The panic selling of tube audio had begun.

I think it is a bit crazy. I run tube gear sometimes 12 hours a day and hardly ever have to replace any tubes. My tube amplifiers have been mostly as reliable as stones and maybe more so than my SS gear since I've had failures with that. And none with any of the 70 or so tube amps pres etc I have owned over the last 35 years. I design loudspeakers so run my amps much and have to have a wide selection of types. Still while sad for those who panic easily it's an opportunity to pick up low priced tube kit and after a week or so I will most likely be making some lower offers on ads till I get a bite. So if thinking of selling your tube gear because you feel no more tubes ever please do so I have my eyes on a few amps maybe it will be yours.

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I was shocked to see someone wanting to sell their tube gear. I get buying extra tubes if only available for Russia. But tube gear is, as you say incredibly reliable. Retuning is not required often. I have a box of extra tubes I bought in days past, just in case and never used. Besides I am sure someone in China and Japan have already started working on designing some Russian only tubes. I am sure supply will quickly appear.

I just tried the website of a major internet tube house and their site is down, overwhelmed with traffic and orders.

Tube article Tubes - Where are they made

I fortunately had some new tubes along with some primo NOS gold but I picked up a bunch of tubes this week.   No way I'm selling my babies.   I actually have two tube preamps that I want to sell, and I'm including some spares with each.... I think I am going to hold off on selling them because they really are great pieces and I really don't want to compete with the sales of a bunch of other tube "fire sale" panic sales

I think with all the guitar players out there that still want tubes , there might be a drought but I think it will be short lived , or hope so anyway

Can’t wait to see everyone sell their Faberge Eggs and Russian Nesting Doll a loss. 😀

I hope there is a run on valve equipment, more for me.. I just picked up a pair of MC30s that look VERY good.. Yup.. 15 years since I owned a pair and they looked bad. Sounded great. I haven't even tried to fire them up. They look that good.

I'm going to set up a Mac Museum. :-) Maybe I can get Farm Girl to run the joint.


I have 2 canisters of good gasoline ... I am looking for those who want to exchange them for a Kagura 211 (Audio Note/Kondo Japan)

The panic selling of tube audio had begun.

OK grand statement - where's ur evidence ??????

I hope so...Sell Sell Sell! Can't wait to pick up some more vintage tube equipment at bargain prices.

OHM...great to see you back! My Palm Beach County possums, raccoons, and iguanas say hello...

I think toilet paper hoarding will be making a huge comeback.  Invest in Charmin. 
As crazy as it sounds, we may very well be looking at WWIII,and people will worry about selling their amps,or hoarding tubes. We are very unusual beings. 

"As crazy as it sounds, we may very well be looking at WWIII."

Not crazy at all. In fact, that's what most reasonable people with a decent handle on actual history are worried about right now. Selling your amps or hoarding tubes will be the least of our worries. And it should go without saying, one's financial status will mean absolutely nothing after this one.

" most reasonable people with a decent handle on actual history are worried about right now"

yeah, well, you just proved they aren't that reasonable. It's a possibility that existed last year and will exist next year but not a whole lot more likelier NOW than always is. If anything, Russia's madness will stabilize NATO 

As crazy as it sounds, we may very well be looking at WWIII,and people will worry about selling their amps,or hoarding tubes.

So it's nuts to be buying extra tubes for a tube amp...when your hobby is hi-fi.

But instead we should be acting like...what?...the world won't be here tomorrow?

Not sure of the point you are making by conjoining those two issues.

If the nuclear holocaust happens all is lost, it's not like we can prepare for it.  The more sane thing is to keep living life.


I see this phrase "panic buying" thrown around a lot, as if to suggest that there is something irrational - e.g. like cleaning out Costco of toilet paper - about people purchasing tubes.

I've seen tons of conversations on this on various forums and most people aren't going insane buying way more than they need.  They are simply stocking up on some back up tube while they can still be purchased. 

"I need this, they may not be available soon, so it's wise to think ahead and pick them up while I can."

That's not silly or just "panic buying," that just thinking ahead, being reasonable.



well the electromagnetic pulse from the nukes will knock out all the SS gear so tubes mightt be your only salvation during the last days ..

@prof- a reasonable way to look at it. If you think about it, vinyl is a petroleum product, but everything is going to get more expensive. I won't play holier than thou as to the more important issue of human lives, b/c that gets us into a geo-political discussion, which I'm not interested in having on an audio board. 

