What drugs do you use to enhance your listening experience?

In this post let's consider alcohol, nicotine, and coffee drugs, as they are, along with the usual suspects that can get you arrested in most US states and beheaded in Saudi Arabia. I live in Victoria, Canada, which has more marijuana shops than Starbucks, and we have tons of Starbucks. In 10 minutes, I can walk from my house to four dispensaries, which will sell to anyone over 18. OK, enough bragging, For me, a puff, and just one puff (I don't like getting stoned) can be the best tweak ever. A glass of wine is also a fine compliment. Too much alcohol will increase my enjoyment (because I'm drunk) but put Phil Spector in the room (wall of sound and loss of the stuff I value in my system, such as clarity).
Oh, BTW, this is in analog because I have an analog-only system, and if the digital boys chimed in, we'd be talking all day about their need for heroin to enjoy their systems...it's just a joke guys, don't go all Twitter on me.
None.  In fact I find that a glass or two of wine negatively affects my ability to appreciate my system. YMMV.  

Posts like these always remind me that some people have way too much time on their hands.
I grind up mapleshady equipment stands into a fine powder and snort it
Yes, discussions of how various drugs improve or degrade experience, in this case listening to music, is silly, immature, and a waste of time. Of course, if you don't have these discussions, we can believe that no one uses, the war on drugs has been great, there is no difference between drug-related incarceration rates for whites and non-whites, the war has not been tool to disenfranchise a large group of voters, etc. Portugal, for example, has not incarcerated or arrested one person for drug use in the last 15 years. I suppose the idea to "legalize" personal drug use came from God, rather than out of discussions about social costs and the good and bad of drug use. I remember being 15 and going to a Yes concert in Buffalo. People brought in huge coolers full of alcohol and dealers grooved to the music, dancing on the football field selling most every drug anyone would have wanted in 1975. I suppose the stadium was full of wacko, immature, silly people. This was just a simple question; and yes, pot, is being legalized across NA because so many people feel that it helps ruin their experiences. I submit we get back to more fun and complex discussion, like whether analog is better than digital, or what is the best preamp under $10,000, or whether your Lazyboy listening chair is made of leather and whether that leather can markedly degrade system sound.
I prefer my drugs when I see music live, at home typically sober or if listening in the morning coffee.
I second @golferboy 's cynicism. And like the OP, I find a touch of high-quality cannabis to be a fine compliment.

Oh, and I happen to live in (the above-mentioned) Portugal, so no worries about personal use. Just as it should be.
If it were legal here I’d probably take a puff or two to catch that buzz. I used to enjoy it quite a bit. It’s not legal so I don’t. Been a few years now.

On some forums this thread would be instantly closed. As legalized weed becomes more prevalent, I suppose that will change.
The usual suspects of the hallucinogens can make a listening session more interesting, or disturbing, or pleasurable..... but, by far, the most engaging substance to listen to SOME music on is Salvia Divinorum and consider that to be true with the higher powered extracts (30X and stronger).  Pure leaf and weaker extracts won't take you there.  The duration is only about 10 minutes but your immersion in the music and the world it creates is almost total in that you experience a complete vision, not an alteration of the place you are in.  Your listening room will disappear to be replaced by an altogether different location.   Select your music wisely for positive results.  I've had my best experiences with the more tribal offerings of Steve Roach.  Pushing the envelope, Randy Greif's  cd "Verdi's Requiem" is mind-blowing but potentially frightening for the inexperienced.  I've avoided other genres so can't comment on them.  Just my 2 cents....
Wow, I'm in awe of you guys. Handling valuable records and cuing expensive cartridges is something I can just about handle when I'm stone cold sober. Yeah, a Cote Rotie would be nice, but the damage would not be.

What??  These are Digital Drugs.

You want the other thread on Analog Analgesics.
I like to keep it clean.

Couple lines of MiraLAX.

Couple rolls of TP.

I’m good to go.

At 60 years old I thought I would know it all.  There are a bunch of things above that I actually have not even a clue as to what they are about.  Maybe Huey Lewis' line "I want a new drug" came to fruition? 
"If it were legal here I'd probably take a puff or two to catch that buzz. I used to enjoy it quite a bit. It’s not legal so I don’t."

I was always under the assumption the illegality was part of the fun. "Hi, officer, what seems to be the problem?"

