What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.

I was flipping through the accessory pages at the Cable Company and came up with this https://www.thecableco.com/hallograph.html You have to be kidding me. Of all the dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid things I have ever seen. The marketing is even better! Have you seen anything worse! It is up to us to uncover these things for what they are, SCAMS.

Even without springs they make a nice sonic improvement. Try one and report back to us.  
They work better on brass points.
What they capture when stable and still is then grounded to the floor. With that benefit added they can then comb the airflow where ever their placed. These control laminar flow in your music room. Clean air is better everywhere. 
Fremer has them in his room. 
I think I've seen a  couple of members systems pic here.

Therefore, it MUST work(snickering).
You need that  brass gong looking thingie too. I can't remember the name.

Where have you been? These have been around for many years. Did you really just see them now?
Where have you been? These have been around for many years. Did you really just see them now?

He’s clueless. Anyone can see they’re some kind of fancy diffuser. Diffusers and absorbers are the staple of room treatment. Audio 101. No, actually more like what they teach in day care before pre-school before Audio 101. Anyone can’t see that, stick with Close-N-Play. Even that is more than you deserve. Jack in the Box. Figure it out. https://youtu.be/ppDhmg7nk8s?t=20
The tweak where you had to complete/pass a rather expensive online LumberJack course and then adorn yourself in clothing of the opposite sex (while listening to your system). 

I mean...

I could hear a little bit of improvement, but the brassiere straps REALLY chafed my skin. 

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Here's the problem with biased moderators and triggered snowflake virtue-signallers. They think this is just fine: 
dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid
when used by one of their own. But when turned around and used against them- where it belongs, by the way!- they whine and scream and have it removed.  

The whole purpose of this thread is to call anyone who buys this stuff "dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid". Not only that, but invites everyone to come join in on the insult fest, listing everything they can think of that will insult all those members who bought it.  

Members who by the way hear and appreciate the improvements. So not only are the moderators taking sides against free speech, they're taking sides in this case against actual audiophiles. 


This whole thread should be removed.
Cranial Coupling - three tip toes place under the headband of your favorite headphones. Points down of course :-)
MC....you pick on people every day like it’s some kind of an exercise regimen. I’ve never seen a better example of the pot calling the kettle black! You make everyone on edge whenever you show up in a thread, how you conduct yourself is what’s shameful. Why can’t you just chill out?
This is a dangerous game to play.  One man's meat is another man's poison, and all that jazz.  There are lots of add on gadgets being sold to audiophiles that have no discernible scientific justification, but inevitably there will be some who swear by this or that, and who is to say they are not hearing the benefit they say they are hearing?  Not I, except when I just can't stand the chicanery.  The response to criticism or incredulousness is inevitably of the "don't knock it if you haven't tried it" type.  So, I am not going to write what I think.
I’ve read before that a listening seat back shouldn’t be above your shoulders, lower seat backs provide a better listening experience. Yet, I have seen a 2 channel listening chair, sea shell kinda, that appeared to come up mid head.

I can't see that do much for the sound other than cause reflections.
Well at 50.00 each I'd give it a shot... I'll try anything... It's the cost that turns me off.  100% improvement, I'm all in.... LOL. 1600.00 would be cheap...

 Heck of a conversation piece too. "What the heck is that"? Ah! AH! something to do with Tesla..LOL But really1600.00 though... spendy..

I agree with the OP. But then again, I invested in two synergistic research PHTs, those tiny little green and black doodads that you put on your cartridge or tonearm for, apparently, an earth shattering change of sound. Did I hear a change? Yes, but was it because I wanted to hear a change?

I haven't done any blind listening tests with me or with my wife, so I don't know. But I do know that when I saw those hallographs a few years back, I thought the same thing as the OP. Why? Maybe because they just look like a  curly-cue wicket put on a pike and sold for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And this thing is going to change the sound? Why can I just put one of those big columnar IKEA floor lamps in the corner and call it a day?
If they were $100 instead of $1695 there'd be less derision as more people would buy in at that price just to see if they heard any improvements. But, like Mercedes Benz discovered when they 1st came to the US priced reasonably but failing to sell to their target audience, raising the price to what people of means find to be an adequate price makes all of the difference in the world marketingwise. 
The product bases it’s claim on affecting the behavior of sound waves into a corner, which is a staple of room acoustical design and has more of a basis in science than painting a fuse and seeing which way works better.
That at least is some sort of argument or reason. As opposed to the OP, who has nothing to offer but insults.
You have to be kidding me. Of all the dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid things I have ever seen.

Why I ask again do the moderators tolerate a thread whose sole entire reason for being is to insult, mock, and demean?
Chuck you called someone a “ zero “ because they asked about toe out. You need to apply your own virtue less signaling to yourself.

"Here's the problem with biased moderators and triggered snowflake virtue-signallers. They think this is just fine: 

dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid
when used by one of their own. But when turned around and used against them- where it belongs, by the way!- they whine and scream and have it removed."

"This whole thread should be removed."

Good point, there should be fairness but wrong direction. 

Why don't we simply let the readers decide? 

We're all adults aren't we? Capable of thinking for ourselves, aren't we?

