Best audiophile earwax removal system?

I hadn't cleaned the wax from my ears for a few months, and was amazed when I did so.

The imaging improved even more than it did from inserting  a $10K mains cable.

I just used an awkward little bottle of wax remover.

Any suggestion re ear-cleaning kits that are easy to use and effective?


I use Murine systerm, I've heard NeilMed has ear system. I use their sinus clean system, blocked sinuses affect your hearing as well.

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I would never have that done by anybody but an audiologist or an ear doctor.

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I have an "ear syringe" which is what the Murine system is. Haven’t used it in a while and need to do so. I had a terrible head cold this past winter which my right ear got quite muffled. It was hard to enjoy the music. I’m back about 95% but need to use it. I just keep forgetting

Then there is this soft rubber screw type tool  for removing ear wax. They say it won't hurt your ear drum. But I won't try it. Warm water usually does the trick


Those screw things are a sham, scam, scamola. Your better off rolling up a $20 sticking it in your ear and lighting it on fire. YMMV.

I would never have that done by anybody but an audiologist or an ear doctor.

I agree!

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If you have a lot of earwax, you need to be taking fish oils capsules (orally).

A simple 'old school' is to soak a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and liberally...oh, sorry....'generously' apply enough into the ear canal until your hearing responds like they're full of water from a shower or a dive beneath the surface...

The peroxide will sound like it's effervesive in your ears; it is, cleaning and/or loosing the gunk in them.

Clean with another tip, avoiding going so deep as to hit the eardrum.

Repeat as needed.

If you're still dredging up wax after the 2nd round, git thee to your GP or an audiologist.  Even so, there ought to be some improvement.

If you opt for the latter specialist, get tested.

Yes, your hearing is Perfect.  Go prove it to a pro.

Best/safest/most effective = an ENT or a good GP with experience regarding such.



My aunt was a nurse and she taught me some 60 years ago to lay on my side and pour some hydrogen peroxide in my ear. It tickled and tingled for 10 minutes and loosened up all the wax. Have a kleenex at the ready when you raise your head and you finish it off with some Q-Tips and a syringe. Works every time.

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Timely post.  I just performed an "upgrade" to the Debrox system (which was  recommended by my doctor).  I picked up a better irrigation system - Nuance Medical EarClear Rx.  There are quite a few offerings like this.  And the pressure generated more closely approximates what my doctor performed.

I would caution you to have this done by a professional first, as the sensation of the stream flushing your ear is a bit odd (not painful).  In this way, you can get a sense of an acceptable pressure to safely inject.

With the above spray pump, I approach it cautiously each time I use it.  You never know when something like this can go out of spec ;-)

Note that for the Debrox system, there are several less expensive alternatives - especially if you don't want to wastefully purchase the "ear bulb" with each bottle of cleaner.

... Thom @ Galibier

What are the dimensions of the room you plan to clean your ears in? Budget??? 

I just move the wax around until I get the base right. 
I did have this done a couple of years ago by an audiologist. I could not believe the size of some of the boulders she was pulling out. I was tempted to ask her if she found the lost remote, I probably will safe that comment for when I get my colonoscopy lol. She  said i needed to have this done every couple of years. Your post reminded me I need to get this scheduled, so very timely indeed. 

Do not EVER stick a Q tip or anything like it in your ear. Ever. I've been using the ear drops/water blaster bulb system for over 40 years or something and it's the only commercially available thing anybody should use, and it can take a few tries to get it done but it does the job and you immediately notice the difference in your hearing.

Take a length of strong thread and enter it into one ear.  Keep pushing it in until the end comes out of the other ear.  Hold the ends with your two hands and pull it backwards and forwards vigorously for five minutes.

A proper ear clean wax removal should be done at by a qualified Otolaryngologist-bit of a mouthful (Said the actress to the bishop)

The kit these doctors have is insane.

TV monitors and tiny instruments that operate remotely  inside the ear canal .

Full wax removal and inspection of the ear drum is guaranteed .

Best money you will ever spend

After you have the ears cleaned, how much percentage of improvement in imaging you have perceived before and after the installation of $10k cable I wonder?  Please do the blind test.

I find the gold beeswax fuse to improve my audio experience immensely. Make sure to insert with proper polarity and in correct direction. They will protrude a bit so I tell folks they are hearing aids. 

