Will you hear the most beautiful music...

WITHOUT a system as you sink your teeth(you may not even NEED teeth-it’s butter soft already) into the most exquisite carnivore experience known to man?

I’ve had A3 rating and it’s akin to listening to a good room/system. I can’t imagine what just 1 bite of this amounts to. This is equivalent to having the most beautiful room/setup and a 1st press of your favorite LP?

The chef is like a musician playing an instrument. The final presentation just about put’s you holding those chopsticks dipping that $75 dollar bite w/fancy salt.

Bon Appetit!

I have to settle for a decent burger and fries.



Wow that was mesmerizing thanks tablejockey. I pan seared a NY strip last night and now I'm craving steak again!


I treat myself once a year or so to great slab of meat. Just watching the video may be my 2022 indulgence! I could practically taste that piece in the chopsticks.

I couldn't resist NOT posting this. That slice of heaven hypnotized me. 

Ebm this was for the audiofoodies in the house. 

Honestly, that looks disgusting and I wouldn't pay a nickel for it. It's nearly all fat!

I'd prefer a good 8 ounce filet.

I've had A5 Wagyu (though not as obsessively prepared) and it is something else.  It does not seen overly fatty at all.  The only other kind of beef that I like nearly as much is a well-aged ribeye cap.  

"Honestly, that looks disgusting and I wouldn't pay a nickel for it. It's nearly all fat!"

roxy54-  Just like a speaker/amp setup, not for everyone. But you must experience Wagyu if you ever have the opportunity. It's all about the marbling. A5(the highest) prepared at this level is the magnum opus of steak preparation/presentation. Once something like that hits your taste senses, you understand. 

"I've had A5 Wagyu (though not as obsessively prepared) and it is something else."

Larryi-lucky you. I thought my experience with A3 was a knockout. A 30-45 day, dry aged rib eye ain't a bad substitute!

"Perfect marbling." rocray- That particular piece was indeed "perfect"

Perhaps  the secret handshake "reserve A5" regular A5 for the peasants.

it's 2022, the Earth is on fire, partly for our addiction to meat. This post is really obscene. 

excellent health is way more delicious than even the most high-class beef steak. 

Jeez. Even a piece of steak becomes an occasion for guilt and angst, not to mention judgement.

I'm lucky enough to have not bought red meat for home since I've moved to Alaska, except for my addiction to TX style bbq (beef brisket on the Traeger).  All wild, organic, game here hence its lean nature.  So I almost have the same reaction to all that marble.  But hey, variety is what makes life interesting.  Scotch or bourbon.  Cab or Syrah.  Ford or Chevy.  Jazz or Reggae. Tube or Class D.   It's human nature to positively react to fat, sweet, or salty.  It's not obscene.  

That was great. And just as it happens, the family’s away tonight so I bought myself what could possibly be *the* greatest home alone dinner. Only two ingredients, but each worthy of the other.


That stuff looks about 80% fat.  Is it really that good?  Certainly won't be good for your arteries unless you wring it out prior to eating.

Perhaps that's why it's priced so high, to make sure you don't eat too much of it.

I will be staying with Scottish beef and Charolais, thanks.

it's 2022, the Earth is on fire, partly for our addiction to meat. This post is really obscene.


WTF, over......?

I am more curious as to the cable combination...Is it a pre or just an amp? Does it require a power cable or a stent after?  Will it power my Maggies comfortably?

How about a wonderful piece of swordfish instead.

When you have the opportunity to eat authentic Japanese Kobe/Waygu you are eating a piece of cow that has lived a VERY comfortable life. Great food, beer, massages, listening to Classical music..

No comparison to our American "organic,grass fed" high end steaks-which by the way is the way to go.


@tablejockey , that's the idea! Aged prime rib, sirloin or brisket is an experience I prefer to wagu which to me was tasteless. You can dry age beef at home using Umai Dry bags for up to 45 days but even better is wet aged beef for 80 days. The beef has to be tightly vacuum packed and kept at 28 degrees F. Meat will not freeze at that temp but it is close. Most home refrigerators will not get that cold. But your butchers will and many of them will wet age for you. Like dry aged you have to trim the outside away and it will smell rancid but there is no loss of moisture in the meat like you get dry aging and the meat literally melts in your mouth not to mention the flavor is beef times 10.  I will have an entire prime rib eye wet aged then make 4 large rib eye steaks and a 3 rib roast beef. I vacuum pack the steaks with Dale's  and they will last for two weeks in the fridge. The roast we use right away. I have not checked prices recently and I am sure they are terrible but, you only live once.


