Robert Plant

I’ve been a Zeppelin fan since I was a little kid. Was obsessed with them in high school. I always thought Plant was one of the best singers in rock and roll. A lot of people still do. I never saw Zep but did see Plant in concert several times in the 80s/90s.


Over the decades I find that I don’t listen to Zep all that much for whatever reason.


This Christmas Eve morning I stayed home from church because of a nasty cold and dug out some of my old LPs. One of them was a bootleg (at the time) of Zeppelin's live BBC performances. I bought it used in 1984 for $20 which was a ton of money for me back then. (You can get this on Qobuz etc now.)


About 4 minutes into Whole Lotta Love the band lapses into a blues/Elvis medley of songs that is simply epic. The entire band is right on point and amazing as always but in this medley Plant really shows you his stuff. The range, the control, the timing, the soul. All there. Is he the best rock and roll singer ever? I can think of a lot of challengers to that idea but he’s certainly up around the top.

Give this song a listen. The initial part of Whole Lotta Love is not my favorite. But this medley and the ending are Zeppelin at its best.

Merry Christmas all.


As I get older the acoustic version of Going to California on How the West was Won is stil one of my favorites.

I got burned out on Led Zeppelin a long time ago, as with many other bands, if I hear them on the radio I’ll tune to another station. Likely because they played their music so much. My favorite songs from them were Kashmir and Dazed and Confused. Maybe I’ll revisit them in a few years again. I have only owned one album from Robert Plant. I can’t remember the name (I don’t think it had one) but it was the one with Ship of Fools.  My favorite rock singer of all time was Ronnie James Dio. I even attended his funeral.  May he rest in peace.  Merry Christmas!

Love me some Zeppelin and still listen to the first 5 albums every now and then as I am now in my 70s, just not as loud. I have really liked what he has done With Alison Krauss on the Raising Sand album and the follow up that T Bone Burnett produced, as well as other people over the last few decades including his Band of Joy group, they seem to have a bit of a cajun tap to them, might be because I heard them do some Fats Domino songs. WTS, my favorite voice from that time would have to be Steve Marriott, but lets face it, Plant ain't no slouch. Enjoy the music

Fired up the TOOOOB amps early and have been Listening to Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, Van Halen - all Christmas Eve morning.  Enjoy everyone!  

@decooney Don’t forget to fire up some Steely Dan while you’ve got the tubes all warm n fuzzy!

+1 for Raising Sand.  IMHO it's some of Plant's best vocal work.  As for Zep, I tend to go back to Zep lll more than the others.  

When I listen to Zep these days I tend to listen to the less popular stuff. Stuff that typically didn't get radio time back in the day. I still like their hits but I think their genius is seen best in the deeper cuts.

No Quarter was my 787 theme song…

Good to hear from you @n80  - get well soon !

+1 @soix for sure, thanks for the reminder. Steely Dan, some of the very best! 👍  

@n80 totally agree. Some of the less popular stuff can be more enjoyable.  

@tomic601 if you don't already have it - the 2007 concert BluRay & CD Audio set with the No Quarter performance at 02 Arena is one of my absolute all time favorites. Along with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page (omg, wicked grunge guitar sounds) and John Paul Jones (wow, hauntingly-beautiful keyboard and piano) simply brings the music to a different level of sound and performance. Playing this track on a good all tube system is absolutely hair raising if you like Zepplin!.🤩  

Video clip:  No Quarter 2007 O2 Arena Live




@decooney thanks - always looking for new versions of music ….but i just have 14 tubes i can throw at it…however, i think the Liquid cooling in the hybrid monoblocks will tide me over…. Guess i need a tube CD ripper and Server…..

Now that I have some excellent gear in dialed in rooms, I am listening to a lot of known music and realizing I have never really heard these songs before.

I was also quick to realize about 35 years ago that Classic Rock radio is the death of rock music so I never overdosed on Classic Rock since I listened to other options. These days I go on some mega Zep benders while I work many long hours. Zep sounds so fresh and new to me still. I think it was 3 days ago when I listened to every album except PRESENCE (ran out of time).

A few years ago I bought the RAAL VM-1a tube headphone amp and paired it with  the extremely dynamic RAAL CA-1a headphones. I listened to a few hours of music and came to Zep's When the Levee Breaks. I was so blown away I had to call the manufacturer and tell him that they had something special in this new gear.

