any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?

I know built in dacs have historically have been a bit of an afterthought, currently looking at the Rotel Michi X3 series 2 as it has a nice chip set

any other integrated amps around the same price point  with a good dac built in?





Most McIntosh Integrated amps have the DAC2 board in them and its quite good. Multiple DAC inputs and It also allows for TV integration via HDMI ARC connection. you also get the McIntosh looks if that's your thing but mostly the sound and the very good resale value they hold their value better then anyone else, much better then the Rega resale will be. You can probably get more amp for your money as well specially if you get a lightly used one. 


I have the DAC2 board in my mac preamp and it took an external DAC worth as much as the whole preamp to best it. 

great suggestion, I had the DA1 module in their d150 digital preamp , was very nice



I’d take a look at the Hegel H390.  Here’s a review where they found its internal DAC compared favorably to Hegel’s $4800 HD30 standalone DAC, which I thought was pretty impressive.,line%20of%20integrated%20amplifier%2DDACs.

Just another option FWIW.

I will not hesitate to buy an amp with an integrated dac ...

The noise floor control will be easier... And it may  be more budget friendly ...



If you also listen to mqa the dac in the hegel h590 is really good. The chipset is no longer available (AKM) so the new model H600 uses the sabre 32 bit chipset. Can't speak for the new model but really like what I hear with the h590.

Some of the Moon integrated amps come with a DAC and are similar price point.

PS Audio Stellar Integrated if you can do class D

Peachtree also has integrated class D

Krell 300i can be had used for around $5k (might be a little more with a DAC)

And as mentioned , can't go wrong with Hegel gear.


we are a hegel dealer the dac in the new h600 is significantly better them the 390


the h600 is a through redesign of the h590 and both the amplifier and dac stages have been improved upon. 

The dac in the 600 is only bettered by a 16k bricasti  m1 se series 2 or 14k chord dave yes the dac is that good!

and the amplifier  is equally impressive.


Dave and Troy

audio intellect NJ

Hegel Bricasti and Chord dealers 


The better Vincent integrateds are supposed to be good, but I have no personal experience.

The Technics SL-G700MkII and SU-R1000. Some purists seem to hate them because how can a company like Technics make something so good that it negates separates, ruining their audiophile fantasies? All you need to do is hook up a source. Techincs just makes mid-fi stuff, amirite?

All the best,

I did not enjoy the PS Audio Stellar when I had it. I groove to cheap Toppings more.

Or a DirectStream into a Sanders line stage.




Forgot to mention the Bel Canto e1X.  They make damn good DACs so the one in the e1X is probably very good. 

Mark Levinson has a very good Precision Link dac in their integrated amps. 

The Mola Mola Kula has the Tambaqui DAC! Nothing has a better DAC built in the thing in the world.

Michi is midfi

The Peachtree Nova 500 used the same ESS 9028 PRO DAC chip as the Rotel Michi X3 series 2. Now discontinued; may be available used. Or check out the new Peachtree Carina models.

The DAC in McIntosh’s integrateds is a Digital Audio Module that can be replaced by future modules to stay up to date with the latest digital audio technologies - a very good strategy.

My MAC7200 came from the factory with the DA1 module installed, which sounds great. At some point I’ll upgrade to the DA2 module to gain TV integration via HDMI ARC connection.



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I am testing the Boulder 866 and definitely it’s an amazing product of you can stretch your budget it’s totally worth it.  As people mention here some McIntosh are good too


good luck 

Linn makes several excellent DAC/ Integrated amps.   They also offer a number of customizable options to upgrade the sound (many of which you can do after a bit of time when your resources are replenished.   Did I mention that the design is beautiful too….  Worth a listen before you commit to any of the above mentioned options (Hegel is a great choice too)

The Mola Mola Kula w the Tambaqui is so resolving and in anotjer

league than any internal Dacs   I have a McIntosh MA8900


p bad DAc   I have an NAD M33

and it’s a really nice all in one package. But the Mola another league. I returned a Hegel H390 after home trial period as it didn’t work for


If you have the money, there are several.  The Hegel H390, H590 that’s now about half price and the H600, the reason the H590 is about half price.

