Pass Labs Speaker Choices

Hello, Just curious what everyone is using for speakers and their Pass Labs gear ?  


@shtr74sims Not sure this helps but - It’s all over the map out there - across multiple generations of "gear". To be more helpful, you are gonna need to share a little more with folks here about what model preamplifier/ amplifier and speakers you are running now. And, how big is the room?, helps give folks a better idea.

Reason why I say this - I was at a show once and heard different pass amps playing with small (well known) fairly efficient speakers and it just sounded horrible to me. A really batch match in that situation and room.  Was close to bottom of the list to my ears in comparing to 84 other room setups. Saw your post after about the DAC 60i speakers. Nice! imo, the right .8 version pass amp(s) in pairing can help make them sing! Best of Luck.

My friend has Pass x25 amp , Backert preamp , Tekton Impact Monitor, this combo sounds unbelievable, huge soundstage, transient is fast, layering is 3D , and very involving.I heard the Pass stuff last Axpona hook with cube nenuphar Speakers And $18 k Dac Tube lampizator. Very musical as well.

In my triamplified system I have a Pass Labs X150 amp amplifying Bill Fitzmaurice designed HT Tuba folded bass corner horns, a First Watt F3 amplifying Oris 150 horns with AER BD3 drivers and another First Watt F3 amplifying Fostex t900a bullet super tweeters.  All three Pass amps do a splendid job.

Hopefully someone can remember the speakers Pass used for their demo at the last California Audio Show.

An SP-10 spinning LP's via their top line pre and phono stages to their small amplifier driving large DIY horns with a single coaxial driver. Spectacular!

almost bought the pass monos years back, decided on POWER instead of looks/flash. 


well, my modded CV's are going to sale, have 3 pairs,

i use my old BIC Venturi dv830 and dv630 pairs.

pair of Energy RC-70s' - best non fatiguing speaker ive ever heard.


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Gonna be a big upgrade from my rotel and b@w setup. I’m only waiting on my rack from butcher block acoustics at this point . 

XP32 Pre / XP27 Phonostage with a pair of XA 60.8 monos with Wilson Maxx 2s. Very satisfying to listen to - tonally very well balanced and musically engaging.

Depends greatly on which Pass amplification one has. 

The XA25 amp which has is the best sounding amplifier I have ever owned and heard could put together a forever system with some refined higher efficiency speakers like the Volti Audio Razz or Rival.  

Anything higher in the pass range and it opens up a whole other world of speakers but may not sound any better.  

X250 with Aerial Acoustics 7B or Wilson Audio W/P 6. Both speakers sound great with the Pass.



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I have two systems. My “second system” has evolved to becoming my favorite.

Linn Akurate DS w/ Katalyst (DAC plus Streamer) feeding into a Pass Labs two box XP-20 preamp into a Pass Labs XA-30.8 Class A amp into Spendor D9 speakers. Love, love the sound at all volume levels. Also have a Rega TT station but plan on upgrading that someday…

I have a Backert Rumba Extreme 1.3 into a Pass XA-30.8 and DeVore O96’s. I have had this setup for about 6 months and I still can’t wait to get home from work and listen. A match made in Heaven.

I have a Lumin x1 feeding a Pass Labs 30.8 into Magico A3…highly recommended.  
Wonderful focus, speciality, and PRaT…I occasionally replace the Lumin with a Thorens TD124 with Pass Labs XP12 and XP17 - just a tad better. The 30.8 has no problem driving the Magico A3 - never leaves class A.

I used an XA25 with my PMC Twenty26 and it was the best combination. I also tried with my MB2SE that was underpowered. But the right power to weight ratio is the best amp among tube and solid state I’ve heard with the PMC Twenty26.

X250.8 & XP22 getting delivered streamed music from Innuos Zen Mk3into a Holo May KTE DAC all getting sent to a pair of Dynaudio Heritage Specials and an REL S510 sub. 

The detail and sound stage w lush rich musicality keeps me planted in my seat passing time listening to more and more music. 

