Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??

Well, after listening to la musica for a couple of hours now, and its winter and I'm hungry, I am getting to run to my favorite sushi place called Shanes.. And to get to know everyone better, I was wondering your favorite food and place to eat it..
Why don't you take us all out to lunch? Then you can get to know us a lot better:~)
I love to cook and to eat at home. My favorite food seems to be constantly changing. Currently i favor various seafood pasta dishes. My cooking strategy is simple. Buy the very best ingredients and keep it simple. In the summer I inevitably turn to the grill.
Hunter Steakhouse in Phoenix,
Prime Rib medium rare or:
Beer Batter Shrimp.
add good beer!
return to Pass Labs/YBA/Marsh/B&K dealer after hours.
Give their best custom speaker (all FOCAL drivers) a workout w/Pass X350 & X pre amp, fed by YBAs top CD w/dual power supplies.
Or watch a video..

No fish bait for me. Deep fried shrimp and scallops at the Crab Trap or TexMex at El Potro. Add a Bud or Tecate respectively. I also enjoy a Punch Pita afterward. Charlie
so far so good. if glen and reubent would like to fly or drive to cols. ohio, lunch is on me...
Any seafood, or southern Italian will do, just keep all red meat away from me :) Follow up the meal with Eliajha-Craig Bourbon and I'll be happy. Let me know when and where, I'll be there
Here in rural Wisconsin, we're blessed with many great
night clubs that offer great tenderloin steaks. Add
hash browns with cheese, a great salad bar, and a brandy
old fashion sweet and leave me alone...I'm eating!
There's one dish at a place in the 6th called Jacques Cagna that is a piece of black truffle, surrounded by confit of duck(pulled) and finished in a puff pastry with a red wine reduction.

Without a doubt, the single best dish I've had in my life. And their wines ain't shabby either.

It's not in my neighborhood, but, it ain't in a bad neighborhood. Then there's a little wine shop that has been producing Armagnac for about 125 years, Dupeyron, a few blocks from Cagna and between the two; not a bad day or two or three. Add the music. What the hell... it's a wrap.

Bill E.
Too many to list, but sushi is up there with once a week minimum. Here in Houston it has to be at Nara way out on the west side.
but pretty much anything.
Miami/Gables area is oh, so chuck full of nice restaurants.

The ultimate bachelor food. Simple ingredients, a food processor, and voila, you're there.

So good, and so good for you.

Ha, what an excellent thread! I'm a carnivore and for me it is filet of beef, rare or underdone, as the Brits say, pepper coated, never under 600 grams. Greatly improves hearing acuity and so far to my experience best served at the "Butcher's Shop" in Santon, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Any other good addresses around? Please help.
Seafood. Our company does quite a bit of work downrange, Ascension Island. When the guys come back they aren't allowed off the plane unless they have their quota of fresh fish :). Fresh wahoo (the best), grouper, tuna, swordfish and of course lobster. The locals (St. Heleneans from St. Helens Island) love Moray eel of which there are plenty and is tastier than it looks.

Also love French & Italian. For Country French when in Orlando Florida don't miss Le Coq Au Vin Restaurant on South Orange Ave. Many excellent restaurants in this town but this one stands out for value and great food.
Seafood chowder and fish chowder at the wentworth valley motel restaurant. The cook is an artist and her cheesecake is in her own words, "almost as good as what I've had in New York City....." The skiers and locals love it.Of course I love our local lobster and scallops and mussels. The mussels are great done in Jost Muscat,,,,and the muscat goes well with most of the seafood in the heart of the atlantic provinces we're blessed with many good restaurants....good eating and good listening, everyone.
Tubegroover, I like a little fresh wahoo myself.

