What use to burn in power cords?

Is there a small electronic device or a burn in device that I can leave on 24/7 to burn in my 15A IEC power cords?

What do you use?


There are adapters made to turn them into a normal extension cord temporarily and then I use my extra refrigerator for a week. 


Thank you guys. Great pointers

Amazon has them .
Power Plug Adapter,IEC C14 Male Plug to Nema 5-15R



If you get the adapter try using the cord with power tools or a vacuum cleaner (something that draws a lot of current).



Yes this is what I use on my garage refrigerator and 100w shop light.  Leave it on for a week or so.  Seems to do the trick.  




Get an adapter to convert to extension cord. I use it on one of my refrigerators.

Hagerman Frybaby here or

Audiodharma Cable Cooker here

Some have reported that periodic cable cooking has sonic benefits.


Burn-in is a fallacy that satisfies one's expectation bias. Don't waste your time.

Just put it in your system new and see if it sounds different in 6 months. 

When you plug your expensive power cord into your refrigerator, does it improve the sound of the cord or the refrigerator?

I highly recommend getting an adapter and using a high end foot massager. The Shiatsa mode is by far the most effective. It "exercises" the PC through the critical low frequencies.

But, what about the highs?

Got a solution there, too:

Find a smoke detector that runs off of AC line voltage. Plug it in, then remove the backup battery. It will emit a high frquency tone, we commonly refer to as a "beep" non-stop until you determine that you’ve had about all the burn in time you can handle. Look for an upcoming review in the audiophile publications.

But, seriously, I have never tried "burn in" devices and have no idea if they make any difference.  Based on my past history of trying things that "pegged the needle on my BS meter" I wouldn't be surprised if they make an audible difference.


Put a new power cord in your power amp and leave it on for 3 days. Then the PC is 99.9% burned-in and the sound won't get better after that. Alex/WTA



What exactly are you ‘burning in’ with a cable? People are free to believe what they like, but this is beyond reason!!…

Hello nasaman.  Get the right adapter and use a hair dryer for a day or until it starts to melt. Half a day is probably enough. The ones I have sounder better right off the bat, so I just used 'em. and was happy they got better over time. Happy Listening!

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Use the new power cord with the adapter on your refrigerator. Keep a thermometer inside and when the temperature drops 20 degrees inside it’s totally burnt in. Believe me I tried it and it works. 

I used the adapter to burn in my last power cord on the instant pot. It worked like a charm. I swear the stew was just insane with layers of flavor and amazing separation between the carrots, potatoes and the meat. The meat was dead center and was as organic as could be. 

Jokes aside, any of you ever heard your system plugged into a brand new Furutech GTX-D NCF outlet? And then listen to it 2 days later? Try it and then say break in is fallacy. I had a “pleasure” breaking in two of these at different times and it was exactly the same routine the second time. Rollercoaster for one month straight. 

If you want to break it in, why not just play music.  Seems to take awhile even if I  am just plugging and unplugging interconnects, cords, speaker cables it takes awhile for everything to get back to the same sound but it's not that dramatic.

Speakers ok … tubes for sure … capacitors perhaps … but cords? Is there any evidence backing “cord break in”? 


“This is why people think audiophiles are nuts.”

Exactly!  I only looked at this thread to read the ridiculous ideas that would be posted.  It did not disappoint.

And yet no one does more "burn in" than the wags on this forum who endlessly post rebuttals and fulminations about the follies of burn-in. I fear their "dynamics" will suffer irreparably if they cannot get their weekly burn-in.

@ddrave44 I have been wondering for a long time if something like this existed!

Thanks for the link!

Have my two new and four upgraded power cables burning in with music 24/7.

4 x Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra

2 x Mad Scientist Black Magic

Almost at 300 hours. That should do nicely thank you.

Interesting how so many cable skeptics waste their time, aging brain cells, precious ATP and electrons repeating themselves on threads about cables.  I am sure your family would prefer your attention.

OP, as suggested, just get an adapter and plug into your fan or refrigerator for about 12 days.


Thanks. But I'm not clear if I have to support the power cord so it doesn't touch the floor.

What's wrong with just plugging the power cables in with a load (something turned on)?

If you have a high-resovling audio system (mid high-end) then raising the cables off the ground will make an audible difference.

If you are entry level high-end or lower you will likely not hear any difference from raising cables off the floor.