Budget tower speakers that rock!

Hey all!
First timer in here. I know how subjective this gets but I'll ask anyway... I'm looking for a pair of budget tower speakers (under $1000) that really cook w/ rock n roll music. Vintage is OK. I want to play them loud and I like solid bottom end extension. Maybe it's not the most refined sound in the world, but these speakers would (in theory) be exciting to listen to...meaning I'm not concerned w/ a neutral delivery. Again, I know a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of the genre of music being played...but humor me. What do you think are some decent choices to consider? Also, I play mostly vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon thru an Outlaw SS2150. Thanks!
Look at some of the Tekton offerings Lore Reference etc
Jamo;Fluance to add a couple of choices.
Hi Sam! A few speakers that I owned that fit the sound profile you are looking for are Klipsch KLF 20 or 30, Vandersteen 2ce, Kef XQ5.  The Vandersteens were my favorite though!

Axeman reminded me of another one I owned and liked... the Jamo Concert 11. These are on a higher level than 99% of everything else Jamo has ever made...
Best you will get at below a grand are PSB , one of the best speakermakers in audio.
Made in Canada means a lot in quality and sound .
Based on your stated preferences, a vintage pair of Cerwin Vegas should work just fine.
Vintage VMPS speakers if you want to Rock and Roll. Some of the best rockers ever made, AND they play Chopin just fine.. They are a big heavy speaker. TII se, TIII se, RM30s, RM40s (if you can find them) Elixirs (Never gonna find them), RM50s, V60s. I’ve used them over 35 years now.. They use to call him Mr. Bass at NASA, they use to have some of his subs, there for testing purposes.

I have QSO 808s (58lb each monitor, 3 way) 1-300.00
TII se (110lb, full range floor stander, round drivers, single ribbon UHF driver, 4 way) I do a mid range upgrade to a soft dome, quite nice. 4-700.00
RM30s (120lb ea. full range narrow baffle planar base & WCF bass/sub drivers, 3 way) 1-2,000.00
RMx Elixirs (390lb ea. full range, hybrid line source, planar & WCF bass/sub drivers, 4 way) Narrow baffle HDF not MDF.. Impressive 4-7,000.00

Infinity if you know what your looking for.. Some great OLDER speakers, new not so much.. 100-1500.00

A real goodie if you can find a pair is VMPS RM40, with TRT, silver wire. WCF, FST, sound coat and a real cool finish.. There were some great ones..(finishes) One great speaker at close to 250 lb each. 13-2200.00 BIG bang for the buck...

Third vote for PSB Stratus Gold(not the i model). Excellent sonics top to bottom end, and your amp will overheat before these give out. 
jbl,klipsch Cerwin Vega ,psb and who remember those Altec Lansings from the 70s 
Audio Classics has a pair of JBL L100 speakers listed for 1K.  These are the original vintage speakers and are one of the best speakers for Rock. I owned a pair in the 70’s.  The Who sounded unbelievable on them as well as all the top groups.  
Wharfedale diamond 230’s rocked...discontinued...too bad.
Tannoy eclipse 3 were also awesome..also discontinued 😪
Older Cerwin Vega. D series, DX Series. Not as piercing as Klipsch for loud rock. 
PSB Gold are very old , very heavy and hard to find .
Their new Alpha T20 is on Amazon with14 reviews at 4.5 out of 5 .649 dollars on Amazon . Very nice looking and they never made a bad speaker. Plus a warranty .

Why are you guys posting speakers over a grand when the man said that was his Max ?

