How many turntables have you owned?

My analog journey started in the 70's- I'm on my 6th turntable, which I have owned since 1998. I think it's my final turntable!


5 - hopefully this is it unless they come up w one that'll change records for you (meticulously).  I guess I would even consider one that only flips the record for you.

From 1979 until ditching analog in the mid ‘90’s, I went through 6 turntables. Brands in order included Yamaha, B&O, Sony, Thorens, Systemdek & Oracle.

Sometime in 2005, I returned to analog and began collecting vintage turntables with a current count of 9.

After years in the audio industry specializing in phono systems as both retailer and manufacturer’s representatives, I could not be more pleased from the performance and ease of use from my modified Technics SL1200 Mk5 🤗

The first owned TT that was a purchase made in the early 90's with the intention to build a HiFi System was a Linn, this is still owned today.

After a Few Years of ownership the Linn was superseded by a Garrard 401 and this was to undergo a overhaul and Platter Bearing Modification and ended up in a (60Kg)  9 Stone Granite Plinth.

This was used for many years, until I sold it and bought a PTP Solid 9 with a standalone Bespoke Built speed controller.

Vintage DD TT's have superseded the use of the PTP, but I do still own the PTP and occasionally listen to a replay on it.

I have four Brands of the DD TT's, which are used in a original state and some have received overhaul work and modifications, which are completed to various levels of undertaken work.

Exchanges of Original Plinths to alternative Materials is the basic change put into practice and the more complex Platter Bearing is also a focus of the works undertaken, which requires a support from adept engineers to produce the work that will be a modification, as parts will need replacing and some parts can require machining as the only means to create an exchange part.

There is also a plan in place to carry out work on Platters to produce a design with an improved mechanical connection or improve damping.

I don't do the practical work undertaken where a skill set is needed to produce the required accuracy for the work produced, I am fortunate to have friends who enjoy this side of their interest in HiFi and Micro Mechanics and concerning themselves with microns as a dimension.         

Quite a few, but many were duplicates of the same model.

-Dual 1219 (my first "stand alone" TT)

-Thorens TD160 MkI/MkII (not less than 5 total - lost track)

-Philips 212 (1 early on and 2 others received in trade later on)

-Thorens TD124 (people were giving them away in the late 70’s)

-Thorens TD121 ($20 @ an estate sale)

-B&O 4002 ($15 @ an estate sale - gave it to a guy I met @ a local thrift)

-Thorens TD125 Mki

-Thorens TD165

-Thorens TD125 MkII (my current deck)

-Lesa (rim drive from Italy - gift from local phile/still have it)

That’s all I can remember, though I did have a Technics direct drive in 1978 for guests to use, but I don’t recall the model (think it had auto play and maybe return).

I also traded the (2-later) Philips 212’s for one of the TD160’s as they were too prone to footfalls (I lived in a 1929 2-story wood frame building).

Couple of memorable decks that housemates had were a B&O 3000 (sparkly sounding compared to my TD160/SME/Sure V15 MkII combo, but good) and an unattractive Sony 3000 (forget the arm/cartridge) that was really good.





I sold two after a few years that appeared on the market: Technics SL2000 and Micro Seiki BL 51 all the others (about fifteen) I kept them for my collection.

Approximate years of service. Does not include borrowed units which passed through these doors.

Technics SLB2 (1980-85) 

Dual CS505 (1985-86)

Thorens 318 (1986-87)

Thorens TD160 (1987-90)

Linn LP12 (1986-present)

Garrard 301 (1988-2001)

Rek-o-Kut B12H (2006-present)

Garrard 401 (2009-2013)

Garrard 401 AudioGrail (2013-present)

Garrard 401 AudioGrail (2017-present)

Garrard 401 AudioGrail (2020-present)


Gerrard sp25 mk? but it was belt drive with built in amp, piezo cartridge and crap. -Trashed.

Micro Seiki DD24S, entry level direct drive with solid plinth and light weight arm arm. - Trashed

Manticore Mantra with Rega RB300 with Goldring Eroica L - sold on minus arm.

Townshend Rock mk2 with the same Rega arm but I trashed the cartridge during the install so used it with a succession of Dynavector 17D2s and 3s, now it’s my mono deck with a mono version of te Decca Maroon and a Naim Aro with 8g added to the headshell.

Artemis SA-1 with Schröder Reference and currently an SPU Royal N


1. flip out of portable sylvania gizmo with detachable speakers, flip over needle.

2. bsr 

3. garrard changer came inside Fisher President II

4. thorens td124 with sme 3009, made custom base

5. at120, built in phone pre sounded better than McIntosh C28's


6. jvc tt81, 3 arms, sut with 3 inputs, main

7. mitsubishi vertical linear lt-5v, office

8. technics sl-j33, compact linear scans tracks, programmable, garage/shop

I'm poor, I have 9 children to feed and 34 grandchildren. I have no turntable, please make checks payable to "The old man in the shoe" Would you throw in a Rolls with a chauffeur. 12 car seats too if you don't mind..


In the old days BC (before children) I went through 8 turntables before I got my Sota Sapphire at age 27. AC (after children) there has been one more so far, the Sota Cosmos Vacuum. From here getting a significant increase in performance and usability is going to be expensive, very expensive. Right now I have more important fish to fry. 

