Unintended lyrics

Music to sooth the savage beast (breast).What songs do you know that people routinely misunderstand the lyrics, to the concernation or amusement of the artist. For example Dylans's "Excuse me while I turn and kiss the guy" (kiss the sky). Nylons "Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul" (Give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in the rock and roll)
his bag production, he got walrus gumboot
he got ono sideboard, he one spinal cracker
he got feet down below his knees
hold you in his armchair
you can feel his disease
Come together right now over me
Paul obviously isn't dead, but the Beatles are. Good riddance. So sick of their BS.
I made an error, the quote is ... Paul is dead, miss him, miss him, miss him. "I buried Paul" is a quote from another Beatles record or song of which I don't remember. When those Paul is dead rumors started I would play these albums forward and backward over and over. Of course Paul did not die in a horrific car accident but I do believe The Beatles intentionally made and left numerous clues to have us think he had. That my friend would be a great topic for another thread.
We can agree to disagree on that.

Where is that on the White Album? What song?

Sure you don't mean "Strawberry Fields" from Magical Mystery Tour?
Wishful thinkers?
Over interpreted?

Have you listened to the song???
Having just downloaded the latest Beatles release "Love" and listened to it repeatedly I can assure you of what is being sang. Listen for yourself. I have nothing to gain personally with this observation but to deny it just because Lennon does does not make it any less obvious. Also The White Album does say... I buried Paul, miss him, miss him, miss him.
Regardless of what Lennon and McCartney may have said in later years one cannot rewrite history to reflect current trends.
By the way, History is being rewritten ever day, to the point where we start doubting ourselves. I have no doubt what the Beatles lyrics were in that particular song, and whether you agree with the premise or not neither should you.
Commom knowledge?

I tend to believe the guy who wrote the song as opposed to the wishful thinkers who constantly over interpreted everything the Beatles wrote.
The chanting at the end of "I am the Walrus" is "smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot" I thought this was common knowledge regardless of what Lennon claimed in later interviews
Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Cold Shot", we have the lyrics, "That's a cold shot, babe". Sounds like "Mexico shopping"
She's a bomb. I only need explain that particular Who lyric to someone who has never had a girlfriend....

My current favorite came from my friend who is a professional carpet cleaner. He has a mocked up version of "Get Up" from "Green" by R.E.M. on his voice mail that says "pee stains complicate my life"

Burnin out his fuse up here alone (which can obviously be taken in, ahem, a variety of ways), while the "longest ever known" might reflect delusions of grandeur. :-)
Mitch: I've always heard
"burn the longest fuse I've ever known"
it's just a reference to their long prelaunch countdowns isn't it?
Elton John's "Rocketman"....for years I thought he was saying "rocketman...burling down the shoes of hefalumps"

A friend told me he was saying "rocketman...burning out his fuse up here alone"

....they should be interchangable, neither one makes any sense, but I love the way it sounds.

Jame Brown, fuggedaboudit.......I'm never sure of what he's saying, but I love his music.

The Beatles "Come Together", I know all of this is wrong, but this is what it sounds like to me.

'he's got walrus kogle'

'he's got spider crakers'

'he mass production, he got Ono sideboard'

On David Bowie's tune "Fame" his lyric is 'Is it any wonder'
I always thought it was...'Look at Stevie Wonder'
To this day, I don't know whether the real lyric in the Motown song (is it by Smokey Robinson?) is "I second that motion" or "A second-hand emotion" or something different from both...
"I need drool love" (from Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti)
markr come on now; y'all know a bomb when you see one!
The Who - "Athena"

"She's just a girl - she's a bomb..." How they get bomb out of that I will never know.
My wife heard "strain my dick" instead of "strange magic" -- neither of us can remember the artist.
I always thought it was " Baby, I wanna go down on you" No Wonder my grandmother always got upset when I was singing along with that song. " Rich fag jew" is offensive!
Hack: Thanks for the link. I'll tell ya, some of what these people thought was being said in these songs REALLY cracks me up. I busted up laughing a few times : ) Sean
I always heard the Doors 'LA Woman' (I think) - the part where it says "She get high" as just "She get" - they would delete the word 'high' - when I finally heard it right, it of course made sense then.
Ok, I'm old. A deuce IS a hotrod, but a specific hotrod - based on the 1932 Ford Coupe or roadster body - deuce referring to the "2" in 1932 (aka Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys), or was that the Beat Boys? Besides, I always thought it was "REVVED up like a deuce", anyway.