There are many other brands making integrated amps with built in DAC’s, but I am very familiar with Hegel.

It is not the chipset, it is the execution.  My best DAC has a '9018 in it. Just returned a '9039 based unit. 

I was not impressed with the Moon.  Hegel, OK I guess. Did not hear anything specifically wrong so that is a big plus. Once over that threshold, differences seem to be very small. 

Check out Schiit's Ragnarok integrated amplifier. It has an option to include their R2R DAC card. I have that DAC in their Lyr 3 headphone/preamp and it is a very good DAC. 


Yes the Boulder integrated has an outstanding DAC in it and is overall a fabulous product.



Has anyone tried the Aavik U-180, U-280, or U-580.
Outstanding gear, specially the latest.
Neverthless i opted to buy the respective separates: Aavik I-580 and Aavik D-580.
Amazing human, organic, natural and lifelike sound.

The Mola Mola Kula integrated amp, the Kula, has the famous Tambaqui DAC built into it.  As an option you can get the Kula integrated with or without a DAC and a phono stage.  The optional DAC circuit inside the integrated amp is the same as the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC.  The Tambaqui has been praised by numerous reviewers as one of the finest DACs available at any price.  So, if you want an integrated amp with a world class DAC the Mola Mola Kula is it. 

The new Peachtree Carina is excellent for the $$ and they have a trade up program...If you can find a used Aavik U-150 for under 10K , Buy dac and MC phono stage Steve Huff ever heard in an integrated.....I own one 20K's better than their new gear DAC and phono stage wise in MHO .

Anybody have the chance to compare McIntosh’s DAC1 to its DAC2? The MA-5300 integrated ships only with the earlier model & requires a $1000 dealer-only upgrade to replace it with the DAC2.

That’s frustrating. I see no reason why this upgrade couldn’t be done at the factory when the unit is ordered.  Visiting the Mac dealer closest to me would require getting on a plane; and two-way shipping of even the relatively light MA-5300 would run $800-1000. You can buy a pretty nifty little late model HiFi Rose DAC/streamer that offers a much better interface for that kind of money.

It baffles me why the company won't allow users to buy its mid-priced integrateds with the better DAC pre-installed, especially since many live in states that don’t have dealerships. But my threshold question is simpler: Is the difference between the two DACs significant enough to justify a nearly $2000 upgrade?


@tiagocarneiro I have the Aavik U-280. By far one of the best integrated amps I’ve owned. The built-in dac is phenomenal. I compared it to the Denafrips Terminator 2 dac which I owned when I was auditioning the Aavik. No comparison, the Aavik dac was substantially better than the Denafrips. I also compared it to T+A Dac200 and it was equally good. In fact, the Aavik had better bass control than the T+A.

I also auditioned the U-150, and preferred the U-280. Of course, the 150 has a world class phono but other than that I preferred the 280 in my system. I bet the 580 is even better.

@arafiq i had the U-180 and loved it. When I had the chance to upgrade, I did it and zero regrets. Honestly, and after a bunch of bought gear through the time, probably this is the best DAC+Amp I had. I appreciate more the music instead of the gear. This is a “clichet” but in my case suits perfectly !

Never tried the U-150 but an authorized dealer (that have all gear available, New, Demo, and Used) told me that the U-180 is sonically better than the U-150 (loosing the Phono stage - that I don’t use), and the U-280  a big step above the U-180, putting the U-580 in a even higher league. This lead me to buy the I-580 and D-580, upgrading form the U-180. 
I advise anyone to audition the Aavik gear with an open mind and you will very fast be surprised. 
Not cheap but very very good 👍🏼 

Idk if this counts but Denon better avr have good dac, my 4500h says this :

”For enhanced fidelity and dynamic range with low distortion, the AVR-X4500H features 32-bit AKM AK4458VN digital-to-analog converters on all channels, helping to ensure consistent high fidelity and channel matching across all channels.



