Which artists' music do you buy without audition

We all have our favorite artists and often have large collections of music by them. Name some who when a new cd or vinyl comes out you will buy without hesitation, audition or others' opinions.

Emmylou Harris is one of those for me.
Dave's True Story
Connie Evingson
Jacqui Naylor
James Taylor
Janis Ian
Jennifer Warnes
Keith Jarrett
Mark Knopfler
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Stacey Kent
Cantus Cölln
The Clerks' Group
The Huelgas Ensemble

The other classical guys are pretty numerous but
Benjamin Britten (performing)
James Ehnes
Andrew Manze
Sviatoslav Richter

Nikhil Banerjee
anyone playing the rudra vina

Gianmaria Testa
Jennifer Warnes
and I'll second Mary Chapin Carpenter

Do you own the two solo E records ("A Man called E" and "Broken Toy Shop")? I believe that they are among the most perfectly realized pop albums I own. I also thought "Blinking Lights" was-by a very long measure- the best pop/rock release I heard last year.

For the record, other "auto-buys" (pop/rock division):

Don Dixon/Marti Jones
Todd Rundgren
Paul Westerberg
Marshall Crenshaw
Kid Creole
Los Lobos
and, actually, a bunch of others now that I think of it.
Goldfrapp,Bjork,Radiohead,white stripes,The raconteurs,autechre,aphextwin,Bill frisell, patricia barber,futuresoundoflondon,plaid,orbittal,catpower,toriamos,pjharvey,katebush,strokes,kingsofleon,tosca,kruderanddorfmeister and i am sure i am forgetting one. Others I read reviews, read between lines, audition, then may be buy.
"Air" The French Band,"Anglagard","Peace Orchestra","Camel","Pink Floyd",and"Nektar".
Anyone have "AIR"at the Hollywood Bowl with Strings?
Bill Frisell, James McMurtry, Aimee Mann, anything by the Finn brothers & Cassandra Wilson.

Hello Martykl, thanks for the suggestions.

Do you own the two solo E records ("A Man called E" and "Broken Toy Shop")? I believe that they are among the most perfectly realized pop albums I own. I also thought "Blinking Lights" was-by a very long measure- the best pop/rock release I heard last year

I do not own the two E records you mention but will start looking for them today.

I've been searching various Euro web sites for the LP version of "Blinking lights," but have had no luck so far. I purchased all the Eels works on LP but the first few titles are getting difficult to find. I have not seen any sell at Ebay for less than $100.00 once shipping is added. All offered seem to be in Japan.

Bander, who originated this thread mentioned Emmylou Harris. I love her too but was particularly obsessed with locating "Wrecking Ball" on LP. Daniel Lanois was her partner on this album and I am a huge fan of his. The copy I finally found was in the hands of the president of the Emmylou Harris fan club. That signed copy set me back $225.00 but well worth it.

I'm a bit reckless when it comes to software, I'm slow to swap hardware :^).
there are a number of classical artists and jazz artists that i like. pianists such as glenn gould, martha argerich, ivo pogorelich, conductors such as ernest ansermet, mravinsky and a bunch of harpsichordists, such as pierre hantai, christopher rousset, trevor pinnock et al., would not have to be screened before buying a recording.

recordings from artists such as wes montgomery, art tatum, barney kessell, oscar peterson et al. would not have to be screened for content. if i had a question about the sound quality of a label i was unfamiliar with, i would want to assess the sound.
One more Steely Dan vote.

I was wondering if the message in "Everything Must Go" was that it was the end. But with the tour over the summer I suppose not.

I saw them once in 1974 when it was all good. Seen them 3 times since and the sound system has been unbelievably bad. Didn;t go this year as I didn;t want to be dissappointed again.
Among current artists... Radiohead, The Bad Plus, Madeleine Peyroux, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Arvo Part, anything played by Peter Wispelwey, and anything played or written by Edgar Meyer. Among non-current artists, am finding I do this with lots of older jazz, Glenn Gould, anything composed by Reger, Chopin, Liszt.