That was the first time I really heard that song. Kind of a scary song.  I played it 10 times in a row and only stopped to get some sleep. A shame I sold the VM-1a amp to buy speakers but the it was the right call.

Since I do not listen to Classic Rock radio and like to give new music a chance. Check out this song on your best hi-fi system. It is not When the Levee Breaks brilliant but a brand new song I heard on the radio that I am playing everyday.

Island in the Storm - Mia Doi Todd






I've seen Led Zep about 3 times between 1969 and 1977, and while they were always good shows, the playing could get a big 'sloppy'. I also saw a couple of Page and Plant tours, and those were awesome; I liked those better than the LZ ones; the playing sounded tighter... There are some great recordings from these shows... 

Ah, @tomic601 .....SOTA ought to extend to the tubes as well as the SSDs’, but...*sigh*...’twill by and by come to your shores in the newness of the dawning of the year anew and anon...

*slaps self* Ev is watching the ’96 version of Romeo & Juliet, which I can’t bring self to sit and have heard the original and Wayyy too many parodies, and view it as the latter....

Time has been too much with me of late.... ;)

Yes, hoard thy tubes, for The Tubes....*L* And a Ripper ought to be named Jacque, Thee....and Server: That Doth Duex....

I depart anew, wishing a Merri Yule upon us both... *G*

No Stairway! Denied:-( Remember that movie?

I'm a big fan too since my teenage years. I agree that the deep cuts are the best and love the way the guys have evolved and still sound fantastic in their continuing endeavors. I also enjoy the well done covers other bands do of the older music.

@asvjerry indeed you are the Bard of Agon on Avon…. :-)

Smoke em if ya got em in the giant tube stash in the sky…. or that very unorganized drawer……

Best to you now and in the year alight …

larsman-- agreed on the Page and Plant tour (I saw only 1). Saw Zep live at the Garden in July of 73 and other than being in awe of the Plant and Page charisma, the show was a minor disappointment-- it was only good, not great . Sloppy for sure. 

I don't listen to Zep a lot anymore but still occasionally use my RL version of Zep ll to impress guests. as it is one of the 2 or 3 best sounding albums I have. Needless to say, it always works and is indeed a fabulous album through and through. Having said that, I will have to put l and lV on the table in the next few days.

A lot of the available footage and recorded stuff from Zeppelin's live stuff is sloppy. Often off tempo too. But like the "Minnesota Blues" (mess of the blues) medley on this BBC album, even amongst the sloppy stuff there are jewels to be found.

By the way, I am assuming this double album I have is bootleg. It does have the record company info on it but the album cover is basically a cartoonish picture of a cassette tape recorder. I'm also assuming it was recorded on cassette from the BBC broadcast and then cut onto vinyl. The sound quality isn't great.


Both times that I saw Plant the shows were incredible. What struck me more than anything else was that he seemed to be having the time of his life....playing for a crowd in Columbia, SC. I could not, and still don't understand how the god of rock and roll was having fun playing yet another show on the road in my humble home town. I came to the conclusion that he is either an incredible actor/showman or he was actually enjoying himself. I suspect it was probably both.

Either way, when the performer is performing well AND having a good time, well, that makes for a great show.

The second time I saw him he played several Zep songs. Brought the house down.

@n80 Yes. Remarkable discovering that "the gods" don't live for worship, but just for performing, anywhere for anybody. When they still project that authenticity despite the fame, fortune, and glory, you know you are seeing the real deal.


I love Led Zeppelin.  They were a serious part of my "becoming of age" era.  As their albums came out, I was advancing through high school.  At 16 years of age and Led Zeppelin II is playing at high school parties.  Memories, for sure!  I finally got to see them at The Forum, in 1971 (as a Junior in high school).  What memories...

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss together are sublime. To me he never sounded better.

@jmalen123 Agree! I’ve long been a fan of this version of Black Dog (arranged by T Bone Burnett, who can be seen lurking on rhythm guitar in the video):


And the influence of Low left a fantastic avenue to explore…. Silver Rider…. sublime

@tomic601 .... Bought the Zep's 1st of the things that no doubt contributed to my wearing aids now....not that I've turned things down since, tho'.... ;)  ...and someone stole it, anyway.....

"....the giant tube stash in the sky ...."  'Ell, I wish.... Spouse asked if I was the other day..."Not since LA last year in any significant fashion, but certainly not now...dammit..."

At 135 & 5'11" and barely in my BMI index as 'kinda normal', I'm a cheap drunk.

