If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............

Your " best ever " recording, which has likely been discussed ad nauseam, would you select, say, if given a choice of only one ( whatever the scenario would be; stranded on an island, locked up in isolation, all music gone, but this one ). As hard as this is, as there are so many to choose from, I have selected " A Tribute To Jack Johnson ", by the esteemed Miles Davis ( 1992 Columbia version ). I have selected this, specifically for the performances, as I do with all of my listening. The playing.....the musicianship.....the arrangement.....the story, set to music, by the esteemed M.D.. And, my system delivers the message, so I feel proud of my set up. What can I say ? I hope everyone well, and, ENJOY ! Always, MrD.


CD of my son when he was the drummer for the Oklahoma State University Jazz Ensemble. 


Waiting for Columbus - Little Feat. Can’t wait to pick up the new remastered LPs and CD set. 
……And all the boys there at the bar began to sing along…..

I'm not going to touch classical music, but for everything else, probably Ziggy Stardust.

Listening to the same song over and over, I was even able to memorize the lyrics hier, of some of the songs there.

CSN&Y ... '4 Way Street'.

50 plus years later and I listen to it at least once a week.



I'd begin to hate the music I formerly loved, sounds like hell to me. I'd rather listen to sounds of nature out on that island.

Mind If We Make Love To You

"Hey wait a minute, do I know you?"

"We're rolling on a technicolor motoride"





Great question! I simply cannot list just one, as all of these for me are must haves, and can't live without(s):

Dave Mason - Alone Together

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu

David Gilmour - David Gilmour

America - America

David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name



"The Last Days of Disco"

I never disco'd, but I like the movie soundtrack.



Maybe "Quadrophenia", but I've never listened to it more than 2 times in a row.



Abbey Road - The Beatles, just slightly ahead of Astral Weeks.

There's an awful lot going on in that album.

Maurizo Pollini - Schubert Piano Sonatas No 20 & 21.  On the Esoteric SACD release.  

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Any recording played too often would be sickening , but let’s just say all time favorites , and then what type of music , from Rock , to jazz to R&B to symphony 

country , easy listening , that’s what I mean just too many areas to cover , each dept you may have your own favorites. Classics are timeless , as long as your give them time to go into memory. 

Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scotts. So much good music and special guests. Happy holidays everyone.

Waiting for Columbus is an excellent choice.  For me Miles Davis Kind of Blue and Radiohead The Bends

I was considering the Tony Bennett and Bill Evans album but, rightly, it's already been referenced.

So I'll plump for the second (1981) recording of the Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould.

Frank Zappa’s Orchestra Favorites. I’ve already listen to it 100 times at least.

The Clash-London Calling, perfect for an island.

Charles Mingus- The black saint and the sinner lady.


Well I miss calculated. The album is 43 years old. I’ve listen to it at least once a week since then. That’s 2064 times! minimum. And I still love it.

1) Pop/Rock - The Soundtrack to the movie 'Phenomenon'. Every cut is wonderful, and there's a broad swath of musical styles and artists.

2) Jazz - "Beyond the Missouri Sky' Charlie Hayden and Pat Metheny. Absolutely transcendent.

3) Classical  - 'Paul Galbraith Plays Bach: Violin Sonatas & Partitas'. Because they could not be performed on a standard guitar, he designed and built the instrument, he transcribed the pieces, and he performs them flawlessly. To accomplish one of these would be a crowning achievement for most. The achieve all of them is both humbling and inspring. 


Bach's Branden Brandenburg Concertos, in their entirety.

No matter the music you pick...it will make your crazy!!



For it's sheer diversity (and incredible musicianship...) 

Joni Mitchell "Shadows and Light"

Seems some folks don't know what "one" means.


For me it would be Steely Dan - The Royal Scam

It's always interesting to read what others charish listening to , I've seen my top 2 already mentioned  #1  David Crosby  " If I Could Only Remember My Name and #2 Pink Floyd  " Dark Side Of The Moon "  and adding a #3 Beethoven's Symphony #6  conducted by either Fritz Reiner or Georg Solti conducting the CSO .

We all know what the number 1 means but picking one is very hard with all the great music out there and for me all 3 are albums that I listen to over and over .

Genesis-- The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Never gets old...

Maybe because I saw them in Dec. 1974 do the entire album at the NY Academy of Music (on Broadway!) from the 11th row.  Most amazing concert ever.


OK one more:  Grateful Dead May 1977 Box Set: New Haven / Cornell / Buffalo / Boston.  All incredible shows, could listen to them forever.  Timeless music.


As stated many times above, hard to pick one...but for me it would be Al Green ' s Greatest Hits 

Of course the band is Pink Floyd, but I go with "Animals" instead of "Dark Side Of The Moon".  I never tire of Gilmour's crunchy Strat sound on "Dogs".

A lot of great albums listed above. I would likely choose Kind Of Blue but then again some Grateful Dead makes me really happy so maybe Live/Dead or Sunshine Day Live in Veneta