13 (if I recall correctly). Some not worth mentioning, some good:

  • Denon DP45F
  • AR-ES 1 w/Premier MMT arm
  • AT-LP120XUSB (tweaked)
  • Thorens TD-124Mk1 (refurbished)
  • Technics SL-1500 Mk1
  • Dual 1215
  • Hitachi HT60
  • Scott PS-67
  • Pioneer PL-4
  • Crosley C-200


One. It was a Beogram 1700 with the low mass tonearm. It made me hate turntables. God bless the CD! 😁

Ok I fibbed, I have a collection of Zero 100s. They work perfect, they sound like Zero 100s too. That is one bad sounding TT. In custom plinths though. :-) I'm not kidding I bought one for 15.00 it had a MC Grado cart that was worth 600.00. I still have that cart. I have a TD224 that I had working perfect too. Looked new.. I like the weird ones.

TD124 & SME 12" #1

TD2030 & SME IV #2..

TD121-124s and Russco are a ton of fun.. at least a couple dozen.

HUGE! I made that plinth out of 1" red oak stair flats. 35.00 usd. I'm frugal. I paid 400.00 for 5 Russco. This is one of that 5. FM station pulls in the Bakersfield area in the late 90s

@oldhvymec ,


Even though Grado invented the moving coil cartridge, they don’t make any.  

Well why would you invent something your not going to use? Kinda like the happy guy above, makes you wonder about natures jokes anyways.. LOL

Sure they made a MC carts. They just haven’t made one sense (since) the 60’s, Like I said a guy in Elk Grove CA repaired all the FM station stuff including his hand made carts. He was a Grado guy. The machine shop for Russco was in Antioch. Marchio’s Machine and Iron. I worked there. Just a tidbit..

I was at a guys storage in El Sobrante he was way up there too, over 1000sf of racks and TT. He had a Fairchild 750 with 12 & 16" platers I sure would have liked.


Let's see.

Pioneer (PL0112 IIRC)

Systemdek IIX

Oracle Delphi 2

Linn LP12


Sota Cosmos

Roksan Radius 5

Over 40 years (last three still owned)


Realistic LAB-400

Rega P3

Clearaudio Concept

Lenco L70 (current an only one in use)

2 Lenco L75’s - about to be rebuilt/modded 

L70 that is in use, and heavily modded is far better (kinda obvious, I know) than any of the prior ones. The L75’s are going to be given the same treatment as the L70 (only better…) and hopefully sold .

Technically 4

  1. Zenith Mini Wedge - (first system in bedroom when I was a kid) - late 70s
  2. Dual 508 - (part of my first proper separates system) - early 80s
  3. Denon DP35F - (first upgrade) - mid 80s
  4. Linn LP12 - (bought in 2019 and is now almost full spec)


The Linn will be the last TT although it may get upgrades as Linn introduce items I am interested in.

for those interested

US patent 1,663,884 to H.C. Harrison (Western Electric), granted Mar. 27, 1928

Moving coil mono cartridge

Blumlein was granted a patent for a moving coil cutter in 1933

My first was a Dual/Grado Black combo, followed by a Yamaha/Ortofon OM 20 in the 70's/80's.   It was followed by a maxed out LP-12/Benz/Shelter 90X from the 90's thru 2020.  My current and last TT is a Basis Signature/Umami Red and I am loving it everyday until golf season.  I had my dad's Miracord refurbished and use it to play vintage 78's.

8 in total.

During high school (early 80s): Garrard AT6 (my father’s old table), Technics SL-B1, B10, and B100 (used for my DJ business).

In college (late 80s): Heybrook TT2, Linn Basik Plus, Sumiko Blue Point. Foolishly sold in 1990 when I thought I would never return to LPs.

Returned to vinyl in 2020 by resurrecting by father’s AR XB. Shortly thereafter bought a Rega Planar 2 and was gifted a Technics SL1200mk2, which I refurbished. I currently run all three.




All started 1970 with a Philips portable, and a ceramic cartridge.

Lenco L-80 (1975)

Dual CS130S (1982)

Mission 775LCT (1985)

Thorens TD160BC/Rega RB300 (1987) & Pioneer PL550(1987)

Mission 775SM /Mission 774 (1989)

Pink Triangle Export/Alphason HR-100S (1991), upgraded to GTI (1993), SME V (1994)

Bauer Audio DPS 2/SME V (2007) upgraded fully to current status DPS 3 (2018)





I have at hand about 31 turntables. Including a Linn Sondek, a Thorens 160 and 125, a Revox 890, a Kenwood KD650, four Empires ...

If I recall correctly, I’ve had the following;

BIC 980


Mapenoll (can’t recall the model, perhaps a defensive mechanism-it was hell.

Well Tempered Record Player

VPI HW-19 with Graham 1.5t tonearm

Basis Debut/Vector III arm with vacuum clamp and motor controller

Maybe close to 20. Among them, about 10 were cheap Japanese turntables. 

Now, 5 working tables: Garrard 309 with two Ortofon arms, Denon DP80, Denon DP75 with two Denon arms, Clearaudio Bluemotion, and Technics Linear tracking turntable.

Somewhere between five and ten. I'm not quite sure. Am I counting the turntables my sister had when we were kids? Am I properly keeping track of my wife's several turntables (including a Linn) through the years? Ah'm gettin' dizzy...