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I was using Klipsch Cornwall IV’s with my XA25/XP12 system. I enjoyed the sound but wanted more. In came the X260.8’s and a set of Magico A3’s. I very much enjoy the combination. I do not have the experience of most here but the sound is amazing to me. I doubt I will ever replace either. 

First Watt F5v2.....So far, the two best speakers have been KEF LS50 Metas or Pensil 10.2.....For lower listening levels, my Magnepan LRS work great...


Pass INT25 and Klipsch Heresy IV, sounds good to me in my space. I do intend to upgrade to a larger speaker at some point, not sure what, maybe another Heresy.

Various front end ---> XA25 ---> Zu Soul VI (w/ smaller REL sub) = just right for me.

Pass X250.8 > Pass XP22 > bi-wired Vandersteen Quatro CT. Wide and deep soundstage with great imaging in a 14'X16' room with a 5' high knee wall that opens to a eat-in kitchen behind it. The Pass X 250.8 is considered the sweet spot of the lineup of modern Pass class AB amps.

I also ran this amp with Thiel CS2.3 speakers and it controlled these power hungry speakers with ease. Good luck.


I am using Pass XA 160’s into an AR Ref 6 to Sonus Faber Il Cemonese.  Musical with huge sound stage.

Magnepan 3.7i with Pass 250.8 XP 10 pre.

There's a reason the 3.7i and 250.8 won best of show a few years back and I hear it every day.

Something I often hear from my audio friends. "Any speakers sound good with

your Pass". A generalization naturally but also a lot of truth.

I started with the XA25 amp and then traded it for the INT25. 

I have used Old Tannoys FSMs and that was magical.

I now use Fritz Carerra 7 BEs + REL T5i sub and those are also magic.

If you will be using less sensitive speakers, have a larger room

or listen at 85+dBs I would get the 250 size Pass.

I have a Int 250 which I used initially with Magnepan 3.7 and rel subs which sounded great. i then went to Wilson Sasha 2 which for me had a more detailed presence and better imaging.  The pass has plenty of power and both speakers had/have great imaging depth and did/do a great disappearing act.  I haven't had the opportunity to compare with something else in my home but i am pleased with how it sounds... You didn't give a budget but if you are looking to spend under 10k then I would go with the maggies with two subs (assuming you have the room)

A great review of the Harbeth 30.2 40th anniversary in Stereophile matched with the XA25. A match made in heaven! I can vouch for it.


I`m using the Pass X350 Power Amplifier XP30 Preamp initially with Magnepan 3.6`s and 2-12" Velodyne subs.  Planning on upgrading speakers to the 20.7 Magnepans.

Lumin X1

Pass Labs XP-22

Pass Labs X150.8

YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2

Love it!  Thinking about moving up to X250.8

Pass X600 monos with Thiel 3.6s

Pass Aleph 3 with Proac 1SCs.  (and REL sub)

Yah these are old, but they work well together.

I will be running… 

Pass XP-12, 250.8, Bricasti M3, Cardas Cyngus cables. Waiting on my rack to come in is like a kid waiting on Christmas. 


I use a Pass XA25 with Fritz Carbon 7s. The Pass is in rotation with an Aric Audio Transcend with EL34s in triode mode.

SP10mk3 > Pass XP25 or Bricast M1SE > Pass Nutube B1 (quick substitute while Cello Palette is in shop) > Pass Aleph 1.2 monos > ADS L1290’s … lacks bottom at low levels but midrange to die for at any level. Speakers are my weakest link tho, looking to upgrade.

XA 30.8, Backert 1.3 Rhumba Extreme, A/N AN-K SPe. Similar setup to MWood and I too listen all day.

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First Watt Sit-3/Klipsch Cornwall IV's
Streaming Qobuz hi-res files through an Auralic Altair G1.

Added a Black Ice Fusion 360 preamp to 'complete' the system.
I'm a happy camper....

XA-25 with Heresy IIIs sounds sweet and can make you happier and restore hair loss.

Another sweet pairing is both the Pass XA25 and XA30.8 with Spendor D7.2 speakers. 

The XA25 sounded magical and had decent power with the 90db sensitive speakers.  

The XA30.8 had more power but did not sound as good overall.