Elposte agradable Sonrisa

Sincerely, I remain
French Country-Type food. Lots of fresh vegetables, olive oil, rustic pates, duck, game, etc. YUM! Oh, and good French wine to match.
How about any sandwich made at Mangia on wall st. NYC? or a shopping spree at the cheese dept. in Dean and Deluca on Broadway in soho? But ya ain't really lived till you've had fresh lobster on the wharf in south harbor, arcadia Island, Maine. Usually when I eat while listening to my systems it's either my wife's gourmet all-natural oatmeal cookies or port wine cheese spread on english crackers.
Lately I've been eating a lot of broiled fish like Perch & Trout at a place I stop at every other Sat. in the Shenandoah Valley. Never could eat it fried. The self rising pizzas are OK if you garnish them & my fav. takeout is from a little Vietnamese place about 1/2 mile from my house. For a full blown dinner Ruth Chris Steak house can't be beat for a chain, although most of my steaks are in the back yard with my little Smokey Joe sitting on my 300 lb. cement grill stand that could double as a TT stand.
I, apparently, eat more lowbrow than most of you. I shall now freely admit that the Pork Chop sandwich at Willie's Weenie Wagon is a weekly treat of the first order. Lots of pork grilled on the frier with Vidalia onions and mustard. About $6 with homemade fries and a sweet tea. Damn it, boys!
Sushi...but since I moved to Missouri from Seattle a year or so ago I tried it once and will now wait until I'm out west again.
McDonald's -- about all I can afford after spending way to much on cables last month --Lorne
Lornecherry take advantage of your next value meal. I placed for big macks under my turntable. Cheaper than vibrapods and they don't ever seem to go bad. It's really a cheap tweak.
Lunch: Cold cuts, Sandwich and fries. PIZZA&BEER
Dinner: Italian or Chinese with good bottle of Red wine.
To be specific: I will eat a chinese plate called ' Drunken chicken' Anyday, Anytime.( Panda Inn chain serves this in LA area. I am not sure if it all over US)
For great Italian food in South Jersey, Giamirello's on Haddon Avenue next to the town of Haddonfield is Northern and Southern Italian food par excellence! Not cheap, but then neither was the new Turntable, Tonearm, Cartridge and Phono preamp I purchased last month. Their Martini bar is absolutely first rate as well. And Natalie, if you're ever in these parts, order the grilled Polenta. Words can't describe what the taste buds know! Now, if only I could manage to stay awake when I return home from there to listen to music- what an evening that might be.

My favorite munchies to music is Eel or Pepper encrusted Salmon sushi with a chilled Pinot Grigio. It's almost too much of a good thing.

Hey Lornecherry... you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, come on where do you get your fave,, and i know it aint mcdonalds
veal sweetbreads with a '94 stonewell barossa shiraz from peter lehman. papillon, cherry creek north, denver-cfb
Kum-Yons on the beautiful Oregon coast for chinese, and my back yard for T-bone/sirloin steaks. I'm salivating ;>). Cheers. Craig
.... Ok Sonrisa, I admit it ... I do prefer Wendy's.

And then there's this little Thai restuarant a few miles from where I live. The lemongrass shrimp soup and the Pad Thai with red curry, well they're to thai for --Lorne
Ramstl your not refering to Carmine's, which is owned by Carmine Sprio are you? If so there is one in Albany which is a stellar joint, I frequent it often. Carmine has his own cooking show "Carmine's Table(or corner or something similar to that!)" great food. No fans of Cipriani or Le Cirque, I don't get down to NYC often but great food is paramont to every voyage!
hehe! not a cop!
I have a software consulting firm!

But they're so tasty!

just some random Homer-isms.

Fresh striped bass grilled on the beach served with tomato basil butter. New England Butter and Sugar Corn. Nantucket Bay Scallops anyway you want 'em. Champagne and shrimp cocktail with my homemade sauce. Oysters on the half shell with a good Sauvignon Blanc. Tiramisu for dessert. Wow; guess I like seafood. And Kelly, what's with the sweetbreads? I thought you Western boys liked 2 inch thick sirloins, smothered in onions; about 32 oz. serving.

If it is the one that is on Broadway between 79 and 80th, or there abouts, yes. Please let me know if that is the same owner as the Albany resturant. Since I live in the Albany area I will check out the other Carmine's.

Also, if you live in the Albany area e-mail me to connect and discuss further.
1st: Warm, freshly made goose liver (not the terrine de foie gras: the actual liver). 2nd Confit of duck, as per Bill above (so much the better if Mr Cagna cooks it!).
3rd Aged roquefort, probably Papillon (difficult to find artisanal stuff these days).

As an alternative to Detlof's steak (that would last me a week) I'd also accept leg of lamb -- rose. Cheers!
I certainly love Hibachi but for now I'm hungry and I'm going to get some Pizza Hut Meatball Supreme Sub(luv that stuff!) for my lunch. It's good that there is no Hibachi next to the place I work. That would shrink my income big time. When I'll get home my luvely lady will cook butter-milk soup with green leaves, parsley, dill and fresh egg-drop -- luv that stuff too hhhhup!
Fresh stonecrab claws from my backyard the gulf. Best fish in the sea are Wahoo or permit raw or cooked.
Living in Arizona, I LOVE consuming Mexico's finest exported "vegetable" during an all night listening session! And it's calorie free, too...but the dreaded
"munchies" will getcha every time!