I want to come your place for dinner.

Yeah, dry aged is the other "must have" for steak lovers.

The actual process is kinda off putting, but what you get on your plate makes you forget. Start with a BIG chunk of meat, let it rot on the outside, but on the inside the most intense, tender meat you’ll ever taste.

Because I had such a good experience with the A3, I would like to experience A5 in that restaurant in Japan.

This type of eating IS NOT a regular event.. There is research showing that eating truly CLEAN meat isn’t nearly as bad as what we normally eat here in the states.

I saw a food channel show of pigs in rural Spain that eat nothing but acorns in the fields. Research on them was shown to have significantly less bad things than traditional pork.

Moderation with everything.



@tablejockey Vigliucci’s here in Carlsbad has A5 every now and then……i plan a retirement withdrawal around the arrival with a super Tuscan…


I normally like my steak lean. But I had the chance to eat A5 in Kobe. Way way better than any other steak I’ve ever had. I had 3 nights out in Kobe - spent 1 at a highly rated restaurant from TripAdvisor and it was very good but small portions and high price. The other 2 nights were at a hole in the wall that locals eat at. Twice the meat at half the price and total butter melt in the mouth. Simply cooked with salt pepper and onions. Medium rare both filet and strip. Best steaks I’ve ever had - actually in a whole different category. 

That’s definitely something different! I don’t doubt it tastes wonderful. I read up that super low stress for the animal is important, as well as the genetics of the animal. The closest I’ve come to something like that was lamb I had at a Greek restaurant. First bite and I knew something was very much better about it than any meat I’d had before (or since.) I asked the waitress and she quietly told me so as not to potentially gross out others around me that the sheep were brought to a feeding trough and then while they were blissfully eating super yummy stuff they were stealthily bled to death from their hind leg. So they never realized they were dying and no stress hormones were released. This could also be done with a nitrogen purge over a feeding area. The animals start feeding and they pass out and die without ever knowing what happened. 

I did not find Wagyu to be tasteless.  Sure, it does not have the same taste as aged beef, which I also like, but, it does have its own unique umami flavor that I like.  The cut I don't understand at all is filet mignon--tasteless and only nice to have if your dentures are causing you discomfort.

What's with these new member "selfish climate change denier apes" posters?

audiofoodies just want a good steak and fabulous music without the...


There are plenty of climate change/ethical treatment/politically correct/ WOKE forums -grislybutter

...Says the man with the alias from the words for meat connective tissue and emulsified animal milk fat.  If we are so offensive here then don't drop by.  Hate to see you feel unsafe or suffer micro-aggressions. I mean you came back a day later.  Personally, I'd love to have a meal and a libation with several of these contributors.  Others... not so much.  Maybe spin a disc or some vinyl.  Host's choice of course. 

@larryi Filet... why it's so often served bacon wrapped.  I save and freeze the smoky drippings and collagen/gelatine from my brisket to baste onto my otherwise uber-lean game. Sublte.  Perfect.  Kinda like bacon I'll admit  ;>)

For the sensitive and enlightened out there, you can pay more and try that by reducing, no-flavor, watered down "bone broth" and feel all smug and superior.  Don't forget to recycle the aluminum can that was mined, smelted, and delivered to your grocery store.

I don't care for filet due to the texture it's too soft. Give me a NY strip or ribeye any day of the week. And pretty sure I've had Wagyu before in some form but after seeing that vid I need to try it again.

FWIW I fully believe in climate change and also consume red meat. It's not an either/or choice.

We here in SoCal are on the verge of $7.00/gallon gas.

What better time to enjoy a fantastic cut of MEAT and kick ass R&R VERY LOUD.


Seriously, there are enough things going on. Perfect time for audiophoolery. At least until electricity rates are jacked. Service industries have consumers with a firm grasp on our...more so than ever.


" fully believe in climate change and also consume red meat. It's not an either/or choice"

very true. when your steak is imported from Mars

...or imported To Mars, at which ordinary ground round will make Reserve A5 cost more than a trip back.. ;)

Assuming there's anywhere to come back to, given the current roadshow courtesy of Vlad the Cad.....

ChChChChanges, y'all... 🤞🤨