I recently auditioned the Linn Select DSM with streamer and DAC (meaning it did not include the preamp and amp modules)… in my system… also auditioned the DAC in it, by itself. This is the midlevel DAC as there are three levels in which it can choose… so by itself I am thinking it is about a $6K DAC… it is very good. If I was in the market for an all in one, I would definitely have it on my list. I have not done a comparison of the preamp/amp part. The Streamer / DAC portion were $12K and were definitely worth of the price. Very refined and well rounded sound.

Idk if this counts but Denon better avr have good dac

@katman Uh, no it doesn’t.  What you’re proposing here is a $2500 AVR over a $5800 integrated stereo amp.  No.  Just…no.  These two components are not in the same stratosphere and should never be mentioned in the same discussion.  You’re a new member and welcome!!!  But this tends to be a more serious audiophile forum and as such I’d suggest that for future responses you do a little more research to make more appropriate and useful recommendations or you won’t be taken seriously here, or worse.  Glad you’re here, but u gotta kick it up a notch to be of real help.  Hint:  recommending an AVR in the amps-preamp forum is a definite no no but could well be welcome in the Home Theater forum.  Don’t mean to be an arrogant douche but just trying to help as you go forward here.  Or maybe I’m just a douche, but I really am just trying to help here.

No, you’re just a pathetic snob hiding behind a keyboard , foolish enough to believe that putting an exotic name on a product and quadrupling its price will make it better than a cheaper identical product.

All onboard dacs are much lower quality then even a $1k Denafrips da thstis for sure,alittle bosrdlacks the isolation,linearpower supplies and low noise regulation .

youget whst you pay for ,thisis just entry level ,a $5k andup dac is considered agood starting point for a reference dac.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the market for integrated amplifiers with high-quality built-in DACs has been growing. However, product availability and specifications may have changed since then. I recommend checking the latest reviews and product listings to ensure you get the most up-to-date information.

The Rotel Michi X3 Series 2 is indeed known for its excellent DAC section, but there are other integrated amplifiers in a similar price range that also offer impressive built-in DACs. Some alternatives to consider include:

  1. Cambridge Audio CXA81: The CXA81 is a well-regarded integrated amplifier with a high-quality DAC. It's known for its clarity and musicality, and it supports various digital audio formats.

  2. NAD C 368: NAD's C 368 integrated amplifier offers a modular design, allowing you to add optional components such as a BluOS streaming module or a DD HDM-1 HDMI Module. The built-in DAC is known for its transparency and musicality.

  3. Marantz PM7000N: This integrated amplifier features a built-in HEOS streaming module and a high-quality DAC. It offers exceptional versatility for both traditional and networked audio sources.

  4. Arcam SA30: Arcam is known for its high-end audio equipment, and the SA30 is no exception. It features a high-quality DAC and supports streaming via Google Cast, AirPlay 2, and more.

  5. Anthem STR Integrated: While it may be slightly above the price range of the Rotel Michi X3, the Anthem STR Integrated is known for its outstanding DAC and overall audio performance. It's a powerful and versatile option for audiophiles.

  6. Hegel H95: Hegel's H95 integrated amplifier combines excellent amplification with a high-quality DAC. It's known for its natural and detailed sound reproduction.

No, you’re just a pathetic snob hiding behind a keyboard , foolish enough to believe that putting an exotic name on a product and quadrupling its price will make it better than a cheaper identical product.

@katman If you honestly think a $1500 AVR is identical to the likes of products being mentioned here you’re even more clueless than I initially thought. You should go try someplace like Reddit where you’ll find people more on your level because you’re completely outta touch with what’s going on here.

@cundare2 hi, I used to have the 2700 with the DAC2 and it is pretty good. DAC 2 is way better that DAC 1 and the upgrade is worth it. 

my 2 cents and good luck 

Even not in the same high level of some several gear referred above, one other option with outstanding ratio price/quality is the hybrid "Advance Paris A10 Classic Integrated Amplifier"

Really really good sound in a very complete amplifier.

For less than USD 2.000 is an almost unbeatable option of a All-in-One solution. Great looks (specially the meters) and a sound that is way above its specs.

Worth a audition even with some more demanding speakers.

Gryphon Diablo no good ?

@inna The Diablo 300 is still among the very best. The D333 will probably be even better but the price is much higher.