Happy Audiophile Day!


I did not know that since 2016, October 2nd was declared officially as Audiophile day. Happy listening and carry on with the greatest hobby on this planet 😎

Cheers! 🍻


Me neither.

While we are celebrating diseases how about happy pneumonia day? After all, it is the old man’s friend.

Finally, I am the first responder to a new thread. Boy does it feel good to be #1 at something.

While we are celebrating diseases how about happy pneumonia day?

Well, people have their preferences and look at hobbies different ways. I treat audiophilia as a cure and not disease. But hey, to each his own.

You do have a pneumonia day! Just hope that you don't get it at your age 😆

Happy Audiophile Day to all the Audiogon members! Enjoy your favorite tunes on the wide range of systems you all have assembled! This is an inclusive hobby where all are welcome!

Yes, who knew!? I just heard about it on my NPR radio 

station. I was going to spread the news but 'milpai'

beat me to it. Ya all have a great day!

A day out of the year set aside for the likes of us? Guess it will have to do.
Happy listening folks, with the emphasis on listening.

All the best,

Take a moment and listen to some of your favorite music and remember how fortunate we are to be able to. Happy Audiophile Day!

Well Happy Audiophile day all! Took the day off so I am listening but the day off is to recover from jetlag so far so good!

Google doesn’t show that. It shows the day of Appalachia trails. Way too many holidays in one day. Anyone took day off?



You do have a pneumonia day!

Hey, you are right:

World Pneumonia Day—November 12—is a yearly reminder that pneumonia can strike anywhere and anytime, and is a serious, potentially life-threatening lung infection. Pneumonia is primarily caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi that are transmitted from one person to another.



Thanks !



I was going to spread the news but 'milpai' beat me to it.

I feel your pain. It sucks to be #2. Better luck next time ;)

@cdc  “…While we are celebrating diseases how about happy pneumonia day?”

I did not know either.

👍😄🤣 Good one



I did not know about this until now …Happy listening!   I just fired up my amps ….  

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I didn’t either! Im glad we have a day too and next year I’ll plan accordingly.

Ditto @dinov !

Next year I’ll have chips and salsa at the ready, leave the dogs in the yard and give my beautiful wife a couple hundred for her retail therapy.

Okay, it’s National Audiophile Day:

Does that mean others have to give us permission to be as nit picky as we want about all things sound related? 

Or, do we speak of all things in Audiophile terms:

”Honey, that coffee has warmth, blondness, and authority. “

I spent 60 minutes on the Peleton, and it wasn’t the least bit fatiguing.”

“The dynamic headroom of the Lexus was marvelous as I hit the acceleration ramp on the interstate.”

We've earned this!!


Enjoyed all the funny comments and absolutely no offense taken by anyone.

Just as a reminder - this day is to recognize this great hobby and the folks who are into it, by rest of the world. I would say, make others aware.

On that note, I do have one more colleague who got into this hobby b getting himself a pair or Triangle Boreas and some vintage amp that his father used to own, long time ago. So, till date I have managed to get 3 colleagues at work into this hobby. And it is fun to discuss all the variety of music that each of us prefer.

Also known as "Look at the mansion and exotic car collection I could have had if I hadn't become and audiophile day"! Truth be known, if I got a do over I wouldn't change a thing. It's a great way to stay middle class.