Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?

It's really tiring. Audiophools, Snake Oil, why buy this/that. I don't give a rip what others do, although I like to read about it but none of my business. I'm just not geared that way. People want to buy a Lambo, 10,000 buck cables, 100,000 buck loudspeakers, it's no skin off my nose yet some people are obsessed with what others do. I don't get it. 


Neither do I.
Ain't nobodies bidness but my own....

Maybe some are thinking they're the equivalent of today's armchair journalists and investigators, out to right all wrongs. The instant celebrity status some have garnered has turned way too many into thinking they can be the next, great social influencer, or some other rubbish like that.

Don't get me wrong: some are doing society (at large) a favor with some really good work but for the most part, the internet has replaced TV as the vast wasteland.

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People try to be help be the warning sign be significant. You got it you spend it. I sometime don’t like see guy have window falling out side of house but have $10,000 amp sitting there. That fool. But no say anything wife looking me bench press at gym.

Seems like it always comes down to money and the effort to save us from ourselves, silly really.

Well, when you really think about it what we spend on our audio pleasures (a fuse cost how much??) can be considered ridiculous. How about a coin collector? (a penny cost what?) and so on.

But, and it’s a big butt, if it makes our lives more enjoyable and can afford it, go for it. We are only on this world for a short time, enjoy it while you can. To heck what others may think.


I am a robot.

Do want you want to do.

Why care what others think.

I am a Tube Bot.

I suspect ego is the dominant driver. Most folks think they have the only correct take on reality and since they decided this is right for them it has to be right for everyone else… and as I have said before, anyone earning more money than them, or just willing spend it are ignorant, stupid, or shallow. It’s all about them being the center of the universe.

Keeping ego out of things is hard. It creeps in in small, medium, or large doses depending on the individual. 

Keeping ego out of things is hard.

I have a very healthy ego, but years of competition have taught me to respect my competitors and enjoy the process of competition. 


Well as you can see, you aren't the only one annoyed by this type of behavior (I'm sure you knew that). I attribute it to simple (And common) envy and jealousy. I have zero concern or issue with how another adult decides to spend "their" money. It's absolutely no one else's business. This envious attitude seems more prevalent the last few years on this site.


A young guy told me I had it easy with no debt and a fancy stereo. He was 25 years younger. I told him I'd give it all back to be his age again and that 25 years ago, I too had none of what I have now. It's all perspective and relative. 

I've said this a few times lately but I'll say it again.  Far too many contributors on this site fail to accept their comments, suggestions, advice......  only amount to their opinion.  And as such are generally no more or less valid that any other opinion proffered.  Want to tell me that one speaker cable is better than another?  Have at it.  It's just your opinion.  IMHO 🤣

“ All kinds of reasons. None of them any good.“


Then why do you incessantly pester folk into purchasing products from your * nefariously interested  * commercial companies , Tekton and Townshend ?

Good Samaritan syndrome? Savior Complex? Certainly some type of mental disorder.


Bottom line is … who cares!


In any case, I was told by the master of them all, Ethan, that I cannot be saved, it’s for other people 😂😂😂.




 For the life of me I can’t figure that one out. It seems more and more people just have to push their own personal budget restraints on others. I won’t,and don’t take it personally when I can’t afford something that someone else can. More power to you. We see these blanket statements all the time, all cables sound the same, the amp I got out of the dumpster sounds as good as any 4 or 5 figure amp. Now if someone can’t hear a difference,fine. That doesn’t mean that I can’t. I call this,Gladys Kravitz syndrome. Oh Abner!! 

Most of these arguments focus on two topics;

  • will the product do what is claimed, and 
  • is it worth the cost

The performance of the product can be respectively discussed/debated on these forums based on both objective specifications and measurements, and subjective observations of those who have tried the product.  The worth or value of the product is judged uniquely by each individual, based on criteria that likely varies from person to person.

The trouble starts when people attempt to refute the subjective assessments and/or the value judgements of others.  Of course, it only gets worse when those detractors have never heard or used the product themselves.

Finger wagging is one of humankind's most common activities. It's gotta be sourced from way down in the recesses of the brain. It's a way to project power & dominance. And yeah, It takes true vigilance to hold it in check...To use it wisely.

If you don’t want people to be concerned about something don’t post about it on the internet.  Simple. 

Some people speak in absolutes with a predetermined response based on their experience. They write a narrative as if they are telling you what you will experience. You can do this if you are a good fisherman or hunter with a kill at your side, but audio is way more imaginary and personal. These are the people I’d pay money for that ignore button to avoid 😃

yes, the deep recesses of the brain…..

emotional intelligence is something you grow….

;-) i try to find joy in celebrating somebody’s win….

Grace and peace

I am a Santa robot with a sleigh full of coal, gonna find out….

Because they likely have very little money to spend on their system. Envy?

There can be a positive when it's something you've overlooked that might be worth considering.

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Because so many people can’t fathom why anyone would do anything different from themselves. 

tsushima1- agree. He’s like somebody claiming their $15k Toyota is better than a $1M Porsche (yes Porsche has made $1M cars).

