I took Frank Zappa’s advice

I’ve never actually heard this album but apparently Frank and I have the same taste. I listen to everything that way. 

Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch:

"This album has been engineered to sound correct on JBL 4311 speakers or an equivalent. Best results will be achieved if you set your pre-amp tone controls to the flat position with the loudness control in the off position. Before adding any treble or bass to the sound of the album, it would be advisable to check it out this way first. F.Z."


Favorite audiophile liner notes, Steely Dan, Katy Lied:

"This is a high fidelity recording. Steely Dan uses a specially constructed 24-channel tape recorder, a "State-of-the-Art" 36-input computerized mixdown console, and some very expensive German microphones. Individual microphone equalization is frowned upon. The sound created by musicians and singers is reproduced as faithfully as possible, and special care is taken to preserve the band-width and transient response of each performance. Transfer from master tapes to master lacquers is done on a Neumann VMS 70 computerized lathe equipped with a variable pitch, variable depth helium cooled cutting head. The computerized logic circuits of the VMS 70 widen and narrow the grooves on the disc in accordance with its own bizarre electronic mentation for reasons known only to its designers; this accounts for the lovely light and dark patterns that can be seen on the surface of the pressing. Vinylite compound is used. For best results observe the R.I.A.A. curve."

Those were popular speakers. No wonder in some circles he became an Over-Nite Sensation

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He employed many great musicians to play what, for me anyway, is mostly pretentious, sexist, unlistenable music that seems to lack any soul. What I call the "I wrote it so it must be good" school of thought. I really liked Zappa anyway. His biography is amazing, his atheist stance is exactly in line with mine, and he was driven and brilliant. A health tip he gave still resonates with me and I repeat it often: "Never eat anything bigger than your head."

I took the advice given on the back of Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s eponymous first album…”To capture the effect of hearing a performance by the PBBB, PLAY THIS RECORD LOUD!” or words to that effect…I didn’t need to be told twice.

Zappa was a recording genius. You may or may not like his music but his recordings from 1974 on have some of the best sounds I ever heard.

Is there anything that says Zappa more than the album cover/title of 

Sheik Yerbouti ?


If you think something might be off with your system (bad power supply capacitor) when listening to Frank, what you might be hearing is just Dinah Moe Hum.

I think my response got this thread on a snowball downhill fast. I often think he was the one person in history I would have liked to have a  long conversation with.


My original post was in fun, and I hope everyone had fun with their favorite Zappa lines. Zappa is one of those artists I respect and admire but never really enjoyed listening to. He often had fun with his songs, but his thoughts about audio quality can be taken seriously. 

I used to listen to his music a lot. Always needed to hear a song a few times to get familiar, but then I’d be hooked. @koestner maybe a sit down to discuss music over pancakes at St Alphonso’s

It's JMHO....but y'all need some restraint with some shrink tubing with a hair dryer....but love your nails....😏....Suzy....

Frank spoke truth. When you see "Play this record loud" that's an admission that the poor thing has been compressed beyond comprehension. Why do record company execs think we still listen to little transistor radios? FZ owned a recording studio before he owned a record deal.

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You need to listen to The Yellow Shark, Jazz Form Hell and Uncle Meat all the way through. Zappa will be remembered as the one of the greatest composers of the 20th century and he was just getting started when he died of prostate cancer. probably would not have lasted long anyway as he smoked 3 packs per day. He was extremely drug adverse but apparently he did not categorize nicotine as a drug. The only drugs you were allowed to use in a Zappa band were alcohol and nicotine. Zappa was a realist, he made fun of the truth. He said he started to resort to controversial rhetoric to get people to listen to his music and to help pay the bills.  The influence of Flo and Eddie did not help either. 

Zappa was a hero in the music business. He gave many new artists there big break. He also discovered lots of new talent and sent off numerous musicians to successful careers like Lowell George, Jean Luc Ponty, George Duke, Terri Bozio, Chad Wakermann and many others. 

Most people do not know this story. In 1971 at the Rainbow theater in London a person managed to get on the stage, run over and push Zappa off the stage into the orchestra pit 10 feet below. He fracture his left leg and trachea. The next time he recorded which would be Apostrophe, I think, his voice had dropped at least an octave. Frank recorded EVERYTHING. The entire concert at the Rainbow was just released and at the end you hear Frank's landing.  


you can support frank or you can respect vietnam vets but you can't do both. 

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