What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?

This site is here for the buying and selling of Audio equipment. This causes me to wonder if most of us have relatively new equipment. If most of it is new, what is the oldest piece of equipment still in use, and why are you still using it?

My oldest piece is a Sota Star Sapphire, but it has been upgraded. It was originally purchased as a Sapphire in the 80's, but was upgraded to a Star Sapphire about two or three years ago.

What's your story?
i have a pioneer tx9500 tuner that still works flawlessly and sounds wonderful,the VU meters are a plus.bought in the early 1970's
I have a Sansui AU-717 amp and TU-717 tuner from the late 70's. The amp is now on a passive sub and the tuner is not in use. Most of my system is old because I am poor.

I think with excpetion of the cd player and cables, it is all older than me.

My oldest piece of gear is a Nakamichi LX-5 3-head stereo cassette deck circa 1982. And Antmo, I too had a Pioneer TX-9500II stereo tuner which my parents now have and still use. It is a great sounding tuner.
My VPI-HW19 Mk4 turntable, which was originally purchased as a Mk2 version in the late 1980's.
I bought a Jeff Rowland Model 5 amp and the matching Consummate pre-amp back in 1996 which were about the last ''runs'' of these products and still have them. Yes, I have listened to the new Rowland products and they are fantastic but, I prefer the sound of his older products. And you want to know what the best thing about a Rowland products is ......is when they are paid off !!!! It took me nearly three years to pay the both of them off. I also don't have the 7 year itch to get rid of them......
Stax SRM1 SS driver and SR5 electrostatic ear speakers built arround 20 years ago and still can humiliate the highest priced Grados with its dedicated amp.
This is kind of embarassing, I guess it's my Rega Planar 3 which I've had for 3 1/2 years. But I'm pretty young and that's when I first got into this, prior to that I just had a proccesion of boom boxes.
The oldest unit I have in my system is a Kyocera T910 tuner that still looks great and performs flawlessly.
I've got problems, my speakers are my oldest component and they are around a year old- everything else has been brand new in less then a year- yikes!
Sota turntables never die! I purchased a new Sota Saphire III, with the Reflex clamp in 1988. This past spring, I upgraded the arm to an Audioquest PT-9+ and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. Kirk and Donna of Sota guided me in this direction and advised me to install the new Composite armboard. I have never had any repairs and everything is in stock condition. I am still very happy with the Sota, as well as the new owners of the company.
How bout in a system?

I think it would be a Harmon Kardon Citation V amp. It has had some remodeling though. Going on 50 years. Even older than my ears.

I remain,
I regularly use tubes from the 1920s... globe 10s, WE301A rectifiers, vintage 845s from the 20s, 30s, 40s. Probably the earliest is late 1920s for some Globe 10s, though some of the globe 866s date from around then too. All working great, used daily, doing what they were designed to do, 80+ years later. Gotta love it.

Happily received a Yamaha CT 1010 TODAY...grd 9 for the low price of $37.78

replacing a sansui 517
My CD player CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS GENESIS,bought used six months old and still have it 6 years later,and Audioquest Diamond interconnects at the same time 7 years ago.Still blows away better and more newer expensive gear.
Shure V15 mk IV cartridge - probably '82 or so... Sean? I bought it from our esteemed colleague with 2 new replacement Astatic Stylii not long ago. Lovely retro styling, and the gold plating was even decent, I was very pleased. I have it on a Michell Gyro SE with Rega RB600 arm and Channel Islands pre with outboard ps. About as proud a vinly rig as I could think of assembling for this money, and the sound is killer.

As a bonus, it's always nice to play some LPs and tell the grooving listeners that they're listening to a phono cartridge that's old enough to drink. Play on!
1972 Thorens TD 125 turntable, but I have to confess I had it fully serviced and rewired a couple of years ago. And the cartridge is pretty new.
Nakamichi 682ZX deck,made in 1979-1981.With TDK reference tapes it's a hell of a sound. Also, Purist Audio original Aqueous interconnects being used with the deck; don't know how old they are.
Luxman T14 FM Tuner. As good as any audiowise, and by far the most beautiful.
AR 4ax speakers (1969), used for rear channels in main system. Closely followed by Dyna Pas 3x and Stereo 70 (1970) used in cottege system.
using several fulton (FMI) products in my analog setup. tonearm, MC cartridge, and stepup tranny. fulton brown wire, and four Quatre (now Audire) amps in the homely theatre setup. periodically use boulevard tube mono's (50's?) in a second system. not afraid to pull 'em out and use. wonderful sound with the right combination of gear. kurt
Mcintosh MR-71 tuner, circa 1966. This is a magical piece of audio equipment.
The question for me is 'What is the Newest?' - which would be a Blue Point Special Cartridge followed by Rega Planar 3, then everything is equally old: ARC-70-C3 amp, modified dyna PAS-3 preamp & Fulton FMI 100 speakers. Oh, almost forgot my TDK CD recorder.
like several other posters mine is a Kenwood KT-917 tuner, which I rarely use due to LOUSY radio in Miami and not a great antenna. It's also one of my all time 'deals' as I purchased a demo for $179 and they're selling used for $600-$800 now
My oldest equipment is a Yamaha DSP-1 surround sound processor + Yamaha amp + KEF C-20 speakers (circa 1986). Next oldest is a Magnum Etude tuner.

The newest piece is a Naim CDS-3 cd player.
Lenco Turntable, 30 years old.
Original Mod Squad Soft Shoes, 21 years old.
Soundlab U-1, 11 years old.
ARC SP10II Preamp - 20 years old.
Accuphase 101 Tuner - 27(?) years old.

Everything else is between 6 and 10 years old. I don't change my stuff much - guess I aught to give up on this hobby now and just listen to music :-)
JVC 1050 CD player used as a transport, 14 years.

Larryi I also have a Yamaha DSP-1 unit that has been in the box for the past 12 years.
My oldest gear, but not currently in use, is a 1975 Nakamichi 350 tape deck (purchased along with my SAE preamp/amp, and ESS speakers). My oldest, that is still in my system, are my 1989 Mirage M1 speakers.
Albert those speakers are that old and still sound that good! No wonder you kept them.
I have a McIntosh MI 3 that was made in the early 1960s. It is called a Maximum Performance Indicator. It has a small oscilloscope built into the front panel. You would connect this unit to a MacIntosh tuner (although I believe that you could use it with other tuners as well). The oscilloscope would show the amount of multipath present in the signal so you could rotate your antenna (many people who owned this unit had a motorized antenna that could go up and down and around) and optimize the antenna's position for minimum multipath distortion. It's pretty cool to see the 'scope present the signal.

Barry Kohan
Scully record lathe with Westerex 3D cutterhead. The lathe dates from 1947.


Ampex 351 tape machine from 1957 (1/2" tape). Rebuilt of course. Unstoppable.

Both sound fabulous.
I'm not sure which piece is older but they're all from the same golden tube era.
Speakers: Jensen CX120, EV 12TRXB coaxials from late 50s
amp: Lafayette KT550, Heathkit SA-2, scott LT-48, pilot 240 from the late 50s early 60s,
preamp: HK Citation I, Eico HF-85, marantz 7c, dynaco pas-3 from the 60s
tuner: MAC MR-71, Eico HF-90 from 70s and 60s
Turntable: EMT 930ST from the early 70s

The newest equipment I have is Marantz CD 17 MKII from the late 90s

I guess that makes me a "vintage" guy

Happy listening