Two 7% IPAs' and I'm a hazard to any moving or stationary object, not to mention self...🤦‍♂️🤨🙄  Thankfully for any biped in range, no plans to have to drive (or even walk) any significant distance....

No Zep at present....been playing L7's "Pretend We're Dead" on loop to get thru the week (we're closed, employs get to as well)....was always what I threatened to do if I won a Lotto or something similar...

"I'm firing myself....pretend I'm dead....'Bye *clic*"

Only did that once, quite a while ago....Very Satisfying, given the circumstance...

(Cliffs' Notes version available if you get bored silly... ;)...)

Have a great Xmas day...

Thanks, sfgak for that link. Is that not one of the most beautiful women ever. She exudes beauty, class and style. Robert as always has great timbre and timing. His vocal control may be waning but his ability to connect to the music has never been better. Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation / Mighty Rearranger is another interesting album.

Oh, an Xmas extremism....Thanks, getting noted as a Brad of Anywhere is a compliment that my HS English instructs would take askance at, but they're likely retired or drooling somewhere....poor sots....

All I've really absorbed is to let the Id loose, and try to keep it either vaguely rational or of a conceptual nature.....

Not always, Yes. 😏

Attempt 'interesting'....for the psych sort... ;)

From me at Christmas, thanks to the op @n80 for starting this post. I love the info and dialogue concerning equipment on this forum, but the music I have learned about is what has brought me endless smiles. God bless, and thanks, to all of you geezers for helping this geezer navigate some crazy waters and uncover great music while doing it.

Zep has been my favorite band since I was 10 (now 63) and have the tattoos to prove it. I was devastated when Bonham passed. I met Plant the morning after a show in Norfolk Virginia at breakfast in the hotel. He was with the entire band (Sensational Space Shifters). We sat and talked with him for the better part of an hour. All I can say is what a dude. We didn't come across as star stuck fans. Said good morning and off he went. Asking us questions, did we see the show, what we thought, where we were from,telling jokes.He was funny, engaging, just a good person. I can honestly say I met my lifelong idol and am all the better for it.

The song you reference is a good example of his unique expression of his talent. But I am guilty of being an extreme fanboy, He and the band did nothing to ever disappoint me. I was always intrigued how they progressed as a band and even more amazed at how he has taken is talents to the level he has on his own,

The image of his pants has been burnt to his image I have of him. Befor YouTube (never SEEN LZ and Plant before that), I loved him (and LZ). 

Its getting better now at his old age (fat and ugly, but still singing GRAET). 

@n80 - might have to break out the old 1960 Les Paul Reissue and play along to some Lep Zep today.  Thanks for the suggestion.  All you other mothers, happy holidays.

I like most all of us of that age listened to them in high school.  Yes, we were pummeled by them on FM radio.

Then I got a bootleg set of their MSG shows (75 I think).  All of them and the whole shows.  I could not believe that the length of ever song, every night was within a seconds of each other.  Whole Lotta Love at over 20 minutes was within a few seconds in length each night.  Totally turned me off.  Thought they were a rock & roll band that jammed.  NOT.

I think of other rock bands of the day that jammed out.  My favorite bands had different set lists and different versions played of the songs.  Given what good musicians each of the Zep members are/were, I was just astounded that they couldn’t mix up the jams. 

I too, love the music of Led Zeppelin. Like others, I eventually drifted away to other music. It is unfortunate that their music wasn't mastered better. For as much as I love the music, I get frustrated with the blurry soundstage. It's like everything runs together like a watercolor in the rain. My favorite album is Led Zeppelin III.

I have many fond memories of listening to Led Zeppelin and still listen on occasion.  I probably started listening at age 13 or so and remember the original bright pink cassette tapes well over 50 years ago! I didn't have a clue then that one of my favorite songs -When the Levee Breaks- wasn't written by Zep at all, but was written by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy. Hey, I used to think all The Rolling Stones songs were original as well! 

@n80 Yes, Whole Lotta Love may have gifted us with the best rock vocal of all time!!

Christmas morning at my humble dwelling:

Readling Hamilton Camp's bio.  His transition from folk singer/writer to future endeavors outside of the music world was ... interesting.  Listening to all the covers I can find for Pride of Man, a song he wrote and later charted by Quicksliver Messenger Service. Biblical references in the lyrics seem appropriate and relevant today. 

Merry Christmas to all.  And, to all a good day.

