FEX EX Damaged New Legacy's

I just had to refused shipment on a pair Legacy Foundation subs. They were skidded, stood on end, strapped, and very nicely packaged. But....two big holes in the upper part of the corners revealed a nice blemish/scuff and  indentation on the front of one of the speakers. The Foundations use no grill, so what's visible is going to be REALLY visible. At a list price of 4350.00 dollars a piece you would think whoever checkmarks the damage at Fed Ex would have a look. I say that because the driver admitted his paperwork showed " damaged" ... I took pictures, called my dealer and he's taking care of it. I'm not a bit concerned as Legacy has always been super to deal with. Crap ...... 
I had this near exact thing happen with UPS and my new Legacy Signatures SEs. Two gouges on one speaker rear (thankfully can’t be seen from the front!) I took pictures on the speaker and the damaged box, filed a claim and worked with Legacy (who have been great) but UPS is STILL dragging their heels apparently.  The driver even wrote and noted the damage.  This has been going on for a few months now. These were my dream speakers so I was pretty pissed at the time, but have since gotten over it. Good luck.

That's why I sent the entire skid load back back. I thought about keeping the undamaged one as it was individually boxed. But felt I'd be best served to just keep it simple ..

It WAS freight. Fed Ex has a freight line. I had an appointment scheduled to deliver just like my previous deliveries from Yellow, Roadway, etc. that has delivered my previous Legacy’s .. The truck had a lift gate, pallet jack, and every item on this truck was on a pallet
Use Old Dominion, that's who Klipsch uses. They use great care in shipping stuff. 
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Yep, my Legacys were shipped via UPS freight.  Driver was nice, but seemed clueless.  Apparently he even delivered and opened the boxes in the wrong address thinking it was a large dresser or something.  The wife who was there was apparently really angry thinking her husband ordered large speakers without telling her.  Umm... the large LEGACY lettering on the box didn't give anything away?  
I hate it when companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS) can't do their core function - i.e., deliver mail properly.
Yep, fed ex smashed my Kinki Studios ex-m1 pretty good a month ago.

I was leery because I’ve had prior issues with fred ex.  They smashed an Anthem I225 pretty good as well as picking up a pair of $3500 speakers, then saying the never picked them up.  That was handled though.

But yeah, fed ex sucks.  Always open and inspect any packages delivered in front of the driver.  If its damaged, dont accept it.  My Kinki EX-m1 box had a slightly dented corner on the box.  When I opened it I realized the damage.

For me FedEx has been better than UPS since 1999. I did watch a FedEx guy throw my cellphone on to the porch from the middle of the street once. All carriers have gorillas and idiots, but UPS is bad and USPS worse. Some companies will use a freight company if requested. A few companies have gone to triple boxing...
Usually it's package wrong or not labeled correctly.

Handle with care! Fragile! This end up! Electronics! GLASS!

When you see peanuts or bubble wrap or a worn out quilt used for packing, single boxed and MOVING inside the box. Reject it on the spot.

People (usually not the factory) think that once it is shipped it's over.

It has just started..

Always pack as if it's coming BACK to YOU!!! NOT going somewhere else. A guy taught me that 40 years ago. I had a very expensive remote control get smashed.  Totally my fault.  8,000 usd after the exchange rate. Now over 35,000 Euro for the same updated remote. 

I packed it poorly and it bounced all the way back to Germany because of poor packing and ZERO labeling.

As for the punters in the UPS, FedX, USPO delivery service it's just like you and me. 80/20 rule. 20% of the people do 80% of the work, 20% of the time RIGHT.. The older you get the more you care right? 

LOL slapping my knees ever so softly, because my back and hands are killing me after lifting CRAP all day for 45 years..

 I use to lift 10 tons on a daily basis and then go work out and punch out another 20-30 tons of lifting.. 40 years I did that just so I could stay in shape.. AND still broke my d#mn neck..

Your welcome world.. As my BOSS fired me on the spot after working for him for 12.5 years.. I only lifted 5 tons that morning.. :-) POP! POP! all I felt.. my left lung quit working, couldn't close my hands. I'm glad I was mean enough to not die.. bigger :-) HEAVY manual labor sucks.

I wonder how many tons I've actually lifted or moved. In the millions and millions I bet.. Lifetime lift total it aught the be a requirement for getting paid.. Show me your lift ticket?... Most would OWE money at the end of a day. Lazy a$$ middle man America..
It all depends on the individual and not the company, when it comes to handling the product. Claims are another issue. I had an acquaintance who worked for the Post Office and whenever they got a FedEx package, they'd bank it off the wall so it could slide down into the big canvas cart with the FedEx label on it for them to pick up later.

There's always someone like that Jim Carrey character in the opening scene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

Not something I would do.

