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Last month, an audiophile colleague inquired about GIK acoustics on this forum. I shared my experiences as a longtime customer. I pointed out episodic challenges with build quality but a highly responsive staff. I have changed my impression and would not recommend them. GIK has recently changed CEO and several longtime colleagues appear to have left. Their prices have increased, especially for shipping. I’ve been attempting to place an order by phone without success. And their product lead time is extraordinary. For example, I was informed that routine scatter plates would not be shipped out for 2 months. They’re having problems. Any recommendations for alternative companies?


you can just google :


“ acoustical panels”   and that will bring up a bunch of choices 



I don't have personal experience with them but ATS is a less expensive brand than GIK.  Let me know how that works out.

Thx for the suggestion. Is there a company that you‘ve used with a positive experience?

I just ordered from ATS. What a positive difference. My diffusion panels will be built and shipped in 2 days. I’ll update you on the quality. Thx again!

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+1 with ATS. I recently ordered a case of panels and a roll of cloth that showed up 4 days later. Good selection, pricing and availability. The in house fabrication offers plenty of custom options as well. Responsive to phone and email no problems.


I agree, great company. I too ordered a panel as well as a roll of fabric, showed up at my door in just 3 days. Nice quality. 

I recommend Acoustic Design Works. Got two 2" absorption panels covered in fabric, 24 inch hexagon, for only $107 plus the shipping, which was reasonable.

I do like the GIK diffuser/absorption combo panels that I've seem on their website. They are pretty nice looking and available in several finishes and designs/patterns. 

Only good experiences with GIK. Shipping has gone up for everyone. Last time I ordered was previous to the supply chain issues and I had to wait a couple of months. I made many of my panels, but utilized GIK for the low frequency absorption such as bass traps. For the DIY panels I ordered the Guilford of Maine material from GIK as they had the lowest prices. The design of wood covering over the acoustic material is lovely. I was going to move some from the home theater room to my two channel room, but my spouse protested as she likes the way they look.


You can also check Vicoustic i find them very good & have ordered a few .
I too found GIK a bit too expensive comparatively .

Yeah, Vicoustic Multifuser DC2 for diffusion. Absorbers are easy to do DIY; just cut a 2’ x 4’ sheet of 1/2" ply into four 6" widths, make a 4’ x 4’ frame and fill it with Owens Corning 703, cover with grill cloth. Easy peasy.

I have GIK panels and I picked them up from their office in Atlanta. I would have recommended them until I heard the news above. I also use ASC and Michael Greene treatments

Terrible build quality. PM me for specifics. It was sad after such high expectations.  I can provide numerous photos from a recent delivery of several panels and traps. The good news is that they have excellent customer support. I accepted a discount in place of having to wait several more weeks or months for replacements. I consider the pieces like oil paintings. Nice to look at from a distance, but not from up close. In the end they get the job done and my room finally sounds terrific!

If you need treatment above 100 hz, try Acoustimac in Tampa.  The lower 2 or so octaves are more difficult to manage and the quality of Acoustic Sciences in Oregon is excellent. Ask for Jordan. 

I'm going to pile on GIK a bit here, too.  I simply cannot recommend them.  I can understand the manufacturing delay due to availability of materials.  All I ask is that you be up front and transparent.  They were not.  I corresponded back and forth with one of their designers for weeks getting product recommendations.  At no point did he even allude to the ridiculous lead times.  It wasn't until several weeks after I placed my order and paid them that they revised their delivery time from 1 month to 3 months.  Every time I reached out to them for an update I got a different excuse.

That wouldn't have upset me as much had the product been of decent quality when I finally got it.  It was not.  The items were not packed properly and the diffuser plate on every one of the 4 bass traps had damage, from deep gouges to corners broken off, all from sliding around in the box during shipping.  That's what happens when you leave 3" of empty space at the top of the box instead of filling it with packing material...  GIK was apologetic and sent replacement panels, which of course took another 2+ months to arrive.  Almost 5 months all said and done to get a finished product.

