Lifting the Christmas veil

I had become disenchanted with my system (Primaluna CD player, Lumin D2 used as a streamer, ADI RME-2FS DAC, Linn LP12 with Linn cartridge all as front ends playing through Primaluna Dialogue HP Premium integrated into Joseph Audio 1st gen Perspectives). I just wasn’t getting the detailed “being there” sound i had hoped for and expected from the JA’s.

I found myself spending less and less time listening to music (an integral part of what brings me joy). I should mention that I’m mostly listening to Tidal via Roon and Roon Nucleus theses days. CD’s sounded much better than streamed music, so i suspected my DAC and/or streamer were the weak link. 

Well, my beautiful (both inside and out) wife of 43+ years (who has supported my audiophile affliction) gave me a HiFi Rose RS-150B for Christmas and……a wonderful Christmas miracle has occurred!  The music detail veil has been lifted and the beautiful sound I’ve been craving has arrived!

I’m back to being that kid in the candy store getting a taste all of the wonderful offerings our hobby has to offer. 

I hope everyone finds a little bit of Christmas magic in their lives today!


Congratulations; what a lovely uplifting story 😊. A wonderful present indeed, from your very loving wife and friend 🥰

WOW, your wife got you that gift. I got boxer briefs and socks…. again? Haha. Enjoy my friend, enjoy the music.

As we age it seems more and more difficult to feel that excitement and anticipation as Christmas approaches.  It's nice when something "makes your day".  Congratulations! 

Must we be envious  of the gear or of the wife ?

I know we must not be envious ... But ....

I could not imagine a better gift from a better person ...

I am not envious just thinking ... 😊

Happy christmas night ....


Nice to know when someone really "gets" you.

All the best,

Congratulations and well done on all fronts. My lovely wife is a wonderful person but unfortunately care not one whit about my hobbies. Audio and acoustic guitars.

There’s the old saying of “ happy wife, happy life.” Is there a known corollary for men? Buller Buller?

Wow, that's awesome!  I wish the wifey would surprise me with a nice piece of gear.  But then she would know how much this hobby costs and I would be sleeping in the dog house!


Congrats, and happy holidays!

Thank you all!

Today was a truly wonderful day when all of the aches and pains that come with the baby boomer territory become background noise easily supplanted with pure musical enjoyment!!

I love my Roon 150, remember more important than anything else is using the I2S output it makes such an amazing improvement.

Well you wife must know what she is doing or Santa whispered in he ear!

My wife can only identify speakers...the rest are just "boxes".  Has asked a number of times why I need so many.  And just like Mozart my reply is "this is the exact number that I need".



 43 years together means a lot.  I doubt that many are listening to the same rig for that long.  Congrats, and enjoy your gift.

Isn't it great when your partner supports this wild and sometimes crazy hobby?  My wife has been very supportive of my audio journey and the Esoteric K-03xd player is on it's way this week for a post Christmas purchase. 

I love this post. I joked when my wife handed me a gift that it must be a new amplifier. She and my daughter laughed and said, that is the last thing we would get you since we wouldn’t have a clue what to get. I consider myself fortunate. She’s really cool about letting me do my thing. I hope you enjoy your system for years to come!

My wonderful wife gave me a gift certificate to my favorite cannabis shop.  Best present ever!

This is a great post a companion is our best investment.a new equipment changes the frequency and the brain loves a new pattern I think that's why people love tube amplifier and speaker rolling and it's a mental challenge as well reading and studying about it all.keep healthy enjoy the music .this is a doctors prescription thx all and happy new year

Maybe the OP can give audiophile bachelor’s advice of finding a spouse with a high WAF.

Congratulations on reconnecting to your music.  

Let me put it this way, it was love at first site ( at least for me when my future wife moved to my town our sophomore year in high school). It took her a year to see the light and we started dating in 1974. We’ve been madly in love since. 

so my advice is to believe in love at first site and follow your heart. 


Ive had 3 love at first sight experiences, only one led to marriage and ended after just 13 months, though it went down hill shortly after we married

Can I send my wife’s email address to your wife so that yours can assist with gift ideas?

      I didn't realize that you were a poet. 


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Must we be envious  of the gear or of the wife ?

I know we must not be envious ... But ....

I could not imagine a better gift from a better person ...

I am not envious just thinking ... 😊

Happy christmas night ....

   Thus Spake maghister?