New Pink Floyd release

Pink Floyd is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon.

The forthcoming The Dark Side Of The Moon box set will be available through Warners on March 24. It includes a CD and gatefold vinyl of the newly remastered studio album and Blu-Ray and DVD audio featuring the original 5.1 mix and remastered stereo versions.  The set also includes an additional new Blu-ray disc of a Dolby Atmos mix plus CD and LP of The Dark Side Of The Moon - Live At Wembley Empire Pool, London, 1974.

I hope the "remastered" versions are worthy improvements, but that isn't always the case these days.

The artwork is creating a stir among a small segment of "fans" who don't know what prisms and rainbows are... attacking or dis-owning the band for their "wokism". Can't make this stuff up, sadly. 

50th anniversary release of Dark Side Of The Moon


I remember buying the 20th anniversary edition CD.  Thanks for making me realise 30 years have got behind me. 😭

@bigtwin I know what you mean!

I remember going to the DarkSide Of The Moon tour as well. 

Just another cash grab, so tired of this business model of recycling. It started with "greatist hits" albums, just rereleases of old stuff, and then repackaging, remastering, reformatting. This is ONE good thing about the streaming universe if you don't have to pay more to try the new releases. Other than rereleasing an Atmos mix it is just a desperate attempt to rake in more dineros by recycling the old stuff.

@kota1 you are not being forced to buy it. You would have to have 1 million streams per year just to make a living as a musician from streaming alone.

Can you share an example of a woke reaction to arguably the most recognizable / iconic album cover in the history of rock?  

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I have always thought that "woke" people were incredibly superficial and dumb.  I read MWINKC's link.  I now think they are stupid beyond belief.  The new album's logo is but a variation of the original  - showing the breakup of light in a prism.  Back when the original album cover was produced in the very early 1970's, I don't think that the term LBGTQ even existed or that the symbol for gay persons was a rainbow (which itself is the breakup of light through the prism of the atmosphere after a rain).  While Dark Side of the Moon is great, my favorite Pink Floyd album is "Wish You Were Here" which I wish had its own anniversary edition.

@macg19 I saw quite a few comments on Twitter from the usual 'crowd' complaining and throwing hissy fits stating that the prism 'rainbow' was supporting gay rights. The album sleeve has the prism colors in the zero part of '50'. It's really sad.

Thanks for sharing these...hilarious!

#1 The headline doesn't make sense, pretty sure it's the woke mob not anti-woke. And the band is un-cancellable. 

#2 Let's remember the so called "mob" are Twits that make up a miniscule % of the Twitter universe. Idiots with too much time and too much gov't money in their pockets.

Lastly, I scored a pristine 1979 reissue (MFSL 1-017) a year or two ago for $80 that sounds fantastic. On the playlist for tonight - sadly, no blotter acid in the house.  


Forget the wokeness, how about $290 for what is basically a 10 song album with a commonly found bootleg of a 1974 concert attached to it... now I'd gladly pay whatever they asked for a good filmed version of seeing them play live back in March 1973...

Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow. (Unless your manhood is somehow fragile, in which case, To the Barricades, Snowflakes!)


Real Pink Floyd fans know what it is.

The story behind the 1973 Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" album cover, quote:

"The final front cover design features a triangular prism, with a beam of light passing through from the left side, resulting on a rainbow beam shooting out of the right side. Set to a black background, the prism was also mirrored on the back cover giving the effect of a consistent beam of light that never ends."

Thanks for posting this. The concept and simplicity still amazes to me even after 50 years.

In the movie The Making of the Dark Side of the Moon (which is great, especially watching Alan Parsons mixing it in real-time), the artist who designed the prism talked about presenting this along with several other options and the band gravitated to this instantly. Good call.

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@styleman If you read the article, you would know that it's the so-called anti-woke idiots who have a problem with the colors of the prism.


I looked on Pink Floyd's website and unfortunately, didn't see any individual LPs or optical disks for the 50th anniversary...just the huge, expensive set of mixed media. I'll skip this version unless they decide to offer single media version after the sales for the sets slow down.

I’ve bought the PF , “Animals” : LP,blue ray , Cd,DVD , in one box :” original recording” : LP : lot of crashes, bad recording : flat, no dimension , not 3D : wasn’t nice to listening to. Cd : the same as the LP..The original of 1977 is much better… So much is filtered out that the soul disappears completely…

@styleman It’s ironic you call woke people “stupid and dumb” considering that’s redundant, but more importantly it’s you who misunderstands the entire situation. The artwork contains a rainbow, and it’s “anti-woke” morons that are claiming Pink Floyd is pandering to the LGBTQ by using the rainbow, despite the fact it’s just part of the art. It’s beyond pathetic.

Is any chance that part of income money from this release will be spent by Roger Waters for his support of Putins war in Ukraine ? If yes, I won’t buy. 

What IS  original 5.1 mix? Is it available on SACD/BluRay/DVD? "Blu-Ray and DVD audio featuring the original 5.1 mix"

forgetaboutit. nothing new here.They are in it for the money recycling once again.

New car, caviar, four star, daydream
Think I'll buy me a football team

Get back
I'm alright, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack
It's a hit
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit

I'm in the high-fidelity first-class traveling set
And I think I need a Lear jet


I swear these woke-tards wake up each morning LOOKING for something to be offended by. 

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I, for one, am looking forward to the 50th Anniversary D.S.O.T.M. A Concept album. A Masterpiece. Ready this newest edition.


