Soft, smooth organic SS integrated amps?

Aside from the Sugden A21 series, what other more "budget" solid state amps (under $2K new or used) in your experience with at least 25 wpc manufactured within 20 years offer a really smooth, organic sound? I don't want to go the tubes route again. I'm thinking Heed, Arcam (at least the older, pre class G era)? What else in your experience?
Mccormack dna series. 

avantone cla-200

Rob Carver amplifiers. 

mcintosh. (Most)
@sbank "First Watt"

Which ones are you recommending?

The F1, F2, F6, F7, to F8 all have different circuits and different output transistors which sound and perform uniquely different. Some brighter and more detailed than others.
Sansui integrated are so good i bought 2.... I never even really used the second one who is in measured numbers better... But things are not always like numbers says to our ears... Anyway the 2 a very good for a price very low....

I recommend my more flexible, irrepleacable, Sansui AU 7700 ( 100 bucks used).... It is like an analog tubes amplifier clothed in S.S. 😊 The other one is in the more officially praised ALPHA series of Sansui.... I keep the 2 in case .... Too many characteristics in the 7700 to be listed in one paragraph.... For example the very good pre amp section is SEPARABLE from the power amp section....The tech said to me that the pre-amp section is better than in some Mc Intosh, i have no reason to not trust his experience...

Only that says something....I used it for the last 6 years .... Recaps by a very good tech at peanuts price....

I cannot thanks my luck enough.....But i read thousand of pages in audio before buying it, we made our luck in a way....The sellers of this rare mythical beast officilly 55 watts delivering more around 80 watts measured by the surprized tech. and was sold by someone almost next street to my home...😎

The sound of my low price audio system is the best i ever listen to, including many more costly one, trashing my 7 headphones i never use anymore, but it is not mainly the Sansui the cause, i dont usually boast about my gear, even if i am in love with the 3 main pieces, the reason why i dont insist on gear piece or upgrade, it is ACOUSTIC, it is acoustic control which is the QUEEN of audiophile experience never a piece of gear by itself ,so good it is, but it is an another story in another thread....

My best to you....

By the way i must add that the reason Sansui S.S. sound was so good is because Sansui tried for 20 years to emulate their famous best tube amplifier and after more than 20 years they succeed, in an official contest comparison where the 2 were indistinguishable soundwise....This anecdote and an easy to found  very good review about it here on audiogon  push all my hesitations aside and i look for one seriously....
Master M your not kidding .. they are great units.. 

I like Accuphase too.  Just silky smooth and great quality.

I've always been a Mac guy, BUT 2K isn't gonna get much MAC or Accuphase, action...

2K could get you a lot of Sansui though, and a spare or two.. I love the look, too.. 

Tim deParavincini made some integrated amps sold under the Alchemist brand name. I had one up until about a year ago. Too bad, coulda had a great deal. Very nice, just what you want- if you can find one!  

Tim had a talent for that, getting warm tube sound from SS. Like McCormack, only a bit warmer. I would search those two guys, find out what they made, work back on what you want that way.
B&K stereo 202, Harman Kardon cititation 12, Technics setx100, Tandberg power amp, Denon pma2000r, Adcom gfa 545series 2, Soundcraftsmen a5002, and others like them are all good choices the key is that you need an amazing preamplifier to drive all of them or you will never know how good any of them really are.
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Hegel H200 and First Watt F7.  Both warmer than tube amps I've owned.  As has been noted, the F7 is not an integrated.

Ditto ghosthouse' suggestion of Hegel.   Great-sounding SS gear, if you want an integrated amp, rather than just an amp.
Two amps I would recommend are HK Citation 16 and Naim.  Some older Luxman offer what you are looking for.  Mac is another good option.  Otherwise none of the recommendations I see above are IMO not what you are looking for.

Happy Listening.
Cayin h80a integrated hybrid amp.. so smooth and organic. You can roll tubes to change sound signature. 80 wpc class A. Should be able to find a used one for around 2-2.5k. 
"Otherwise none of the recommendations I see above are IMO not what you are looking for."

Well there you have it.  

G Class Arcam amps sound great. It’s just a pity their amps have so many bugs. 
Classe Audio CA-101 - 100w/ch, great build quality, available used for about $1,500

Levinson - any of a number of older models, like the ML-9 or No. 27, with very conservative power ratings, great build quality, in the $1,500 to $2,000 range,

+1 on Luxman, but from my experience those with lower power ratings are not suitable for inefficient speakers. If all you need is 25+ w/ch, you'll be fine
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The Peachtree NOVA line is smooth sounding. Mainly because the DAC is a little rolled off. The amp section of these units are rather good. The DAC and peamp are so-so but I enjoyed my time with it.
Maraschino Cherry by Digital Amplifier Company.  Do yourself a favor and check these out. Tommy O’Brien, the amp designer, will answer your questions personally.  You can find him over on the other forum Audio Circle.
+1 for McCormack - great value, and if you need it Steve is still refurbishing them. 
Hegel has to be your best bet. 
If you could spend more the Lejonklou 
40wpc integrated at $4k would be my choice.
But that doubles your budget. Get a used Hegel
Hegel has to be your best bet. 
If you could spend more the Lejonklou 
40wpc integrated at $4k would be my choice.
But that doubles your budget. Get a used Hegel
Hegel has to be your best bet. 
If you could spend more the Lejonklou 
40wpc integrated at $4k would be my choice.
But that doubles your budget. Get a used Hegel
160-190. These are not even 3 years old. 
According to McCormack's website, they have suspended production on all products and no longer have back inventory---probably due to COVID? Anyway, D-Sonic amps are quite good and should be within your budget. Good luck!
Amps with organic sound 
Sansui AU-777A, 555A
Better amps: Pass first watt SIT, sony ta-4650, 5650, 8650 and ta-f7b 
Better again: Sony E7+Ta-N7
Yamaha C1+B1
Yamaha C2+B2
I have already compared the hegel 160 with the sony ta-4650 with focal sopra 1, no match...
The dynamic of these two amps is very good, but the sound of the Sony is more natural and realistic.
V-fet transistors Sony, same of Pass first watt SIT.
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Hegel, smooth sound ??? 😂
Seriously Greg7, find a Pass first watt SIT, this is the sound you're research, the sound is more smooth and organic than hegel...

we need more posts from you on this thread - are you trying to get into the guinness book of records?  not talking lp's :/

Uhhh Sugden? Seems you already know the answer. It is only $3250 new, so not exorbitantly expensive. Why keep looking when you know already. 
+1 on the Hegel.  I picked up a used H360 several months ago and it is indeed very smooth and a bit warm in my room.  Never a harsh moment with any of my speakers and powers my LRS with ease.  Maybe not quite as 'organic' sounding as First Watt but really nice IMO.  The 360 over your budget but look into one of their less expensive integrateds. 

As someone else asked, what are your speakers?