One of the best I remember was "Spill the Wine", where Eric Burdon sings .."spill the wine, take that pearl" which some thought was "dig that girl" or "dick that girl"!

Also, Steely Dan's Kid Charlemagne where:

All those day-glow freaks
Who used to paint their face

is often thought to be

All those dago freaks
Who used to pay the face
Elton John, Crocodile rock and bunch of other 70's tunes while he was loaded.
"The smell of that chick just put my spine out of place." -- from David Bowie's Suffragette City.

Years later I finally learned that the line is actually "This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place."
It's pretty easy to hear the "rich fag jew" line at the end of "Baby You're a Rich Man", which was in reference to Brian Epstein.

"I need a one ton tomato." How many times did I hear that Juan Tanamera (sp?) song performed on the NYC subway? I lost count.
Hey Sean;

Great link. I would like to say i just had one of those Oh God, Now I have heard it all..." moments; but then again I only just listen to the Stairway to Heaven link with that great picture.
So it is said that dolts know the words but not the music. Sound like occasionally audiophiles know the music but not the words.
Ok, when everyone thought 'Paul is Dead' it was from one line buried in the mix that sounds like "we buried Paul", but according to Paul himself it actually said "cranberry sauce". Not sure about the 'smoke pot smoke pot' thing, but 'smoke on the water' can sound a lot like 'smoke marijuana'...but only if your -really- baked.
Yes, Boa, I think it was Nirvana. It was definitely one of the Seattle / Grunge type bands.

Revved up like a deuce! That actually makes sense! All these years I thought it was "wrecked up like a douche".

How about the Beatles' Baby you're a Rich Man? Supposedly they chant at the end "Baby you're a rich fag jew", a reference to their producer, (George Martin, I think?). Please not that I have nothing against either Jewish or Gay people, (I don't think the Beatles did either) just discussing song lyrics.

Re: backwards lyrics, many years ago, my friend in middle school spun the Beatles' Revolution #9 backwards over the phone for me. Not exactly high resolution, but it sure sounded like "Turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man..." How this can come from "Number nine, number nine" is a great mystery to me.

Does anyone know what the backwards lyrics are on "Purple Rain"?
John Prine "it's a half an inch of water and I think I'm gonna drown" some thought it was "it's a half an enchilada and I think I'm gonna drown". Oh and Louie Louie was of course be the Kingsmen. hey we gotta go.
Even when you can hear a lot of rock lyrics, some of them are:

A) not understandable when played forward

and / or

B) not worth trying to understand to begin with

Have you ever listened to music backwards and heard what they are saying or supposedly saying? Some of the "backwards masking" is a pretty far stretch, but on other stuff, it seems to be relatively clear. You be the judge for yourself. Sean

Stairway To Heaven

Another One Bites The Dust

Britney Spears

Jimmy Eat World

PS... The chanting at the end of "I Am The Walrus" either says "smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot" or "smoke dope, smoke dope, everybody smoke dope". I can't remember which one or if it is a combo of the two.
revved up like a duece...

Duece = type of hotrod. That's my understanding, anyway.

Finding out it isn't "wrapped up in a douche" was more distressing than when my Santa bubble was burst. Its a cold world.
How about the chanting at the ending of the Beatle's "I Am the Walrus"? I know the Beatles claim they're chanting "rasberry jam" or some such, but when I listen to it on a high resolution system it sounds like they're chanting "Get f***ed, Get f***d, Everybody get f***ed" over and over in various pitch shifted voices.

Maybe I just have a dirty mind....Of course this record came out when they were a tad disenchanted with each other and their fans....

I bet they got a lot of chuckles out of secretly telling everybody how they really felt.
If you listen closely to Springsteen's version you can make out "wrapped up like a deuce". The Manfred Mann version sound like it was intentionally sung as "wrapped up like a douche".