 If you want a laugh, check out the ANA site. If you spend over $5 for a cable or you happen to be an owner of a company that produces better cables, you are chastised.

Who cares how much somebody pays for quality!

As I quoted early one well known test based forum recently totally destroyed the new Bluesound Node, a product that in its various guises is owned and enjoyed by many.  Interestingly the 'tester' never listened to the item merely based the findings on how it measured.  I would have thought that a product designed, produced, sold and used to provide music should be listened to before commenting on its "quality" or lack of?


If one would like to save money I'd like to help. If not thank for donating to the economy

Late at night, when the community is sleeping, I turn on my stereo, hidden in the basement.

1 . There are a lot of people here who want to sell their goods to you (under the guise of experienced audiophiles, they "sincerely" recommend buying this model or brand)

2. Pride (many people think of themselves as professionals and it is pleasant for them to feel others as fools) ...

3. Self-justification (many have spent money on their own and now trying to persuade you - they comfort themselves)

4 . generous smart people - sometimes they feel sorry for you and they help ... but you ignore their advice - since a lot of posts are written 1, 2, 3)))))

When I see someone poo-pooing another's purchase as outlandish

I think of the Aesops fables my mother once read to me.

The one called Sour Grapes seems most appropriate.



I dont care if the windows are broken or house is falling apart; it's that person's prerogative.  His money, his choice.  


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Any reviewer takes price into account. Most folks do the same before making significant purchases. I am grateful to those who question fluff and bring a skeptical mind to our hobby. Not envy or questioning one's choices. Just evaluation of a product's claims and price.


Neither bun nor dog. 

I can care less what others spend, although on the other hand I do think that some of the things people fancy are way way too expensive for the very minor increase (if any) In sound quality. If someone thinks that gaining maybe 1 or 2 percent is worth spending thousands more than a product that is more affordable, then go right ahead. Me, I look for the products that provide the best bang for the buck. Products I do not have to get a 2nd mortgage to afford. 

It is disposable income, dispose of it as you wish. People should realize the money did not just drop in the person's laps it was earned. When you think of it art, car, house, collectors, etc  $400,000 on speakers is chump change. More power to you if you got it to spend.

I admit occasionally thinking if  I had that kind of scratch I'd have more than an audio itch.  As the saying goes you can't take it with you. Just sell me one of the storage models you haven't turned on in a decade at a fraction of their price.



“Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?”

Class envy? 

I have no comment about having no comment.


I wasn’t even here, come to think of it.
I was somewhere else, when I was here, I’m sure of it..

Forget the regards, forget everything.. :-)


I’m a see through BOT.. No I'm a naked Bot in the Back yard, With a HAT and cowboy boots.

a somewhat serious answer...

i don’t think those discussions are about other people spending their money

this is an enthusiast board, covering music and all things/equipment used to reproduce the music

as a shared passion, we who come here like to discuss and share our experiences and thoughts -- on what is good and bad, what is worthwhile and not worthwhile, what delivers value for the cost, and what doesn’t... so its not about other people spending money per se, that aspect is tangential... it is about an area of shared enthusiasm that we care about, want to be knowledgeable in, and in that world, in that pursuit, what is worth spending our money on to enhance our enjoyment

Springsteen just sold out for 500 million.  If he sold for 1 million, he'd be a fool.

Read the posts in the Reddit Audiophile group. If someone posts equipment that wasn’t found in a dumpster it’s bashed for being snake oil. It has become the norm to attack others that have the means to afford luxury goods. Lots of people don’t want to work, but are extremely jealous of people who can afford to purchase nice things. There is a lot of anger out there. 

The only reason to obsess over crazy spending would be if there were people who didn't have enough food or shelter or medicine to have a minimally decent life. At that point, I could understand the judgement's basis. (It could be moral or religious, for example.)

"Springsteen just sold out for 500 million.  If he sold for 1 million, he'd be a fool."

Well not really. Before the Sony buyout he was worth over 500 million, not fool's money. He is 72 years old and the buyout is a great way to prepare his estate for the inevitable. He certainly doesn't need the income and his tax exposure will be substantial. It is a good move for a person of his wealth to prevent the "Prince" syndrome, who didn't even have a will. That estate is just a mess.

The wife and I each worked for over 50 years. We had no kids and invested heavily . When I turned 70 she told me to go buy that Porsche I had always wanted. I hesitated because I did not want to come across as pretentious. My neighbor said WGAF..! I bought it and enjoyed it for almost 4 years and just sold it for almost what I paid for it. I can afford high end audio and and have a very nice setup. No one sees or knows what it cost and I rarely mention what I have on this website because there are those that like to say what an idiot you are for buying this or that. Better to just lurk in the background. 

I never consider audio attract attention by people as money hobby. I have nice boat that attract attention like sport car. Many time before tournament lady and friends ask to come on boat to party. My wife know that she beautiful smart art director and high end circus performer and has twin sister has no worries but I still need be careful with what I see people attract to. Never see stereo system as something jealousy item.