Watermelon test for audiophiles!


In this hot and perfect watermelon season (where lots of them are really tasty and sweet), I was wondering if audiophiles can actually pick up a PERFECT watermelon just by tapping it and listening to the tap.  If one can hear differences between different cables, it's a lot easier task to listen to watermelon tap. Or on the other hand, if you can't tell which watermelon is perfect by tapping, how come you can hear differences in wires or cables?


Tap test is flawed.

As indicated by the diagram, I go weight(density)

and the "field spot" No field spot suggests picked too early.

Even then, mother nature still makes a dud now and then.

Eat better tasting watermelon, and you can hear the SQ difference between your system turned on and off. 



To pick a ripe melon thump it with a finger. A hollow sound will indicate a ripe melon, a solid sound indicates not ready. The thump test however, is not an accurate test for good cables. 

The only thing this “test” shows is that you like watermelons and you eat a lot of them. Nothing about audio. First thing first, first step, you need to own an audio system. 

It's not at all about the tap. It's about the yellow spot. The bigger it is means it riped naturally on the ground longer while still attached by the stem. Those are the sweetest watermelons. That info is gold and I can't believe I just gave it away.

@tablejockey the diagram is entirely understandable, but testing it with just sound is pure audiophile idea.

I've found that the only way to differentiate between cables is to cut a piece of cable and eat it.

Placing a properly ripened watermelon atop your sub woofer adds audible radiant dynamics. If you don't have a sub you can place them atop your towers or by the bass port for a similar dynamic. Audiophile Research sells a tuned gold plated signature base for the watermelon to sit on for $998.69 each. You will need at least 2.  If you order online today you can get a 10% discount. Only the most discerning audiophiles have them.

@thyname 😂. First things first. First step. U need to own an audio system. 😂. DJ equipment do not apply 😂👍

Mark Twain, who famously adored watermelon, described it as the “chief of the world's luxuries… when one has tasted it, he knows what angels eat.” In in the summer, we want nothing more for dessert than watermelon, which contains 92 percent water. He was also an audiophile. 

Wifey says I have a one-track mind. Still, the end of the first Austin Powers movie was hilarious.  "Melons, big juicy melons!"

What if you test the watermelon with your different 

cables. Will they produce a different thump?  And if they do 

will you be able to tell if the cable is silver or copper. 
I can see a whole new way of testing cables coming. 
This will be the biggest news in the audio industry in decades 

Listen for the thump 

That should be the name of the new testing standards for cables 

I too am a serious watermelon aficionado & consider a “perfect” food. It satisfies both a sweet craving & is very hydrating. Picking a great one is indeed both a fine art & science just like most things in life..

My only  issue w/ the delicious fruit is its ability to interrupt a music listening session w/ an increased number of trips to the bathroom to return some of that liquid…. 

We all pay the price & little annoyances of wisdom & experience……

I like my melons with a fifth of rum turned up to spike them. Enjoy the music and the melon

I will be looking for those big yellow spots from now on. I have not had good luck with thump testing. What I dread is a dry, frothy watermelon. I eat them anyway but sometimes question why I’m doing it. Maybe a 5th of rum could help a dry, frothy melon.

I send all the watermelons I buy to ASR to get a solid measurement on the frequency response of a tap. If ASR says it measures great, then I’m sure it will taste great as well.

I have a more superior method than tap - buy the new breed of black-green skin water melons and especially "Yumi" brand of organic water melons.

They are super sweet like eating clumps of sugar but they are not cheap.  A 10-13 pound melon goes for $9 at Sprouts.

So far I have 100% success rate for the 4 that I have purchased on different occasions.  I have also tried other brands of black water melon but they weren't as sweet as the Yumi.  Like in hifi, the right brand matters 🤣


I wish Gallagher were still around...he'd know. No one's done more testing. That, and his test audiences can attest to the various tastes of all manner of melons.

All the best,

Had the pleasure of seeing Gallagher in Vegas with the Unknown Comic when he pulled the bag off his head. Gallagher was great. 

When I was a firefighter on the Florida gulf coast, some of us worked the shows at the Civic Center on our days off. When Gallagher came to town I always got to help set up his props and mess with the Sledge-O-Matic.

Nice guy, Gallagher. Total pothead. Could get high just by walking by his tour bus.

Mother nature's finest.  Sweet watermelon 🍉. It's a combo of the weight, the spot, and finally the stem. My wife is from Arkansas and the melons there are fantastic. Mind out of the gutter people 😔. Greg 

Aside from finding one with a nice field spot, the best way to choose a watermelon is by comparing its size to its weight. Pick it up and if it seems heavier that it should be for its size, you have a good one. 

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I nominate this for “Thread of the Year”.


Would read again….🤔

Tapping a watermelon is just part of testing to see if it's ready to eat. You need to look at the navel to make sure it's brown, not green,  also look at the skin color to make sure it's a bit faded. Then it's on to the smell test.. ;)

I know none of this has to do with your metaphor, but you did start out talking about how to test a watermelon.  I'm not about to do all those things to check audio cables...just watermelon. 


I don't understand this topic at all.

That is to say, I understand the tap test for watermelons very well...it has never failed me.

I can also hear differences between cables. Not always, but often.

Not sure how any metaphor connects these ttwo things.

@desktopguy ,

I believe the premise of the op is that if you do not possess the auditory skills to hear the reverberations of a perfectly ripe melon whilst tapping upon it, you do not possess the skills to discern the auditory differentials of various quality cables.

But in a fun, lighthearted way.

(desktopguy frantically googles these unfamiliar terms, "fun" & "lighthearted")

Thanks for the good explanation, @thecarpathian 

(desktopguy frantically googles these unfamiliar terms, "fun" & "lighthearted")


Hey all, what I really noted, that, indeed, tapping and listening not enough by far even if you do have GOLDEN EARS!!! 



You need to SIZE and MEASURE it.

It must be HEAVY -- heavy components normally sound A LOT BETTER than light ones. It must show not too dim and not too bright NATURAL colors...

Enjoy your watermelons again...