I've never been keen on accessories. The equipment should do the job it was created for. Okay, maybe some speaker isolation, a demagnetiser for tape decks and a stylus cleaner.

The only accessory that I used which I would now have doubts about was the the Cecil Watts Dust Bug. This was a plastic arm with a roller on its end which tracked an LP as it played.

It was supposed to clear the path for the stylus but it needed some fluid application on the roller. At the time I didn't consider what residue the fluid might be leaving in the grooves of the LP.
The problem here is the title with the word SEEN, instead of HEARD

I have been using many Machina Dynamica tweak products to great effect over a decade, including the Clever Little Clocks, and yes they too perform as advertised. If his products don’t work for you then look to your system, or maybe your hearing is not capable, but his products work well

The real scam that goes on is people commenting on products they have not heard.
I never tried the Clever Little Clocks, although I did enjoy his Clever Little Comments, and better yet they were free!
If someone buys a product and they hear what it claims to do, then it works.

That doesn't mean it's exempt from being goofed on, because of the ridiculous marketing and odd appearance.

I like to believe most of us just want a stereo=source, amps and speakers without any nonsense between all of it to sound convincing.

Add to that a room for those boxes to sound their best.

How about painting the outside of your CDs green ??
Some here may know about that  ( many years ago ) some may not .
I tried it---A waste of time . I want to say , without being critical , I have tried and do believe in some tweak ideas .
Generally , I try to take a consensus, by getting with friends or digging on the audiophile net for ideas and research . That is part of what this hobby ( that I love ) is all about .
The silliest assessorie that comes to my mind is the LP spindle hole enlarged. What, doesn't anybody own a pocket knife anymore? Enjoy the music

I heard PWB demos back in the 80s. They work. Except, they don't. Your brain processes inputs with more quality the second time. Try reading a page from a book you've never read. Twice. So the con is to play music without the tweak and then with the tweak. After that, it's psychological. 
Some guy makes a parabolic-style reflector from thin laths of wood. It sits behind the speakers. It works much like cupping your ears. Not bad until you hear the price. $30,000+.
With sincere apologies to OP for going off topic.

@millercarbon From Wikipedia, Snowflake is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.

Snowflake is especially used by hard learning politically right people to denigrate liberal people .

Ironically Albert Einstein would today be called a snowflake by those disagreeing with his liberal politics.

wsrrsw--Nice.  And you know the meaning of "denigrate", whereas MC seems not to know the meaning of the word "demean."   
But in terms of the specific accessory here, I'm told that listening to music with this in the room will be overly fatiguing unless you paint the edges green.
Green latex paint? Or can you use oil? Day glow? Yeah Day Glow put on with clockwise strokes with micro detail sable brush.

With some bit of seriousness over the years I have looked at some of the more far fetched looking "improvements" and come close...If I could I would build an out building and acoustically treat it.

Who’s to say if some of these things really do or don’t work? They all share the quest to dampen unwanted vibrations.

I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me the excitations (oom bop bop)
I'm pickin' up good vibrations (good vibrations, oom bop bop)
She's giving me the excitations (excitations, oom bop bop)
Millercarbon. sometimes you really p--- me off. This was not at all a comment on people who might buy these things. It is a comment on the people who make them and unfortunately sell them. My intent is to keep people from wasting their money on garbage like this.
Lewm, you are close. I could make them in this country for $25 in poplar
Labor, finish and shop time $200. $225 x 3 = $675. This would be the legitimate price if they worked not $1600. So, it is a rip off on all fronts and I told Upscale Audio exactly that. 
I do not see these things in any of the videos of Mikey's system. I would not think any better if he had them.
There are heavy psychological biases in audiophilia. It is just the nature of the thing. You always have to filter this when you make changes and evaluate new gear. Those of us with a scientific education have a responsibility to point things out and attempt to extinguish those who would take advantage of this to make money. In this case the whole thing was made up for just that purpose. I hate it when the pharmaceutical industry dose it and I feel no different here. hat kind of money would always be better spent on equipment, room treatment or flowers for the wife. Talking about the wife I just got sucked into buying new carpet for the media room so the price of my new speakers just went up 5 grand.
I also appreciate all the tongue in cheek comments. It makes me happy to know so many of you feel the same way I do.
ran the surface grinder a bit, nice old fashioned analog Brown & Sharpe, top secret ferrite base material, collected enough dust to built a couple of PHT gizmo, binder is Shugite and epoxy. The green one has some resin drippings from the Christmas tree ( fake aluminum tree so that step was arduous, the neighbors pet cat helped, ultimately ). The red version has ground red pepper added. I am waiting to go Bluefin tuna fishing to make the blue model. I have access to a million volts for the Quantum tunneling effect but since i work for a quantum computing company I just rubbed my business card along the edges..
The red is hot sounding and the green greatly interests the neighbors Labrador. Both have a profound effect on my Lyra. Your results may vary
we are taking deposits on the blue, they may require refrigeration 
What's worse, cheap stuff from Machina Dynamica or expensive stuff from SR. Usually the only thing more ridiculous than the product is the marketing claim. But audiophile pet pebbles takes the cake. So many of these products are just the result of someone with a questionable understanding of electricity and physics convincing people with even less understanding that they developed a perpetual motion machine.