Interesting idea for a thread!
Mostly everything, I buy based on suggestions, reviews and (belive it or not) the Amazon reccomendations. I have found so much good music that way. But with that said, I buy Ani Difranco just becaue it is Ani...I used to be the same way with the Dead Can Dance.

Once in while while surfing Amazon, I might listen to something that has caught my attention but I have not, otherwise, be aware of.
Roseanne Cash
Mary Black
Steely Dan/Donald Fagen
Michael Franks
Eric Clapton
Don Henley
John Hiatt
Mark Knopfler
Peter Gabriel
Ryan Adams
Bob Dylan
1.Sopor Aeternus (nearly always limited editions ie 3000 copies only.
3.Fields of the nephilim
4.Bela Fleck
5.Death In June
6.Boyd Rice/NON
7.Evgeny Kissin
8.Michael Nyman
11.Pete Doherty
12.Johnny Forskin & the peelbacks
14.The Fighting Cocks.
Turned-on, tripped-out, world soul music. A collage of sound played on more instruments than you can shake a stick at.
Sorry about that incomplete prior post.

The band is: Poi Dog Pondering

Their music is: Turned-on, tripped-out, world soul music. A collage of sound played on more instruments than you can shake a stick at.
Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, M-ziq...

Autechre is a real trip!
Autechre (Proghead is right, Autechre is something very special- just paid $229 for their limited edition new CD @ ebay) Aphex Twin, Kiln, The future sound of london, Bibio, Bola, The chemical brothers, Goldfrapp, Trentmoller, Felix Laband, Underworld, Pole, Massive attack, Biosphere, Amon Tobin, Colleen, Venetian snares, Mum, Efdemin, Deepchord and many more.
The reconteurs, White stripes, Radiohead, The Kills, The Black keys, Ryan Adams, Sufjan Stevens, Bright eyes, Norah Jones, Vashti Banyan, Nick Cave and Bad seeds, Cat power, Bill Frisell, Coldplay, Aimee mann, Tori Amos and many more
I probably have all of those listed by Audiofeil, and I refer to his list solely because it includes Bob Dylan ... I grew up with Dylan and still, to this day, enjoy hearing his music .... maybe everyone does ... I don't know

In the '60s I bought my first Coltrane albums ... today I still have Coltrane and a lot of others ...
I will second Richard Thomopson. I would also like to add James McMurphy and Steave Earle.
Son Volt
Jay Farrar
Richmond Fontaine
Steven R. Smith
J. Tillman
I find it funny that Steely Dan is listed so many times here. Like they release albums so often that you would need to listen to 'em first to make sure they didn't release a dirt-rock album ala Nickelback or something.
Jaybo...you've never EVER just listened to a cd in the store or previewed an album online before you bought it? How in the hell do you discover new music? Do you walk around the record store and just blindly buy albums with the shiniest covers?
Never intentially. I guess if hearing a single or a track on the radio, then I have. I would catagorize that as discovering. I've never had to hear a long player before purchasing though, and yes shiny covers have influenced blind buys my whole life.
twilight singers or anything greg dulli does
mark lanegan/soulsavers/guttertwins
laurie anderson
cat power...i think i love her
iron & wine
bon iver
joni mitchell
the national
Probably not many Bjork fans at Audiogon but for those that are, the new 45 RPM vinyl DMM masters from GB are reported to be her best sound ever.

I searched the usual music vendors, most selling at retail $45.00 each and already sold out of many of the titles.

Then I noticed a link to One Little Indian USA who have the entire Bjork British DMM library at a 25% discount, no tax and a good ship rate.

OLI USA website
I think there's something to be said for Jaybo's shopping method. On a recent trip to Brazil I was in a used record store looking at rock LP's from the 70's through the early 90's. Not able to read or speak Portuguese I found myself attracted to certain album art. There were two things I found quite amazing.

1) What an incredibly good job the VPI 16.5 record cleaner can do on what looks like an LP suitable only for the grave.

2) I hit above 80% liking vs. not liking the music based solely on the look of the album art.
another vote for massive attack. i'm hooked and love the stuff. their most recent release is fantastic imho.