All the best,
Fed ex is typically the worse as their drivers arrare  independent not union like UPS...i had a subwoofer sent from Rel in California via fed ex.Big dent hole right in the center, of the box fortunately it didnt damage the sub..When i pointed out the fist size hole  in the box the fed ex driver actually said to me"why would you have us ship something that far"?
Same thing happened to me usus delivered a damaged jbl bluetooth speaker to me.
Fedex this year alone has lost. I mean LOST as in we have no idea what happened to it lost. Not 1 but 2 6.7L power stroke Diesel engines. These are shipped in big 5'-6' square black totes or equal size palleted crates. 1 8' super duty bedside these ship in a 10'x5'x2' crate. And a catalytic convertor the size of an average 6' tall man! How can you loose stuff that takes a forklift to move? We are not a large dealership I can't imagine what it might be like for a high volume shop/parts dpt.
My recently shipped Aric audio preamp shipped Fedex and found a place to hide in Chicago for a week before it was finally found and shipped. I felt lucky they found it, they can't find an engine the size of a VW bug.
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FedEx is certainly not getting much love here :)

A friend sent his turntable back to the manufacturer - motor was noisy.

Well, didn't FedEx make a mess of it. Cover broken, hinge broken and plinth cracked.

And like so many others, he is now in the glorious limbo of dispute.

@tubebuffer Did your wife's sister join in, tell on you or keep quiet! Thanks for the laugh!
A few years ago when I purchased my speakers, they were shipped Fedex, Michigan to Oregon. They showed up in a box van with a roll-up door, the only two items in the truck. They were laying on their sides, loose, and had been sliding all around freely for at least 100 miles. There was an unused coil of rope laying in the corner. Stupid and lazy both, I guess.
I've always used FedEx or asked anyone I purchase audio gear from to please use FedEx. Then my son while on Christmas break got a job at FedEx loading trucks. He told me stories that were just hard to listen to knowing my gear may have had to endure. I've always asked seller to write on box glass, fragile, this side up, my son told me that workers don't care and just laugh when they see that and through and kick the boxes on the truck. Just thinking of my tube amp being treated like this makes me cringe.
Many sellers that offer free shipping are using FedEx Home Delivery. This is FedEx sort of, but the routes and their drivers are independent contractors. 
I had things track as in town, and even on the truck for delivery, but the driver was overwhelmed and took the truck home, and then no tracking information was available for the next day - and then it would show up. I’ve had them leave stuff in plain sight when it was flagged as “signature required”. I’ve been pretty lucky overall. 
Unfortunately, I had to have ups and fed ex come pick up damaged speakers as well. 
 I was shipped 6-7 pairs of Energy rc-70’s. Only 2 pair arrived mostly in damaged, there is a small nick on the bases , at the back, everything else is great. It was saddening to see so many of these great speakers damaged.
wanted 3 pairs of these. But after so many damaged, said two is enough. 
 Watching the morons at ups and fed ex, drop from truck on street, knowing another pair were damaged, broke my heart. 
 I feel your pain.
my price was not nearly as much as yours, but hurts nonetheless. 
Fedex this year alone has lost. I mean LOST as in we have no idea what happened to it lost. Not 1 but 2 6.7L power stroke Diesel engines. These are shipped in big 5'-6' square black totes or equal size palleted crates.


This is a simple one.. they were stolen. Nothing worse than a thief.

So we are clear. I never even took pen or pencils much less nut or bolts from work.. Others I worked with and FOR thought nothing of stealing from someone. Not even hesitate. Stealing is stealing..  I worked for a guy that stole MILLIONS from his parts suppliers.. No one knew it until they started sending the employees the notices of "Demanding payment" to be directed to the owner.. "Travelholic".

Railroad cargo theft is so bad and the payolla so HIGH it's a taboo to even talk about it.. BILLIONS a year.. 

I'm telling you, MOST people think it's ok to STEAL.. I see it every day JUST with employees using cell phones at work.. My friend that's pure and simple THEFT.. No different than walking in and stealing stuff off a shelf in a store.. NOT one bit of difference.. Go ahead and tell me how your BOSS does it.. They are the worst of all, managers and owners..

LOL Don't own a thing on the shelf, but will steal it and GIVE it to someone else.. World is full of them.. I worked with/for quit a few the same way..
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35,000 Euro for the same updated remote.
We need more info on this! 
when you see them racing their trucks and taking sharp turns too fast, you don't want your precious items there. they're good for delivering letters and anything alike letters. the rest of items might not sustain their crazy pace.
Shipping by no matter who is a part of business online. I don't assume all is well until said piece of gear is safe in my home. OP was smart to refuse delivery of the speakers. THAT is the best recourse. Once you sign the BOL even if you note the damage on the BOL, it can still be a nightmare. 

