Time of Day for best Sound

I've always felt my system sounded best at night, but the last couple months, it seems to me that my system is sounding better during the daytime even on a Saturday.

Has anyone belonging to the "My system sounds better certain times of the day" club noticed this change?

Not a big deal but I find it curious. And theres no need to debate the reality of the general idea, just wondering if someone else feels this has happened.


For the record I have been using a dedicated 20 Amp feed.


@tonydennison Yes, the ASR price tag is hard for many folks to justify even if they have the expendable income but believe me when I say that it does not disappoint. A battery powered generator may offer benefits. I’ve never tried one personally but I’ve read previous Audiogon posts on the subject and many have claimed improvements from even more modest priced generators. As far as the original question is concerned, today the neighbors were running the washing machine around noon and it did appear as if there was a slight degradation in sound. I would advise not playing a stereo under those kinds of conditions.

I am so glad that I have an engineered foundation/slab and that I live in a isolated area. Horse farms, cattle, coyotes and bobcats, cranes and heron’s in the park. 18 hole GC and only 10,000 pop. Yet I am 30 min drive from Big D or little D. Tons of audio deals within a 40 min drive. 

Because of electrostatic Mylar panels, the cold dry air is supreme. As for what time of day, doesn’t matter due to the fact that my amp runs off it’s own battery and power supply units. I use a passive PS Audio line conditioner for everything else. There is some additional noise, although it’s very slight, whenever the central air is on so I do turn that off before powering everything up. That ASR Emitter II Exclusive amplifier is the best purchase I’ve ever made. 

I agree with pretty much all of the above yet, right now 12pm Friday I am listening and it is markedly better than last night at 1030pm. Maybe it's just me being tired verses rested. Maybe Ive been tired at night the last couple months. That is possible.


But right now it is pretty awesome.

Nope.  It really depends on the mood in TOD, not the electricity.  I live in the 10 mile range of power plant in a SF home and the electricity is relatively clean already.  I do have power conditioner (by Monster) installed but, honestly, with it or without it my listening joyment is pretty much the same.

It is rare that this is needed, but you may benefit from monitoring the incoming AC voltage, if you use a power conditioner put it after that.


See if the voltage really is changing when you hear a difference, and monitor the N-E to make sure it stays low.

If you see either changing a lot that may be either a problem or a need for a regulator. That unit is $20, btw. :)

While I do use 100% Furmans, what I didn’t mention in this thread is that I use a Furman wiht AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). It doesn’t do much here, but in past gigs in apartments it was often active. That feature is expensive as it requires big iron, and sometimes has mechanical hum, so I don’t necessarily recommend it for everyone.

Now that I think about it, that unit was more active in late Spring than it is now.  Could be that they've improved the power delivery and I didn't even know it. :)

Right now!

The weather has cooled down and all the AC units aren’t running and the kiddos are in school.

My experience mirrors that of @ghdprentice and @yoyoyaya, and this has been quite consistent over the years, with Sunday evening after 9pm being absolute prime time. Seems the result not just of lower in-home power competition, but of neighborhood generally, plus lowering of ambient noise floor, e.g. vehicle traffic. Perhaps most of all, brilliant engineering for a local NPR music program, so good it justifies using a Magnum Dynaco analog tuner. I generally follow this program with a streaming session, and there too the sonic results are optimal for the week.
Whatever the time of day, I am using AQ conditioner with customized DH Labs Red Wave power cable. If Sunday night performance can be duplicated on Friday afternoons by switching to Furman Elite as @erik_squires implies, I will gladly trade in the Audioquest . . .


High humidity sucks the life out of the sound in my experience. Hence I use a dehumidifier to keep humidity at 40 or below. That makes a lot bigger difference in my house of stereo than time of day.


Finally, someone says something that makes sense to me. As air density changes so does its acoustic impedance. As temperature decreases the acoustic impedance increases. Sound needs air molecules to translate from source (speaker) to receiver (ears). Ever hear the statement "in space no one can hear you scream?" This is why.


@ghdprentice - same here. Night time. I live near a fairly busy road and definitely the reduction from traffic vibrations makes a difference. However, I think another factor is the power amps being fully warmed up. Even with Class A amps, it takes them a full two hours to sound their best.

How about what time of YEAR?

For me, that would be winter cold, dry air.

I've definitely heard differences put haven't been able to establish a pattern to it. Although it seems random, I'm  sure it's not. Night isn't always the best. I live in a condo and most folks are getting home from work when the amp gets fired up. Then I wonder how much the electric trains across the street effect the sound. I say this because my phone drops calls almost every time a train rolls by.......

Weekend evening time,  settled in with a very peaty premium Islay Scotch . LAGAVULIN 16/ year old is my usual go-to to sip









No, I have not heard a change in when the best time is. But, there are so many variables. Where do you live? Maybe something locally.



Weekend is definitely the best time for any sound!!!

It's gettin closer there and I'm not retired yet:)

Any time of the day...If the house appliances are not on full speed all at the same times and in the silent day if i am alone or in the evening or night...

My sound quality is so good i listen music without being bothered by anything even external noise...

It cost me 300 bucks of fees with the 1100 bucks price to try to upgrade my Sansui alpha this month : i must pay the two way postal fees+ insurance + custom fees = 300 bucks ...And it was to no avail after 15 minute of listening comparison... I returned the "upgrade", one of the most well reviewed headphone tubes amplifier ... Then do not say to me that a 35 five years S. S. old amp can be easily upgrade... You dont know what you speak about if you think so... Synergy matter and some vintage are always TOP product even today and some S.S. are very well designed indeed... Dont start a thread to bash S.S. versus tubes amp.... It is preposterous because they all differ...

My sound system is audiophile grade at low cost and i had too much music to listen each day to think about upgrading ... None of my component is upgradable under 10,000 bucks anyway...Save the dac if i buy the BACCH filters ...But the two dac i used are so good i will not upgrade them for any other dac but the BACCH filters are not a dac anyway ...

The best times to listen is when i decided to listen now.... As right now when i wrote this listening trumpet albums of Sipiagin or Butman russian sax player albums ...I am not tired by any of their albums which is a feat by itself...

After a minimal acoustic threshold of sound quality is reached, music win at any time of the day, if you live around a not too noisy electrical grid... I could improve the noise floor level with a battery and a pure sine wave convertor ... i renounce power conditioner because they put noise of their own if not they degrade the sound, the one that dont do that cost 10 times my audio system cost... ... But it will cost 1000 bucks for a convertor+battery ... I dont need it really now even if it will be an improvement especially for my sacred listening at night with my headphone ... Casual listening in daylight is with my speakers...





So, you haven't heard that change? Maybe for some weird reason, its my new speakers...must be

For me over the decades it is at night…after 11PM… particularly Sunday night. 

My belief is a more stable power grid and reduction in vibrations as no truck of car traffic. 

"it’s not that low, but not up to 11."...i have no db meter.Smaller room 9 is fine from 200 watt integrated.

@digsmithd Low level definitely best. I have become a low listener exclusively since acquiring Hersey IV. I seem to have lost headroom, probably because I switched to the Long wall because it worked better for the H4’s. No matter, Low is great. and when I say low, ... it’s not that low, but not up to 11.


For the record, I'm at about 80db...would that be considered low?

@erik_squires Yeah a power plant would be great, but it's not on my menu. Hell, I'm still using a 2012 MacMini ;-).  I have looked into PsAudio conditioners, but it's just not going to happen $$ wise.