Bottom line, I'd avoid them unless nobody else makes what you're looking for.  It's unfortunate because I was going to buy additional panels from GIK, but not now based on my first experience.  Seems like I should check out ATS and see what they offer.

Well, from GIK I ordered 4 bass panels and 2 corner traps two months ago. Packed perfectly well, delivered on time. The one issue was that about 3 weeks after ordering I tried to add diffusion plates which didn’t actually get shipped.

Their e-mail communication throughout the process was great and they shipped within about 4 days of the original estimate.  About 6 months before this I ordered 4 mondo/narrow traps, 2 of which had scatter plates and again, had no issues at all.

I am sad to see so many negative experiences.

Thank you for the great list of alternatives. Hopefully GIKs new CEO is listening to the unofficial market review offered here. 

I ordered a pair of bass traps from GIK 2 months ago.  The original shipping date was 3/17.  It's been pushed back 4-5 weeks.  We'll see...

Hey everyone,


As much as I hate to read something about my own company I am also grateful some of you posted. I started this company back in 2004 with 2 employees and have grown it to 3 plants (USA, UK and Poland). For sure we have had our ups and downs but honestly the missteps since the pandemic has been a huge mountain for us to get over. To begin with when the pandemic first started we dropped in sales but 40% then within 2 months grew by almost double. Great but we also had a lot of employees that did not want to work which put us behind pretty quickly. As 2020 rolled on the material shortages started which delayed things even more. At this time I was told the best thing to do was to hire a CEO and try to take more of a overseeing role over the company as a whole. This is where I personally made a major mistake in not only hiring the wrong person but also not putting in KPIs that where correct. By the time I figured out the mess he had made there was much more of a back log and as some of you indicated there was some quality issues. Needless to say he has left and I personally have stepped back into the roll.  At this point we are not 100% caught up but I have been able to decrease the back orders by over 50% and also take our complaint log to only a hand full.   I have implemented quality checks within the shop and also fixed some of the bottle necks.  I want each of you to know that my email is always open to let me know if you have any concerns or questions. I built GIK Acoustics to be the leader in the industry and plane on keep it that way. We have a lot of new things coming this year so please don’t give up the faith. 


Glenn Kuras

Owner/CEO GIK Acoustics

Hi,  I have 9 GIK panels.  And they do their job well.I have been looking at bass traps.  I emailed Mike yesterday.  Got a quote in 2 hours.  Upfront about it is a 5 to 8 wk wait.  So many companies had the same issues.  Just look at the grocery shelves, same problems.

Daledee1. The largest problem now is supplies like getting laminated wood or some of the GOM is backlogged.  Not sure what you ordered but that time frame seems about right. Some of the panels though we are able to get out sooner then 5 weeks depending on the supplies used. 

 Thanks for chiming in though and thanks for the order. :)


@glennkuras I have learned so much from you on various forums and really like my GIK items.

Hearing from you about what is honestly going on at GIK has helped me a lot. I have decided to stick with GIK and will just give the situation a bit of time. What I really need now is diffusers (without absorption), and I'm hoping to see some options in stock without too long a shipping time. I don't see the Gotham any more and I'm hoping for something like it that is not so heavy or expensive, like the PI Audio Group AQD diffusers.

I direct my comments to Glenn as a longtime customer, retired C-suite executive of a Fortune 200, and b-school prof. Your explanation is greatly appreciated. Your candid ownership of the problem is of course the first step of crisis management. That you’ve done admirably.

We’ve all recruited the wrong leadership talent, especially when there are pressing market exigencies. Fortunately as evident from this Forum, you enjoy a loyal and patient customer base. GIK is not Harley, where your customers tattoo their loyalty. But your customer demographics span the AARP to the TikTok generations. My sincere wish for recovery and business success.

