I HATE temperatures above 70F (or 21-celcius) and I'd rather stay below freezing point even far vs. heat over 90F.

Norwegian jazz-fusion guitarist, Terje Rypdal (records for ECM records), has quite a bit of material that has a cold, sparse, feel to it.

The album, "Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away", has a real, snow covered landscape, cold, feel to it. But much of his recordings have that feel.

@czarivey - totally agree with you about the heat!! I live in San Francisco, where it doesn't get above that very often, especially in the summer months, where you're more likely to freeze than get too hot. 

@bluorion Thanks for the Annie Lennox suggestion, that certainly will be a cryo contender. I considered "Under Ice" by Kate Bush; but, I found it to be a little too subdued musically. Plus, at only 2:21, it is too short for a 3 minute cryo session.

@simonmoon Wow, I have not heard Terje Rypdal's name mentioned for almost 40 years! "Dead Man's Tale" might be a cryo contender.

@edcyn The Gordon Lightfoot song is another one that is too subdued musically for a cryo session. I will probably eventually drop "Icy Blue Heart" (John Hiatt) for that same reason. I guess it takes a mid - tempo and/or up - tempo song to effectively distract me from the cold.

@jerryg123 Good suggestion. When it comes to greasy rock n' roll, Little Feat is hard to beat! I've been leaning towards more "atmospheric" songs; but Little Feat might be just what the doctor ordered.

@akg_ca Cold as Ice was one of the first songs that came to my mind; but, it was quickly eliminated due to being massively overplayed on the radio. However, if I decide to stray from "cold" related songs, then "Midnight Blue" or "Ready or Not" from Lou Gramm's first solo record would be serious contenders. But, for now I'm enjoying the challenge of only using "cold" related songs.

"Snowed In" by Albert Collins. The electric blues singer and guitarist tells a story anyone who lives in the North can appreciate . . . and makes some great sound effects with the guitar.

A couple people have mentioned the Little Feat song. That tune is a minor work of genius.

@vinylandtubes Thanks, I'm surprised that I forgot about "Skating Away," considering that I've been rediscovering some older Tull material recently. 

Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower. The guitar sounds eerily cold.

Cold Wind to Valhalla by Jethro Tull. What can be colder than Valhalla

@eltabor I agree about the icy guitar sounds on Bridge of Sighs. I was thinking along those same lines last night and I rediscovered "In Bluer Skies" by Echo & the Bunnymen. So, I've added both songs to my cryo playlist.

I'm even thinking I might add an icy sounding dance tune, perhaps "Fine Time" by New Order. I think that one might freak out the employee at the cryo spa!

Winter in America by Gil Scott Heron

Snow by Jesse Winchester

Cold, Cold, Cold by Little Feat

Cold Rain and Snow by The Grateful Dead

Urge For Going (either the Tom Rush or Claire Hamill versions)

Many others that I just can't think of right now.





Band got stranded on a way to a gig and wrote this song. how cool ...