Happy Listening!

I purchased the 20th anniversary digital remastered CD version and found it wasn't really any better than my old vinyl version.  Then I purchased the remasterd 180 gram audiophile vinyl version.  I find it to be somewhat dull in the overall sound. Why would anyone believe the 50th anniversary edition is going to be any better than all the other versions already out there?  Still using the same original master?  I just don't see the need for yet another reissue of this record.  

What re the expectations here? The proof is in the pudding,but it's sounding like a money grab to me.


Like many I am totally sick of the wank morons.  The Floyd were using the rainbow long before the LGBTQESKHTYWRTKLTHWHTKTH (how many types are there?) group got going last week.  Others had identified the colours of the rainbow in classical times.  The rainbow has possibly existed 12 billion years.  Go away all of you and play with your chalkboards. Try to relate to normal well-adjusted people and be less self-centred.


Money grab??


They are professional musicians who make a living selling their music.

They've evidently identified demand for a 50th anniversary collection and are investing in satisfying that demand.

More power to them!

Most of us work or worked for a living. Guess we're all guilty of this "money grab" some of you whine about.

As a person who spends a lot of time listening to music, I'm wondering if it will be something for me, or not... very simple.

I have no use for a $200 + collection of LPs and CDs, but.. if they somehow come up with a single, remastered LP or CD that sounds better than my original releases and my 2 mofi LPs and mofi CDs....count me in. If not, I hope they sell a lot of sets to collectors who will appreciate the sets and PF can recoup their investment and make a profit too.


While they do mention remastered, and additional recordings from a live concert at Wembley in 1974, it’s not clear if the Stereo Mix recordings are enhanced from the originals or still the same as prior master recordings. 


Original studio album remastered by James Guthrie in gatefold sleeve with 12-page booklet

In gatefold sleeve with 12-page booklet with cover design by Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis and Peter Curzon/StormStudios. Original 1973 line drawn cover artwork by George Hardie

Remastered original studio album in gatefold sleeve with original posters and stickers

In gatefold, with 2 posters featuring design by Ian Emes and Gerald Scarfe. Cover design by Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis and Peter Curzon/Storm Studios. Original 1973 line drawn cover artwork by George Hardie

Original album 5.1 and high-resolution remastered stereo mixes
1. 5.1 Surround Mix – 24bit/96kHz Uncompressed
2. Stereo Mix – 24bit/192kHz Uncompressed
3. 5.1 Surround Mix – dts-HD MA
4. Stereo Mix – dts-HD MA

Original newly remastered album Atmos and high-resolution stereo mixes
1. Dolby Atmos Mix
2. Stereo Mix – 24-bit/192kHz Uncompressed
3. Stereo Mix – dts-HD MA

Original album 5.1 and remastered stereo mixes
1. 5.1 Surround Mix – Dolby Digital @448 kbps
2. 5.1 Surround Mix – Dolby Digital @640 kbps
3. Stereo Mix (LPCM) – 24-bit/48 kHz Uncompressed

160-PAGE HARDCOVER BOOK with rare black and white photographs from the 1973 – 1974 tours of the UK and the USA taken by Peter Christopherson, Jill Furmanovsky, Aubrey Powell, Storm Thorgerson

76-PAGE MUSIC BOOK - Complete songbook of original album

7" Single 1: Money b/w Any Colour You Like
7" Single 2: Us And Them b/w Time



Ownership of the many aspects of the Pink Floyd catalog remain murky (look it up).

DSOTM is obviously the commercial behemoth of their recorded output and whoever owns it (or has recently acquired it) is milking it once again.

the Immersion box set (2011, Parlophone, now Warner owned) is where the first BluRay disc appeared, along with marbles & scarf.

I saw the tour in summer ‘73 and it was epic, especially since PF had sorta slid into semi-obscurity after their previous album, Obscured by Clouds.

I don’t see that particular “rainbow” treatment anywhere other than print ads so this whole thing, IMHO, is a non-issue.

This thread is hilarious. Always sad to hear the bigots come out of the woodwork. Again, for those that are slow; the queer community did not give a crap about this Pink Floyd release, it’s the conservative hypocrites being offended by a rainbow that have the issue. They saw the advert and wet their pants claimed PF was trying to be “woke”. Talk about making an issue out of nothing.

@amitynick Not only can you not read or comprehend, but you even think you can call people "tards" to insult them. Here is your post in all it's glory.

"I swear these woke-tards wake up each morning LOOKING for something to be offended by."

@au_lait  Amen!

Enjoy the music!

If only Floyd the Barber had put out an album. 

Floyd, Kramer, Lucy, Archie

The Mount Rushmore of sitcom.

Glad the band is generating income and long live the rainbow. 

It's intriguing but I'd rather try and track down a copy of the 5.1 recording (30th edition) than buy the box set. Then I could do a comparison of that 5.1 to the original stereo version I have on CD. I think this is for hard core completists and collectors. 

I will say this, I did get the Animals Remix and I've really enjoyed the remastered version. It's a clean, second pressing that didn't have the 1st pressing vinyl issues I had read about.

Now...I AM interested in that colored vinyl box set of Stones Mono lps. But a few reviews said they're not as revealing as the black vinyl mono box set that came out a while back. 

$300.00 for the boxed set,are you kidding?I'm holding out for the $700.00 ,75th anniversary super deluxe ultimate re-cycle!