I read somewhere that legalization really affects the over 60 crowd, as they might try an edible for some reason, but otherwise most people either smoke or don't regardless of the legality. In my state (MA) you pay a couple hundred bucks a year once you get a doctor to approve your medicinal pot license (the doctor approval also costs something) so you can use the overpriced and badly managed medicinal pot shops.  Now that adult legalization of pot was approved the state is scrambling to figure out how to implement it…could take a year…nice planning there! I smoke a little before riding my motorcycle and when listening to music as I like the increase in the intensity of the experience and the focus it provides (for me anyway), but really…who cares? Pot is non toxic by definition, and weirdly still objected to by ignorant puritanical boneheads. 
I like to do what I call the Puff-n-Pull, which is puffing on a little weed and then doing a double shot of espresso. I find it gives me heightened senses, while also keeping me relaxed. Music is even more sublime. 

True story... Awhile back I noticed that my system had kinda lost its magic. It sounded perfectly fine, but just wasn't giving me those magic moments. That had gone on for a month. 

One Friday afternoon, I sat down for a listening session and all of a sudden the magic was back. 

Took me a few minutes to put two and two together, but it eventually occurred to me that my period of lost magic conveniently overlapped with the month that I had decided not to smoke. The day the magic came back was the same day I picked up a new prescription. 

I'd say that makes weed one of the more cost-effective audiophile tweaks out there. :)
While I have found that herb (vaporized) can be a nice enhancement while listening, I feel that natural endorphins are the best. Case in point, last night I was at a jazz club in the west Village here in NYC with a new Tinder date, a lovely Japanese woman, 18 years my junior. Her sitting next to me, my arm around her while she fondled my knee made the music and the experience quite enhanced. It was a simple but enjoyable moment, one I hope to repeat many times.
*L*  Well...y'all seem to bear out my suspicion that some audio experiences take place Between the ears vs. before them. *smirk*

Alcohol and herbs seems to top the list...no surprise there, due to demographics of the attending.  We're all of an era, so to speak. ;)

As for some of the 'really exotics' mentioned, well...check the MSDS on whatever it is, and keep a copy handy for the EMS in your pocket...

"What'd he take?"
"Huh, beats me.  Keeps jabbering about cables frying his brain...."

Most of the time, personally, cold sober....dammit. *L*  But it allows for some lack of influence and distance, objectivity, blah blah.  If I just want to have fun....that's Different. ;)
I like a puff here and there myself but a nice cup of coffee done right is what floats my boat. Less occasionally a pale ale of some kind. Going out to see live music is the almost the reverse order with coffee a distant third place. All done with anything else for the foreseeable future. 
Also, I found that holding my breath until I faint doesn't work well for music listening as you risk falling over and smashing your face. Also, never drink and operate a chain saw especially in a small dimly lit room. 
"If it were legal here I'd probably take a puff or two to catch that buzz. I used to enjoy it quite a bit. It’s not legal so I don’t."

I was always under the assumption the illegality was part of the fun. "Hi, officer, what seems to be the problem?"
Back in 1972-3 the thrill to be gained from the illegal aspect no longer outweighed the consequences. Turning 18 had a way of punching me in the face. 
So many of the illegal things I did before becoming responsible for my actions seemed to lose their luster. Most of them I stopped; smoking a little weed continued for a while, but the thrill of the illegality had nothing to do with it's continuance. 
When I was first "turned on" (!) to the joys of pot smoking in the mid 60s (the years, not my age) we were utterly terrified of being busted for it…years later when I had friends who were Honolulu police officers they pointed out that they always had great pot around that had been confiscated from terrified motorists who had simply been warned and let go…cute huh?
Ah golfer boy, you Island tokers need to cool it.  I was rear ended by a kid last week and I'm sure he was high.  How many innocent deaths will occur because peoples senses are dulled with the various substances they ingest?  Can't you just enjoy life in the natural?
Kraton 3 varieties 3 effects used for 1,000 years used responsibly. citrus 
Enhances it , kava Kava from Hawaii very relaxing. that is top of the day .
213runnin, sure we can and (mostly) do...

But, on occasion, personal preference outweighs Spockish rationality.  It goes on a lot, %/pop. varying with the 'substance' in query.  But, given my experiences in a number of major cities and the arteries that link them...

...I'd rather be next to (driving, or even walking) someone that's been 'herbed'.  The same next to someone whose been drinking to relatively the same 'level' of intox isn't pleasant, at least to me.

Or I'm a magnet for sociopathic drunks.  Probably no cure for that....;)
Officer:  "Your eyes are red ... have you been smoking pot?"

Wolf-Garcia:  "Well officer, your eyes are glazed .... have you been eating donuts?"
Luckily my drivers license lists my eye color as "red." Also it's worth noting that the majority of major car accidents involve people who are sober so we clearly need to spend more time worrying about THEM.
Nope, we also need to worry about sober people who are texting, but that's another thread.