Seriously, I had quite the session at the ENT office. Intense suction method finally got the ear cleared. Was told to swim more often. 

Back in the 80’s my doctor gave me a prescription for liquid ear wax removal. Man, did this stuff work. In the 2000’s I tried to get him to refill it and found out they had quit making it and all that was available was the over the counter items. Maybe its only available to qualified ENT's.. Don't know. But of course it’s half as effective.

I have suffered for years with excessive ear wax! The best method I have found is a 50/50 mix of the hottest water you can stand, with 70% Hydrogen Peroxide. Clean and fill your sink, pour in the the Peroxide and use a baby's bulb syringe. Force the fluid in your ear canal with your ear facing down towards the sink. Rub the solution around in your ear. You will hear it fizzing up. Eventually you will get big chunks of ear wax falling out. In my case, sometimes I have to assist the chunks in coming out as that is the extent of my condition! Repeat on the other ear until nothing is coming out. Gross, but effective and no need to visit the Doc. ;-)

Local hearing specialist charges $99, it only takes about 5-10min with safe equipment and an expert tech.  No pain and great results.

Never thought it was necessary, but glad I did it.  Probably not something needed  more than once a year or so.

@jdm11 “What are the dimensions of the room you plan to clean your ears in? Budget???“

😂🤣😂 That made my day

I go to an ENT doc who is also a facial surgeon.  No water bulbs or hydrogen peroxide.  His steady hands use a surgical tool to thoroughly remove any build up.  If you can get to Verona, NJ, Google Dr. Edmund Liu.

A year ago or some here recommended the Axel Glade Spade ear cleaning system. It’s a camera that works with your smart phone or iPad that is pretty amazing. I bought one and have had good results - can see and remove lots of ear wax safely. Do wish the camera was just a little sharper but all in all I’ve had a really good experience with it. 

go to the doctor first...not worth the risk... though you might end up with Debrox after a professional cleaning...

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I once got a large amount of sand pounded into my ear canal in Maui.  No amount of peroxide would get the wax and sand out so I went to my provider.  She had it all out within 10 minutes.  Peroxide is irritating to the ear canal so having the professional do it with the right tools and the mini scope to inspect the canal was well worth the money.  She said my ear canal was almost red/raw from repeated attempts with the peroxide.  Spend the extra $$$ for it to be done safely.

Sweet Oil is the best. Hydrogen peroxide is kind of lame.

Do it over a period of a few days, just one session provides limited benefit.

I don't understand the negative reports of hydrogen peroxide. As a kid, I had some very bad bouts of earwax and has to to an ENT to get some substantial amounts of wax out. He used a syringe that looked like something the Three Stooges would use in a skit with a long, snaky attachment that he inserted into my ear. 

When he started to push, it sounded and felt like my eardrum was going to cave in and he only got stronger in his use as it went on. The earwax did come out but my ears were ringing for awhile after. That was when my aunt showed me how she did it in the hospital. I never had a bad experience using hydrogen peroxide and it's always kept me ears in tip top shape.

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Whether a professional or not, a person's intellect doesn't always extend all the way to that person's fingertips. Smart person, shaky hands, no good. Smart person, but doesn't when enough is enough, no good. Choose wisely.

A nurse friend of mine told me that, during her training, an instructor said "never put anything in your ears that's smaller than your elbow"! Still makes me chuckle.

I have suffered for years with excessive ear wax! The best method I have found is a 50/50 mix of the hottest water you can stand, with 70% Hydrogen Peroxide.


The solution your suggesting ends up as a 35% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. That seems like plenty enough to really irritate your ear canal.  It's actually 10 times greater than is recommended.  I'm just surprised that's all.  You don't seem to have any bad effects.



I use 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can actually hear it foaming up as it dissolves the wax. Wondering if the poster above using 70% hydrogen peroxide is confusing it with 70% isopropanol? Seems kind of strong to be using in your ears but if it works, who am I to argue.

Finally, a reasonable use of real Snake Oil.

Isn't there a product that advertises "scrubbing bubbles"?  I can't remember if it was for the ears.

LoL this thread didn't go where I thought it was going. I was going to say a pair of paradigm studio 100s should do the trick! They were bright enough to melt the ear wax out of the cows when they were In a pasture a mile away! 

When I first get into the shower I have a stream warm to hot water go into each ear and the last thing I do is repeat with steam of water.