Audio without politics is of more interest to me, since it is a respite from the ugliness of the world. But, if you feel the need, go for it. I have Lamm ML 2 which depend on Russian tubes, I use DR variant 6H30s in my line stage (also old stock Russian), but I'm not reacting on that stuff at all. I do have views on this, but they are not appropriate in the context of audio. And I therefore stop here. Thank you for your time, 

Bill Hart

And look, to put things in perspective, you can still buy some tubes for less than the cost a few sessions in therapy.

People who see markets as all in or all out affairs on a day to day basis rarely make any money.

They are called day traders.

A good call might be to sell all valve amps and buy rifles and toilet paper.

I ordered 4 tubes from The Tube Store on 3/11 and they shipped that day. Got them on 3/14. They were certainly efficient. I guess this was just before the panic buying. I already had replacements for my preamp. These were for my phono preamp. FYI these were Gold Lions. The day after I ordered, the price went up from $53.95 to $79.95 per tube. 

We may have still had tubes around if the panic buying didn't happen creating an instant shortage and high prices. It's not like sanctions had the instant effect of removing all russian tubes from stock.


Already have the rifles. A carton of TP is being delivered today. No tube amps but I do have my Pioneer SX-1050.

A good call might be to sell all valve amps and buy rifles and toilet paper.

Looks like a few of the bigger named tube dealers have pulled their website/tube selection completely. I can't wait to watch more panic fireworks for the few that are now "safe" since they stocked up on overpriced tubes. 

So this pair of damaged mono blocks sold for $2225.00 yesterday on ebay. I realize they are probably an easy repair for the right tekkie when you get right down to it.

VTL Deluxe 225 - Audiophile Tube Monoblock Power Amp Pair | eBay

I saw a real nice pair of the same sell for less just a few weeks ago

I had thought of selling my VTL MB300 Deluxe TubeDudes that work just fine as much as a year ago right after I had a heart attack. Other health issues on top of that were factors in this thought. I don't want my family wondering how to sell my gear and/or damaging anything in handling if I passed. Gee with this "panic" I would think vintage gear might go up in price not spiral downward. Tubes will find a way to survive with new manufacturers filling the void. Greedy companies will make excuses to raise prices at alarming rates for those "panic stricken doomers". Russian invasion is only 20 days in the making. There could be a solution and it will end and the Ukranian people can rebuild and be back on their way. Nothing will be easy, but it will move forward stronger.

In the words of Frank Zappa "The price of me has just gone up and your old lady has just gone down. Look here brother....who you jivin' with that cosmic debris"? I realize the world is f'd up. Caused by politicians and greed and power. I will be the guy with the sign on the side of the road "Tubes for food. Please help"

I just wonder what will happen to prices when supply chains return to normal. They certainly won‘t return to pre- sanction levels.

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My comments may seem a little extreme.  They are based upon my beliefs of what I see unfolding.  I will not try to beat anyone over the head with what I believe.  We are all given the free will to choose.  For me,there is no panic whatsoever.  

I don’t own any tube/valve gear/kit. But I have around 2500 audio tubes, NOS NIB. Got them in wood crates from a dump in 1990. All USA or European. From a warehouse that closed down and was leveled for new construction. Crates say Sherwood on them. So no panic buying/selling for me!

My preamp and power amp both use 6SN7GTBs and I've wound up with piles of new versions and NOS that should last a decade or more. My power amp can operate with anything from KT66s to KT170s, only uses 2 power tubes at a time (single ended pentode Dennis Had Inspire "Firebottle") and I also have a stash of various power tubes (some barely used as their initial tone wasn't "all that") to get me by until things calm down or blow no hoarding for me! (my stash was caused by tube rolling compulsion, not the desire to hoard...but worries here, except of WWIII I suppose).

I just wonder what will happen to prices when supply chains return to normal. They certainly won‘t return to pre- sanction levels.

Cause and effect plus unintended consequences can cause a LOT of upheaval. What happens if/when the US loses the primacy of the US dollar? Itry not to introduce politics on this forum. But, lets face it, politics is what has caused the very topic we are and have been talking about for 2-3 weeks. Now, the unintended consequence...maybe.


Will normality return? I don't know

I was about to put my tube integrated up (because I got something else). I guess I will sit on it for a while.


I have relatives in Ukraine near bombing sites and I am hosting Ukrainians in Budapest right now so I am not taking this lightly. I just don’t like "armchair panic engineers" arguments like yours that is as vague and generic and useless as it can be,

I am not concerned about when WWIII will begin, I am very much concerned about when it will end. But don’t worry, you cozy middle-class life will not be more disturbed by it than a few extra bucks at the gas station. Oh, and the tubes! yes!

@grislybutter  I'm sorry you and the people of Ukraine have to go through this. I hope it all ends very soon. Hang in there.