Another vote for Zu Dirty weekend.
The capacitors can be upgraded in the event your tastes change and you end up seeking a little more refinement or accuracy.
They're super efficient... 97db..so yes, they'll give you LOUD.
60 day satisfaction guarantee.
Chane Audio A5.5 towers, under $1000 shipped NIB (not always in stock though). HTD level 3 tower speakers, also under $1000 shipped NIB. Both great internet direct companies without as much appreciation as they should have. 
I have a pair of near mint condition PSB Gold in black ash. I am in Los Angeles if the OP is close and wishes to hear them. I am the original owner...they never been out of my home. 
Salon1 Audio had a pair of Mirage OM10 speakers for sale for around $700. 
I still listen to the ones I own in a secondary system.  Great speaker IMHO.
Tekton Double Impacts if you want to hear what drums are supposed to sound like
So many great ideas here. I appreciate all of the responses. Good people, you hi-fi folks! Time for the full story... I've had Zu Dirty Weekends on order since October. Finally, I have the invoice. I can pay the balance owed and they will be sent to me on Monday. Thing is during this long wait I've had second thoughts and wondered about some other options. (That's what some of us do, I guess. Never really satisfied! And I don't even have the speakers yet!) I also have an amp w/ A/B speaker capability and have enjoyed flipping between two pairs for a slightly different experience. I had a pair of the Pioneer Andrew Jones towers and sold them. I had an old pair of Klipsch KG2s and sold those as well. If I spend the full boat on the Zu speakers it'll be awhile before I add a second pair again. As a result, I'm laboring over this decision. I'm going to make the decision today and move forward. Thank you all again for the excellent input. Given my affliction, I'm sure I'll get around to some of these ideas one way or another. Cheers.
Music Direct has sale price on Klipsch RP-8000F.  Right at $1000, they’re efficient (i.e., will play loud), and go down to about 30hz.
Another vote for the JBL Studio 590, but not at $700 each.  JBL puts them on sale frequently for $1k a pair, free shipping.  Check them out.
I would suggest saving up and not wasting your money.  Sometimes you have to be patient or take on a second job.  Perhaps call RENT A SPEAKER.
For loud rock, I prefer a speaker with a dedicated woofer. Better slam, and mid/highs don't have to share a driver with the bass. I had Zu Soul Supremes and didn't love them with loud rock. They broke up and sounded congested when pushed with loud rock.
You might be able to find some Klipsch KLF-20 or KLF-30 around your budget.  You might need to reglue the back plate, there were issues with them coming loose and you'll get a little cabinet coloration at high volumes as they aren't the most solid cabinets, even if the back is solid.  They can rock though and hold together at higher volumes.  The RF-7 used would also be in your budget.  Many people like them, I prefer the older three way Legend designs.  
Klipsch Reference Premiere series. Down the line you can improve them further with modifications recommended by GR Research.
Check with Underwood HiFi. He buys top brand close outs and sells at very reasonable prices
I have a pair of Source Technology 7211’s with 2 of their subs. If you buy direct from John the prices are very reasonable and you get a great American made speaker.
Tekton Pendragons can sometimes be found on the used market for close to $1K. In my experience they're worth every penny and pretty much trounce the competition at anywhere near the price in terms of pure emotional engagement and 'you are there'-type realism. JBL Studio 590s are put on sale about 4x per year for $499 each with a 30 day trial period and free shipping both ways...very difficult to beat at that price for sheer, visceral impact but not quite as easy to drive as the Tektons and perhaps a bit more clinical...they're superb budget speakers, though.
For crazy loud and sheer fun, the Sansui SP-X11000. The absolute King of the Kabuki’s. I’ve never seen a speaker move so much air. They are a twin cabinet design for each channel and though certainly not hi-fi, they are the only speaker I’ll never get rid of. Your neighborhood villagers will be at your front door with pitchforks in hand.
I recommend a pair of vintage Infinity RS II’s. They are around used for under a $1000. You might have to have the woofs re-foamed. They are very large.

If you really want to rock out, find a pair of JBL 4698B Cabaret's. They are a PA speaker from the 1980-90’s designed by Mark Gander of JBL. Best kept secret in home audio. 18" woofer, 10" mid and a 2404H tweeter. A friend has a pair and he swears they keep up with his 4343, 4345’s and blow his L-300’s out of the water. They handle all types of music but will mix concrete if you want to rock out. Very efficient too at 103 dB/1 Watt/1 Meter. About as efficient as a Klipsch Corner Horn. They will handle ampzilla solid state amps (400 Watts RMS continuous, 800 Watts peak) or low-power tube amps. They do it all. Not wife-friendly with those pro-cabs but, you could build nice cabs for them. I see them occasionally on Cragslist for around $800-1200/ pair. They are large.
Cerwin Vega Baby!  Not my speaker, but with the right amplification they will make your ears bleed and give you left ventricular blockage.  

While the Outlaw is respectable, it is in no way capable of transporting you to that aural Nirvana.  The aforementioned Ampzilla would arrive you bruised, in need of IV administered fluids and a B12 shot.

You might update important legal documents before firing up that combo.
Go find a pair of RBH SV-6500 towers. Beautifully balanced and so well made. For a brief time, I built them. The cabinets are incredibly well made, heavy bracing. The crossovers are very high quality materials, using very heavy gage internal wiring. 
I hope you're ready for some blasphemy.   For under $1000, the very best value for playing rock 'n roll at level are a good set of PA loudspeakers.  I like Bag End best.
With the ribbon tweeter and drivers that really punch I would say Martin Login tower 40s. Used under $1000. No sub needed hear and highs that will have your neighbors complaining. If you are near Chicagoland area check out https://holmaudio.com/used-demo-new/
if you are not try to find them. I was amazed by how much these speakers handled everything. Tube and SS sounded incredible. 
Plus one for anything from PSB, select Klipsch and Polk, or anything used from Monitor Audio or B&W. 
I'm giving another nod for you to look at Fluance speakers made in Canada.  Well built and good sounding at very wallet-friendly prices.  Last year I set up a fourth listening room in my house that was a very simple analog setup -- Integrated Tube Amp, Phono Stage, Turntable, and Speakers. 

I'd read several excellent reviews on Fluance components, so I took advantage of their Trial At Home offer and bought their top level turntable, the RT85 which came with an Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus (a steal at $499.99) and their Signature Model Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers (again, an incredible bargain at $799.99).  Fluance offers Free Shipping and a 30 Day Free Return Policy.

That listening room has gotten a ton of use by myself and friends, and it performs ridiculously above its total investment price point of components.  I use that room to prove to my vinyl-loving music friends that you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on expensive high-end gear to enjoy great sound.

Other speaker options I have used and enjoyed are Monitor Audio Silver and Bronze model floorstanding speakers and Klipsch Forte II speakers.  I have seen all of these for sale in the Pre-Owned marketplace that fits in your budget.  Happy hunting!