Is this the same guy who used to post frequently in the Audiogon forums?


If you click on the "Reviews" tab at the top of this site, the last update shown is 11/16/22. Hope MC is okay - maybe visiting some other forums or something. 

Millcarbon is doing fine. I bought some of his Cable Cradles for vibration isolation just a few weeks ago. Great product, might write a review

He will be at the Pacific Audio Fest, for those who want to reconnect.  I recognize the photo as Brandon Wade.


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I don't think there is room on the planet for another ego as bloated as his.  That must be him.  I remember him touting that his name came from his turntable.  An absolute shill for the high end audio accessory industry (not using the S.O. words).


@michaellent Too many to mention.  I got in trouble for calling out many of the big names here for their shameless plugging of questionable junk.  

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😏  All that's needed now is a digital ouija board to complete this little thread....*wry L*

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@chrshanl37 LOL, nice to start my day off with a laugh.

I don't like to cast stones, but if there was ever a legend in his own mind.......

@tablejockey Wrote:

Asking $200 for "custom" twisted wire with a ridiculous "development" story.

The guy is a genius.

Yup, looks like it ticks all the boxes for audiophool requirements.

My answer see below:


The website is a bit amateurish. The masthead says "HIGH ED" rather than "High End" -- or am I missing something? "The People" features one interview with Tekton, a brand MC touted over and over again. And then I think he ditched them. (Or was that Raven? Or both? Everything is the "unquestionable best"'s not.)

The writing is often informal and sophomoric sounding. At least, to me. (Example: What the heck is a sound field isolator? Hard to say. Candidly, full disclosure, and being my usual ruthlessly truthful self, I just made it up. That’s right! Made it up! Out of thin air! So there! Because, as usual with stuff I make up, it describes as accurately as possible what I think is going on.)

Remember that Seinfeld skit where Elaine gets called out for all her exclamation points? ’Nuff said.

The one thing that I remember about millercarbon was when someone had asked a question and MC gave one of his technical responses and the individual kept asking questions from the forum. MC responded that if "you are not gong to take my advice then you are wasting everyones time here". The term jerk came to my mind.

His wire stands were used in one of the rooms I visited at Capital Audiofest last year. I did a brief audition hoping for the best as always and left. The sound was well below average IMHO and the gear used was very expensive.

Users like millercarbon come-and-go. They flood the site with words, proclaim themselves as an absolute authority and issue proclamations from on high. But their egos can't withstand even thoughtful questioning and they eventually crash and burn. In the interim, they obstruct conversation. They like it that way. It has to be about them.

Once upon a time I wrote a post in MC's defense which he quickly honored as "Post Of The Year" and reprinted in full.
Few months later, he delivered one of those insanely paranoid political rants that has no business here  (or in any half-serious publication, IMO), which he got removed (mine, not his) almost immediately.
So I soon discovered what veteran members had long known already -- that MC is only and always about himself.

Years later I still wonder whether Kevin Deal's impeccable takedown of Raven vs Prima Luna was what "shamed" (if he can he be shamed) MC out of the forum? 

Some of you sound lovelorn (yikes). 

Let it go, he’s gone and we’re better for it.




Yup and they often bring their associates as reinforcements in order to help build them up. Be aware. It’s nothing  out of the ordinary when there is an easy profit to be made. 

Let it go, he’s gone and we’re better for it.

I don't know if we're better.  It seems that we are a lot less heated and the flaming is greatly reduced.  I will say that we are a lot less fun.

Well, I’m not going to lie and will say with certainty if the sound in the millercarbon room at CAF was a fair sample, we are no worse off in terms of good sound which is what this place is all about. It was near the bottom for me and I did get to audition almost every room there. My recollection is the sound was quite mid-fi IMHO and most forgettable.  I actually felt embarrassed for the exhibitors.   Apparently, the MC wire supports that looked like the hanger wires in one’s closet were not enough save it. I exited most disappointed. I had high expectations for what I would hear in that room given all the bravado exhibited here over a period of time prior.

Nevertheless, I wish MC well in his endeavors. To each their own. Live and learn!



I would say he was his own best audience but he had quite the assortment of minions and sycophants here that would come to his rescue. I got the impression they had quite the time chatting off site and strategizing on what to say and who to pounce on. I don't miss that at all.

All the best,

Those wire supports may work for some folks though. I kind of like the inexpensive plastic support I purchased from AliExpress and the aluminum power cord supports are quite nice. Also get a charge out the sellers butchering the English language.

Aluminum Alloy Adjustable HiFi Audio Line Feet Pad Amplifier Power Cable Bracket Wire Support Shock Absorber Foot Nail

The problem I have with many rooms at high end audio shows is the value proposition. You tend to get a lot of bling but only a few cases of actual value for the end results delivered. Often its smaller vendors who think they can outperform all others for a price and charge accordingly but are often sadly mistaken. Only a handful succeed, and they are able to mostly just let their products do all the talking.


Lots of the same around here. It’s fertile ground especially for those selling expensive uber high margin tweaks that people would just laugh at anywhere else. Sorry, but its true. A quick scan of the large % of ads posted here for very expensive tweaks and accessories will prove that out. It is the "high end" audio site after all and the asking price is the key thing that establishes that.

It is what it is. Enjoy!  I learn a lot here.  It takes all kinds.


I've been on and off this site for nearly 2 decades and I miss some degree of banter. The ones I'd rather see go are the ones that own something that's "absolutely the best there is" and they get up and scream into their bullhorn for months and months on end only to sell it an move on to some other mid tier junk and start over again. Wait, maybe that applies here too.

I miss Millercarbon's comments very much.  I thought he was knowledgeable, pithy, but never offensive.  Obviously, others did not see it that way.

+1 jhnnrrs  He once revealed enough of his geographic origins that it coalesced into explaining some of the behavior.  
I have lived and worked there...and in over 200 other places domestically and in other parts of the world, so the please stow any outrage.  I'm entitled to an opinion.

Now, I've been known to have levels of density, But....

Isn't this a quality that we strive to achieve a high degree of 'complexity', v. sheer 'elimination'?

Per the Google, which can and does oversimplify or just misinterpret....

"What is considered homophonic?

A homophonic texture is characterized by having multiple voices moving together harmonically at the same pace. This is a very common texture. Many times, this takes the form of having a single melody that predominates, while other voices are used to fill out the harmonies."

Nice looking 'lifters' they are (ignoring for the moment the $s' involved, or the stability on carpets)....

I've got enough speaker lines that begin to look like the output of a pasta machine.

If it bothered me enough, I can make lifters out of a plethora of HDPE to make the average county high tension array look simple in contrast and 'totally eliminate any SAF' in the process....

(This is very tongue-in-cheek, y'all... ;) ...)

Personally, I kinda miss MC....

He could, on occasion, take a joke without outrage... *G*

Near genius individuals can be a little "quirky" at times. A biography of Nikola Tesla stated that he was very distracted by his basic urges related to women, and their mutual attraction to him. The solution? He voluntary self-castorated.

By comparison, MC seems more like the guy next door with a weed-trimmer in one hand, and a Coors Lite in the other. Except much smarter than your average neighbor.

the picture on the Miller Carbon website is of the room and system of my friend Bob Vinyard in Oregon. Bob hosts Rhapsody Audio: Portland.

Great room, very elegant and inviting. The wooden racks are a nice touch with the trees seen out the window.