How old are you?

No age is too young or too old. Just general curiosity about the average age of Audiogon members. 

I’ll start. I’m 39.

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69 days....

Perhaps years....

Or more....

«Time dont flow but swim with you»-Groucho Marx
GK was a time traveler, so who know's there. We (me looking forward to) are still awaiting his return back to this century ... or cosmos reality.
41. 40s seems to be the age range when income catches up with the price tags for this hobby, at least when I benchmark audio show crowds.
53yrs old, ridiculous amount of gear changes since I got my first Gerrard tt and radio shack receiver and 8 track at like 8yrs old.I have worked in music and audio most of my life.
41 had a high end set up since middle school always got dads hammy downs when he wanted to upgrade 
Saw Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Duane Allman play live, old enough to have amazing memories, even if my hearing is no longer stellar.
64, going on 114 some days, 14 on others, impulsive buyer of the newest tech I can afford.
I’m 28.

I’ve recently joined Audiogon, and I couldn’t be happier with the abundance of knowledge and kindness that I’ve encountered here!
53. A similar thread was started on the Roon forums a year or so back. Similar demographics (no surprise). 
I just turned 66 and retired last April. Saw Jimi Hendrix live in Evansville IN one year before he overdosed. I was 17. First system was  a Dynaco PAT 5 preamp and Dynaco 400 amp (built from a kit) with EPI 150 speakers - bested the large Advents - IMO. First set of Maggie’s in 1982, and I have not looked back.  An amazing journey and still trucking!!

enjoy the music! 
«Nevermind their year of birth, all angels sing with only the same heart and rythm»- Groucho Marx reading Aquinas

« But who is the one  who rock on spaces and roll in times, forgetting his infinity, times to times ?»- Anonymus
We are great
We are fine
We’re the class
Of ’69

PAT-4 and Tiger .01 kits my second rig after a trusty KA-4002 that I still use in the shop.
Saw ELP three times, last Soldier Field
John McLaughlin at the Cubby Bear.
Chuck Berry and BB King same night, Aragon
Pink Floyd surround sound., Auditorium
Led Zeppelin, Stadium
Cream The Cellar
Happy HoliDaze and have many more years of "toe tapping."
You,'re going to find a lot of old retirees here with time for this.
I threw in the towel 14 years ago.
Time waits for no one! I turned 69 yesterday 
Because of my age I've lived through some interesting times ie saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan Holy crap who the heck are these guys!!! Saw Pink Floyd do their Dark Side of the Moon, another Holy crap!!!
So l guess I'm as vintage as my vintage audio gear that l bought new
Started this journey when I was 11years old 48 years ago and you know what they say The only difference between men and boy is the price of they toy

Enjoy the Music
Saw Beatles, Stones, Herman's Hermits live on Ed Sullivan.
Saw The Who, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, to name a few, live at local venues.
Bought my first mid-fi system in 1972 and have been enjoying music on an ever changing system ever since.
Music has been a great part of my life since my first memories.
class of '71.
one of the first bands I saw was Captain Beefheart in Des Moines,IA.
The first quality system I heard was McIntosh / Klipsch, hooked ever since.
Mid-60's here. Started with my brother's hand me down system of AR speakers a Dynaco SCA 35 and Dual TT. Moved on to Kenwood and Large Advents and on from there... Lots of pop's hand me downs. I still have his Nak 700, CA Audio Labs CD and his old Linn is my primary table.
(Do we get to erase this whole year......?)

Is it a stretch to say Hi-Fi enthusiasts helped advance the quality of live music?
Double nickel and a dime. Tunes cranked now and for most of it. 
Time takes its toll; have exact change. 
Lovers of parties,
Lovers of fun,
We are the Class of 81!

So, 57.

Got my first system, an all-in-one unit from Sears with an 8-track player, in 1978. Built my second system myself from parts at Radio Shack and plans I found in books at school. This led to studying electrical engineering in college. After trying a number commercial systems over many years, I am back into building my own tube-based amplifiers to use with commercial sources. Love DIY!
Yah, as I thought... average here is 50-60 years old... the age when it’s ok to spend tons of money for nice sounding gear :)
Yikes, guess I'm Grandpa here-78 years old! Been a Mac fan since 1978, and still enjoying life and Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m 65, and getting into higher end equipment only this year.  My first stereo that wasn’t junk was a Pioneer SX626 I got at 16, then a pair of Radio Shack Realistic Nova 7 speakers, and a cheap Garrard TT.  Then got large Advents and a Sony reel to reel.  It seemed good at the time.