Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good

It rarely happens to me, but in a pile of records I bought over the summer I

found one with no cover. Shocking Blue’s 2nd album. 'At Home' (I’m your Venus is on it).

Even most Beatles albums have at least one song I could pass on, but not this one. Horrible fidelity, scratched to hell, but damn...

So I’d love to hear of other records that you all could suggest.


  • Iron Butterfly Metamorphosis
  • Black Sabbath ..1st three
  • Zeppelin ... All except maybe the last 2
  • Grand Funk ... Red, Phoenix
  • There is a few more but in a hurry

For such albums with no weak tracks include:

Bob Dylan:  Blood on the Tracks

Rolling Stones: Some Girls

Graham Parker: Sueezing Out Sparks

Bright Eyes: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road, IMO, insofar as the Beatles….Gregg Allman’s “Laid Back”, Bryan Adams “Reckless” and “The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album” are three others that meet that standard in my book.

King Crimson: Court of the Crimson King

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon

Renaissance: Turn of the Cards and Ashes are Burning  

Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman (some would argue a bunch of his)

Cowboy Junkies: The Caution Horses

Foreigner: first album

WHo: Who's Next

Deva Premal: The Essence (new age with great female vocalist)





The The Infected.

Miles Davis Bitches Brew

Talking Heads 77

Harry James Big Band, Still Harry after all these years

The Clash, The Clash

Radiohead, The Bends

King Crimson, Three of a perfect pair

Beethoven The Nine Symphonies.

Could go on and on.

West Side Story  - OST '61

Sinatra and Swinging Brass - Francis Al '62

The Magic Garden - 5D '67

Axis: - Hendrix '69

Tommy - Who '69

Arthur (or... - Kinks '69

Twelve Dreams of... - Spirit '70

ELP - '70 (& Tarkus)

Runt - Rundgren '72

Court and Spark - Joni '74

Electric Dreams - McLaughlin '79

Jarreau - Al '83

Powerbill - Semantics '93

Millard Powers - Avery MP III '01

Mind If We Make Love To You - Wondermints '02

The Lost Album - Lewis Taylor '04

The Nightfly Live - SD Band '19


"Blue" Joni Mitchell

"Deja Vu" Crosby Stills Nash and Young

"Tea For The Tillerman" Cat Stevens

"Ziggy Stardust" David Bowie

"Who's Next" The Who

"Moondance" Van Morrison

"Dark Side of the Moon" Pink Floyd

"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd

" Live At The Fillmore East" Allman Brothers Band

"Sticky Fingers" The Rolling Stones

"Blood on the Tracks" Bob Dylan

"Rubber Soul" The Beatles

Although this list is decidedly skewed towards the 1960's and 70's, this only indicates that perfection has apparently become harder to achieve.


Maybe Rubber Soul or Who's Next, but really...even my favorite records of all time have a cut or two that don't reach the standards of the others.  Even my Knaben Wunderhorn record.


Way too many to list, but here are a just a few of my faves that meet that description.... 

'The Chaos' by the Futureheads

'The Dreaming' by Kate Bush

  All 10 albums by Kristeen Young.... 

Uncle Tupelo- No Depression

Bob Marley- Exodus and Kaya

Grateful Dead- American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead

The Stones- Let It Bleed, Exile On Main St

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  • Pet Shop Boys, Please
  • Pet Shop Boys, Actually
  • Pet Shop Boys, Very
  • Pet Shop Boys, Alternative
  • Depeche Mode, Violator
  • New Order, Technique
  • The Smiths, The Queen is Dead

Y’all are soooo old. I’m 37 and am I the only person here who listens to current music?


here’s a few albums you old folks should check out ;) :

lcd soundsystem - sound of silver

robyn - honey

the war on drugs - lost in the dream

bon iver - bon iver 

Crowded House - Temple of Low Men

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Level 42 - Running in the Family

Jellyfish - Bellybutton

Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades

Great thread. I'll come up with others. 

I've always been impressed with every track on ASCEND by ILLENIUM.  But his second album isn't that great. I think younger audiophiles will enjoy ASCEND more than older audiophiles.


Y’all are soooo old. I’m 37 and am I the only person here who listens to current music?

Well,  I for one will not take advantage of your youth & inexperience.

Now I tried those that you posted and the only one which showed any sort of maybe being good (to me) was "lcd soundsystem - sound of silver" The main reason I don't listen to much of the newer music is because its just not compelling It has no soul, Its too mechanical like its being played by a machine rather than a human. And often that is the case. But if that's what you like, then good.


Any LP by Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers

The Nightfly

In A Silent Way

Joe Henderson's State Of The Tenor Vol 1

Grant Green  Idle Moments.

There's just sooooooo many.

Frank. the wee small hours

muddy Waters.  Folk Singer

Sam Cooke.  Night beat 

John Prine. The Tree of Forgiveness 

The the/ soul mining

the police/ spirits in the material world 

roxy music/avalon

the replacements/tim

the smiths/ louder than bombs, meat is murder

pil/ album 

the stooges/ fun house 

Dig the Aja. Fantastic, but not in the top 3.

Have to go with Boston's first. Every song is a hit and about as perfect as a studio album anyone could hope for. 

Next would be Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill". I can't imagine arguments on this other than #2 or #3.

Next would be Led Zeppelin's "Zoso". Need I say more.

I have no problem rearranging those in order of preference.

I also have no problem stating that DSOTM could belong in the mix but doesn't make the top 3 in my mind in regards to the question posed. 

I’ve other favorites, but these are ones solid throughout.:

Janis Joplin/ Big Brother & The Holding Company "Cheap Thrills"

Marvin Gaye "What’s Goin’ On"

Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks"

John Coltrane "A Love Supreme"

Derek and the Dominoes "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs"

Wayne Shorter "Speak No Evil"

Igor Stravinsky "The Rite of Spring"

Erykah Badu "Baduizm"

Grateful Dead   The first "Live Dead" album (the orange one with ’Love Light’ on it)

Dear leemaze,

I'm an old guy, and my son-in-law keeps me on track with today's music, some of which I like. But what I find weird is that so few here picked Jazz and Classical recordings-- gentlemen, there are so many perfect recordings in those genres, performed by musicians who are masters of their instruments and dedicated to excellence.

louis armstrong - satchmo serenades

willie colon with hector lavoe - lo mato

roy ayers ubiquity - mystic voyage

little bob and the lollipops - nobody but you

sam cooke live at harlem square

townes van zandt live at the old quarter

badfinger - straight up

los pajaros - kissing spell


My list would look almost identical to "tony1954"s list, with the addition of Steely Dan’s "Aja", and The Doors "Morrison Hotel" and "Strange Days". Other additions would be Chris Isaak’s "Baja Sessions" and Jethro Tull’s "Stand Up" and "Benefit". Finally, Cat Stevens' "Teaser and the Firecat" is outstanding.

Abbey Road - The Beatles 

A Love Supreme - John Coltrane

A Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

The Band - The Band

Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys 

The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers

Your Living All Over Me - Dinosaur Jr.

Nevermind - Nirvana 

O.K. Computer - Radiohead 

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco

Bottle It In - Kurt Vile

St. Cloud - Waxahatchee



Kind Of Blue

Love Supreme



Way Out West

Time Further Out

Somethin' Else

Monk's Music

Ramones -- Road to Ruin

Springsteen -- Born to Run

Television - Marquee Moon

Byrds -- Mr. Tambourine Man

Pearl Jam -- Pearl Jam

Sinatra -- Strangers in the Night

Laura Nyro -- Eli and the Thirteenth Confession