As GIK enters a phase of unanticipated accelerated growth, remember to smile — it’s a good problem to have!

wfowenmd -No we are not a Harley but I love it when customers come visit us at Trade shows proud of them being a customers. :) Thanks for your comments 


Hilde45-Education with helping the customer with design has for sure been one of our top selling points.  The Gothems will be back. We have them in Europe but we just got the CNC that cuts them back on line.  After a few weeks we should be able to cut the again. Fingers crossed on that.  Once again one of those pandemic problems of ordering a part and it taking several months for it to come in.  




Glenn at GIK- could you pls look at my order # 258446, Feb 8th. and let me know an accurate status on ship date which is right around the corner. I sent an email to customer service today to check in on it too.


thank you

I’ll let you know in two weeks. I spent a few weeks going back and forth with their sales exec who only wanted to communicate via email and never on the phone. Their product mix is complicated and  gets expensive and I agree, shipping got to be a big number. The lead time was two months. I ordered about $2500 worth. Shipping was another $400. They immediately charged my pay pal in full which I believe is not allowed when ordering an item with such a long lead time- they should only charge once the order is complete and shipping. It’s due to ship the first few days of April. I since some product is made in Poland I’ve asked about delays and they’ve just responded saying "it’s set to ship on time". Could be fine. I assume ten days before the ship date there should be accurate shipping information.

I have bought more than 15 panels from Acoustimac over a 10 year period.  Their products have great finish/build quality and represent good value.  The only issue is that I have had a couple of panels arrive damaged.  Some of these cases seem more due to delivery company and not the packaging.  They have however always replaced items for free and in fairly quick fashion.  I plan to keep using them as needs arise.  I have never been tempted by GIK given how sloppy their material folding at the corners appears in pictures.

Acoustic foam tile is dirt cheap and available here

The tiles can be mounted directly to the wall or installed in a simple frame and covered with decorative cloth. Alternatively you can get multiple colors of paint and have a splatter contest with your kids. Modern Art. 

Hi Glenn, I just received an update from your customer "service" people this morning on my order which was due first week of April. Before posting the details here I opted to send you  PM here. Pls respond to me today. 



I ordered two GIK diffusers in November. A couple of months later I called and was told they would be shipped within a couple of days. Nothing. I called again a month later and was told something similar. Nada. I called again and was told I would have them early March. Always pleasant phone conversations. They arrived two weeks ago with one of the panel corners bashed-in from shipping. I’m going to live with the bashed-in corner rather than go through process outlined above again. Too bad. What I received works well and looks good.

I have nothing but positive experiences with GIK (before the pandemic). If I ever need to order more panels, I would be going back to GIK regardless of the wait cause I know the current production delays are temporary. Beyond the high quality and reasonable prices; I really appreciated the patient, no pressure one on one consultation.

I am finding more and more businesses are less responsive via the phone.  Many businesses are under-staffed which would explain this challenge they face.  Before giving up on GIK, I would email them requesting a consult.  I worked with them over the past year or so and had a great experience.  2 months is not unreasonable nor is increased shipping costs.  Sometimes we need to just pause and put on another record ; )

Years ago I bought a number of different panels from GIK to round out the acoustics in my music room. They worked wonderfully and the quality was great and shipping was quick.

I recently purchased a winter property and needed some panels for a mixed use space in which I would listen to music, watch TV and just socialize. The acoustics in the room was horrible. I thought why not some acoustic panel to tame the echo. I went to GIK’s site and saw they did "Art Panels", nothing looked right for my space. Then I noticed you could supply your own art work and that is what I decided to go with, the custom "Art Panels". I sent them three custom designs. So far no issue. I received a delivery date, it was way into the future, much further than I was expecting. I was very disappointed, but accepted I was ordering three custom panels so I decided to be patient. A few weeks prior to the order ship date I contacted them and received the bad news, they were going to be delayed and not a short delay but a very long delay. The delay was going to be so long I would not be in this location and would be back home when the panels were now due to arrive. I did not want to reroute them to another location so I tried to contact them to cancel my order. It took me too many emails and phone calls to finally get through. I was really upset by the fact they were not easy to contact. I explained my issue and why I was cancelling. The person said she would get back to me and would try to move the assembly up, if possible. A few days later I received a phone call saying that they could move me up in line, sorry to anyone who I may have pushed back, and that the panels would be shipped out at the end of the following week. They came through as promised. The panels look gorgeous and the quality is first rate. The panels exceeded my expectations and the art transfer looks exactly as I had hoped it was going to look, maybe even better. I guess Glen was back.