I watched The Song Remains The Same (off of You Tube on the desk top-- Tom Verlaine's  Television is the only TV in my house) and I realized it was a much better movie all those years ago when I was stoned. Plant & Krause was a delightful surprise for me. It was hard not to miss Zep on the radio, all the "Classic Rock Bands", really, but for the most part I did, because there was a great Alternative/Underground FM (and AM during daylight) station--- KFML, and NPR had a jazz programmed station, and there was a station that played Soul and Staxx, and Motown (which I remember as a weak signal), and Saturday was Gunther Aurbach's (I hope I got the name right) German/Polka show... Later on Bill Ashford took over programming on an AM country station and it went classic country in a big way (yay!) I wasn't aware of Nugent's "Stranglehold" until middle age. Such a sheltered life... I probably have four, maybe five, "classic" Zep albums and today and tomorrow will be the last record cleaning days before hand surgery, so along with Delbert McClinton, and the Texas section, I'll throw them in and step back in the way back machine.....I'm looking forward to my recovery. I rambled, sorry. What I could have said in one sentence, but never do, is that Robert Plant has grown on me, maybe because of The Honeydrippers, and the Moroccan/Egyptianl/ Najma Akhtar material on No Quarter. MERRY CHRISTMAS and/or Winter Solstice, Festivus..... wat evah...  I hope 2024 is a better year than '23, but that's a pretty low bar.

Zep are among my top 3 rock bands of all time but not because of Plant’s singing or Page’s guitar work. It is the rhythm section that make Zep a standout group. JPJ on bass and Bonham’s drums are what drive the band and get my blood moving. Plant does his part but there are far better singers than him IMHO.

My brother did sound with Plant for a while in the 80's. He was a big Zeppelin fan and let it be known he didn't like  Plant's new direction in music. He and Plant would go back and forth,  Plant said" am I supposed to sing Eu yah eueu ya the rest of my life". 

During the tour my crazy brother did SOMETHING, another long story, that should have gotten him kicked off the tour. He met with Robert Plant who said he could stay, but he had one demand of him.

So, every night for the rest of the tour, during a Zeppelin song, Plant would hand the microphone to my brother who would off key sing "Eu yah eueu ya".





@tomic601 Fantastic link…thanks again…..

btw, recently compared the CD version vs. the Streamed 16/44 Lossless version of the 2007 Celebration Day "No Quarter" track. Both running through my same Border Patrol SE-I DAC. Used the same digital coax cable too, swapped back and forth.

It could be the better internal power supply in my streamer and upgraded external power supply I use there, but the streamed version is less etched. Easier to listen to through all of Jimmy’s amazingly wild playing on this track. Not looking for a new transport, and the CD went back in its case. Fun to compare what works better.


@au_lait  I think Big Log is one of, if not THE best Plant solo song of all. Takes me back to my college days while courting my first and current wife.

@re-lar-kvothe I was also devastated. I was a sophomore or junior in high school in the football locker room when one of the other football players told me. He did not like Zeppelin and thought I was weird for liking them so much and he told me in a mean spirited way. What's worse, is that my parents had tentatively given me permission to drive up to Greensboro, NC with a friend to see Zeppelin. It would have been my first solo overnight car trip.

Wonderful story about meeting Plant. I'm always a little leery of meeting my heroes. It can be disappointing. So glad Plant was cool.

@dmguaragno Agree. I've always been a bit disappointed at the sound quality of most of their stuff. Glad Plant sorted that out in his solo stuff for the most part.

@willy-t Yes! The Honeydripper's EP is excellent. My CD seems well recorded. Plant tackles these old standbys with aplomb but also with respect. Sea of Love got lots of radio time and is superb but my favorite track is Young Boy Blues. And talk about a star-studded line-up: Page, Plant, Nile Rodgers, Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer, Robbie Blunt, Dave Weckl (!) on drums, Paul Schaffer. Unbelievable really.

I try to not listen to them on the radio so I can enjoy them on my system.

@dodgealum YES!!! I Love Plant but was always blown away by Bonham and Jones. They were the backbone of the music. When they showed up  the fight begins, so to speak. Their contribution to the band's tone was demonstrative and emotional on an almost guttural level. When they laid down the beats you knew someone was in the room. To this day, when Achilles Last Stand is played anywhere I get goosebumps.Call them what you will, they were the best R&R band ever assembled.


Both at the same time?.....ah the good ol' days

" Takes me back to my college days while courting my first and current wife."