Favorite Movie Soundtrack

For me it was
Requiem for a Dream.

Chronos Quartet, very haunting, very gripping, fit the movie like a glove.

ANybody else?
Sweet and Lowdown from the Woody Allen movie of around 3 years ago. If you like Django/Pizzarellis eg., this is a good one. Marvellous sound; it was produced by Dick Hyman.
I always liked the sound track to the movie "The Fifth Element", especially the tracks of the Diva's opera.
Before the Rain. A somewhat obscure film from 1994 on the conflict in Macedonia and Bosnia. A very beautiful and disturbing film with an appropriately haunting and eclectic soundtrack. Just lovely!

The Pianist also had an extraordinarily beautiful and somber soundtrack of mostly Chopin music which I thoroughly enjoyed.
-Talk to Her (Habla con Ella, Film by Pedro Almodovar) with music by Alberto Iglesias.
-Gods and Monsters [HDCD] (Film by Bill Condon) with music by Carter Burwell. Rather short for soundtrack though.
- Hilary and Jackie, music by Barrington Pheloung
- The Moderns, music by Mark Isham. Great music but terrible movie.
- Cinema Paradiso, music by Ennio Morricone.

Also, another vote for Gosford Park.
I consider the following recordings the best of the best for movie soundtracks.

The Royal Tennenbaums (The EVO of DEVO and other talented performers)

Chicago; Great stuff!

Gosford Park; Great music & recording; nice change of pace

Dead Man Walking; All-star soundtrack with great sound and recordings.
American Beauty - haunting
Koyaabusqatsi - organ and choir singing a song of our lives
Faust - Randy Newman plays gospel and pop
School Daze - Wake Up (and dance)
Cider House Rules - used this as the theme for my wedding
i am sam - always a joy to here beatles covers
The Wonder Boys - moody rock
Almost Famous - makes me remember my days on the road
Leap of Faith - electric gospel
Far North - erie tunes from a local string band
High Fidelity - always works on my wife...
Probably the best score I have heard is Chocolat by Rachel Portman. (her other work is good too.) The sountrack and especially the score for American Beauty is also awesome (Thomas Newman).

Apollo - Eno
Trainspotting - various
The Natural - Randy Newman
Harry Potter - John Williams
Gladiator - Zimmer/Gerrard
"Glory" - a recording that can shake your house and move you, all at the same time. Funny, it's been out for 15 years and still some movie trailers use it for dramatic scenes.
Given the time I might think of others, but three favorites: Manhunter, The Mission, The Thin Red Line.
"the hot spot" soundtrack Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker very nice recording also
Nice one Mejames. The Hot Spot is a great soundtrack, but the movie itself was a stinker.

My favorite movie soundtrack aside from The Wall (which was inspired by an album ofc) is probably Until the End of the World. The movie was bad, but the soundtrack is mesmerizing.

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"Emerald Forest"
"The Commitments"
"The Last Emperor"
"Under Fire"
"School Daze"
"Until The End Of The World"
"Jesus Christ Superstar"
Much of "Casino"
In order of latest to oldest:
"Road to Perdition"
"Apocalypse Now"
"Breakfast at Tiffanies"
"Sound of Music"
"White Christmas"
In Addtion to Until the End of the World, Wim Wenders had consistently had GREAT soundtracks to his films. Two other favorites:

Madradeus, Ainda - Soundtrack to "The Lisbon Story" (a wonderful little film too) - Absolutely outstanding! Once I saw that movie I bought every one of their albums Love them all! Amazing female vocalist!

The End of Violence (not a memorable film) - Includes Ry Cooder, Spain, U2, Tom Waits, Roy orbison among others.

The absolutely horrible hollywood remake of Wender's classic and gorgeous film, "Wings of Desire" was called "City of Angels" and actually does have a great soundtrack. I do like the original soundtrack to "Wings..." as well. The latter remake is a good mix of pop music most would recognize, the former is more dark and brooding highlighted by a few songs by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds who appear in that film performing.

Some other favorites soundtracks that came to mind:

Besieged (great film too)! Mix of classical and African tribal infleuences.

Passengers; Music by Brian Eno and U2

Spawn; Those of you into the "disturbing" music thread I started may like this soundrack including some interesting combinations of bands (playing together in pairs) such as Filter along with The Crystal Method, Marilyn Manson and Sneaker Pimps, Stabbing Westward and Wink.

If I had to pick one soundtrack I would not live without in my collection it would be the Madradeus, Ainda I started this post with. I have NEVER tired of their music, nor that album.

Oops, forgot Peter Gabriel's "Passion", the soundtrack to "The Last Temptation of Christ". It doesn't sound as if it's aged at all in the past 14 years.
Tsouthworth - my god, how did I leave Gabriel's Passion off my list too! A mesmerizing masterpiece. Excuse me while I go flog myself.

Vampyros Lesbos
Twin Peaks
The Straight Story
Mulholland Drive
Passion(The Last Temptation Of Christ)
Paris, Texas
Blade Runner
Doctor Zhivago - Maurice Jarre (I had tears in me eyes when Zhivago's mothers dies and the young Zhivago is attending the funeral with Lara's theme playing in the background on the Yukelele and autumn leaves are falling)

Lawrence of Arabia - Maurice Jarre

Bridge on the River Kwai - Malcolm Arnold

Sound of Music - Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein

Once upon a time in America - Ennio Morricone

Immortal Beloved - Georg Solti/Peter Glossop
Based on the story of Ludwig Van Beethoven
(My favourite scene is when Beethoven has pinned his head on the piano and is playing Moonlight Sonata)

Cleopatra - Alex North

Spartacus - Alex North

Love Story - Francis Lai

A Man and a Woman - Francis Lai

Breakfast At Tiffany's - Henry Mancini (who can forget the Moon River)

Hatari - Henry Mancini
I'm not big on background music so most soundtracks mean nothing to me.

Some things I have listened to repeatedly are the soundtrack from 'the Commitments,' 'Goodmorning Vietnam,' and 'Forrest Gump.' You can probably see what they all have in common.
Here's a couple no one mentioned yet: A Bronx Tale; The Big Easy (a very good Zydeco primer!). I plan on giving some of the earlier nominations a good listen. I love recommendations for good music.
Best wishes,
Steve H
"Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)" is my #1 pick even though I have many favorites.
Wonder Boys (Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Buffalo Springfield, etc.)

The Committments

Pat Garret & Billy The Kid

Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Non-instrumental soundtracks -

Like Cat Stevens' for Harold and Maude, and Badly Drawn Boy's recent soundtrack for "About A Boy".
CAR WASH!! 70s Disco Funk at its Best! The unique thing about this Rose Royce recording is that the film was actually based around the music, which was completely recorded before a frame of film was shot. I'm SURE I read this somewhere! There's also a track from the film on which Richard Pryor does his store-front preacher thing, which always produces a chuckle.
Southern Comfort. Ry Cooder swamp music soundtrack. I don't think the music from this movie was ever released. I saw one track on the Cooder 2 disc anthology cd.
My two favorite movie sound tracks are 'The Commitments " and " From dusk till dawn". The both make you want to dance, just in different ways.