I would not give up on GIK, but I would want some sort of a committed delivery time that they truly and realistically could maintain prior to ordering with a full money back guaranty if they fail to ship on schedule.

I highly recommend the custom "Art Panel", they have the potential to be gorgeous! Very worthy of hanging on a wall, as a piece of art and not some hokey graphic. I am actually going to have them framed even though they are 3 1/2" thick.

I bought some panels from a company called UA Acoustics awhile back and they were very reasonably priced, good looking and well made.

Dug up their website and got this message.

Attention! Due to the unstable situation in the our country, our company TEMPORARY suspends the processing of orders and their shipment.

I forgot they are based in Kyiv City, Ukraine.

Horrible situation. Hope they are doing okay, all things considered.

Hey guys. Thanks for all the feedback. For a update we have dropped the back orders buy a couple weeks so I feel as we are making progress. If ANY of you have a order outstanding, need it rushed or whatever please send me a message and I will do whatever I can. I will say that if you order something like a standard 242, 244 or Monster those should be getting out in a few weeks. 

Thanks again for chiming in and I do feel as I am starting to see the end of the tunnel. A long tunnel but starting to see the light. 😂


Glenn Kuras

Owner GIK Acoustics

Hey guys. Someone sent me a message on this site and for some reason I am not getting them or I don't know how to work this website completely. Please just email me if you have any questions you may have. 


Glenn Kuras

Your post reminded me that i needed another absorption panel behind my listening position having damaged the previous.  Although i've done business with GKI, instead i ordered this one from ATS, yesterday.  It shipped today !!  I haven't done business with them yet so we'll see about quality etc when i get it.  Cheaper than GKI for a 4" thick 2'x4' panel.

If you don't mind me defending "cheaper". You are comparing a 4" panels to the 244 bass trap? They are not the same and do not perform the same. We are thinking of selling 4" panels like that and for sure will charge less. It cost a lot less to make a panel like that.  Needless to say we can't get a 244 out in 24 hours but we can get them done in a couple weeks if needed (and have the supplies). 




No worries, Glenn--but this is not a bass trap--just a 4" absorption panel.  And sorry about calling you "GKI".  Best wishes on getting all sorted out...

Have used GIK for years, no problem. Happy to see Glenn communicate through this forum. 


I have used GIK on a number of occasions including recently for an art panel. I ordered it on Jan 1 and it just arrived today. Frankly I was pretty disappointed in the slow service. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to try some QRD diffusor panels from ATS Acoustics since I felt that the absorber/diffusor panels (Impression Pro Series Bass Trap Diffusor/Absorber) I had purchased from GIK were sapping too much energy out of the music. 

My ceilings are a couple inches lower than 8ft, and I wanted to do floor to ceiling diffusors. GIK doesn't seem to offer custom sizes like this, so I searched around for alternatives and found ATS. For a small upcharge, they were willing to do a custom height. 

I ordered eight custom sized diffusors from ATS and they arrived at my door literally eight days later, and that includes shipping half way across the country. 

Unfortunately, one of them was damaged in shipping. I contacted ATS and a replacement arrived a week later at no charge. Kudos for the exceptional customer service!

They are well made and sound fabulous. You can see them on my virtual system page. jaytor's system

For those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty:

GR Research has just introduced DIY acoustic panel kits sold as flat packs. Just screw the Baltic Birch pieces together, stuff the assembled frame(s) with your material of choice, and cover with fabric. Sizes and priced on the GRR website, a video about the kits on YouTube (just do a search for the company name, the video will appear). The kits are far cheaper than factory-assembled ones, as is shipping.