I spoke to a FedEx driver delivering my Sopra's a few months back. He said they are so short staffed at the loading docks that drivers are having to load their own trucks right now. Pretty insane times. 
I think the system is too homogenized. Our gear is heavy and fragile. This stuff shouldn't be mixed in with diapers and medicine balls.

Also these guys are loading trucks. How do they distinguish between a $5,000 amp and a pet rock? There should be color codes or items should be set aside. There needs to be accountability and pride in the culture. Who's hands touched that gear as it went across country? It made it-great- reward them over time. It didn't- they need to have a conversation and find out why.
In the mean time I'm buying less than ever because it's all getting smashed.
Lots of bad info here as usual when it comes to shipping companies. FEDEX Home Delivery as well as all other FEDEX drivers are coming from a FRANCHISED Source.  The above poster makes it sound like FEDEX GROUND/HOME DELIVERY, EXPRESS and Priority are all different....Nope. There are different carriers from different sorting hubs but one isnt a REAL Fedex employee and another is a "fake".

USPS is the worst because there are no repercussions. I worked there. You could probably get away with murdering a customer the union is so strong. Ive seen people get caught stealing US Postal Money orders and 2 years later they were a Supervisor in training. INSANE!!
Packages go to a sorting hub. They go up a Conveyor Belt that is like 10-12 feet above the ground. When the package gets to the spot where the correct Zip Code is it gets pushed off the belt and falls 10 feet into something that resembles a hospital/hotel Hamper.  This is why you sometimes get crushed boxes in the mail....from other packages falling into the hamper on top of your package.

FEDEX drivers do get Fired if they screw up. Not sure how UPS drivers fair based on performance. If you get a job at the Post Office your set for life no matter how much of a Screw-up You are.  There is no incentive at the Post Office to do anything well or have good attendance. Every clerk gets paid the same after 5 years....thats why I NEVER use the Post Office unless there is no alternative. 
To add, when I went to fed ex to start my claim, they informed me that the boxes need to be able to withstand 150 pounds.  I guess this is due to stacking boxes but can you imagine someone 150 pounds standing on your $3,000 amp?
"Treat every package like it's you own."
Very few (if any) shipping company employees live by this rule.
From my own past experience, FedEx is easier than UPS to deal with as far as claims go. Took me 60 days once to get compensation from UPS for a broken faceplate on a McIntosh amp. It was much quicker the next time it happened with FedEx.
I worked in a UPS hub 10 years ago sorting packages and loading them into 40ft trucks. The package will be dropped via conveyor to its designated truck and most of the time the sorter has so many packages on top of each other you have to literally step on the packages and I have to do that a couple of times because there is nowhere else to step on because they just keeps coming and you are by yourself and have to stack them nice and tight on the front of the 40fter until you reach the back. I quit after 1 month of that horrible workplace.
One need to exercise caution when shipping speakers with Fedex. Recently I sold a buyer a pair of Monitor Audio Gold 50 with Monitor Audio stands. Because I didn't have the original boxes and packing materials, I took them to Fedex and had their personnel, pack, boxed and ship the speakers from Atlanta to Conn. at a cost of $357.00. They arrived damaged and the buyer obviously was very upset and rightfully demanded a refund. Fedex initially declined my claim because the outside of the box was not damaged according to their inspectors even though the speakers and stands inside were very damaged. I had to take Fedex to small claims court to recover the cost of the speakers, shipment cost and court filing fee. BTW, a senior claims agent had recommended Fedex pay the claim but he was over ruled. A company attorney stepped in after I file the claim in small claims court and settled stating that the company had made a mistake in not settling with me initially. "Be careful how you use Fedex when shipping speakers."
I've received several items that were shipped "signature required". They were just left at the door, one damaged the other okay. Maybe it's a COVID thing?
I sell equipment and use FedEx routinely to ship demos out.  One of them is essentially a 50lb egg in a 20x20x20 box.  There was not enough focus made to the tape on the bottom.  The customer confirmed the FedEx driver got it loaded onto the truck but all I got the next day was an empty box delivered.  There was a new piece of tape on the bottom at a diagonal.  Somewhere in their process the bottom flap opened and my $6000 piece of equipment was broken.  They said nothing!!  

I recently had a $15,000 piece of audio equipment shipped to my home from the mfg and their bottom flap had split 90% of the way.  The last inch on both sides was all that was left holding it together.  

I share to all so more focus is placed on bottom flaps.  We always are looking at the top and get it secured but all the force is on the bottom.  Roll those boxes over and secure it really really well!

Insure and hope for the best!
We have been shipping for over 4 decades and have seen the shipping companies change dramatically over the years. The shipping companies focus is now on quantity not quality and the pandemic has made it many times worse. It does not matter if it is UPS or FedEx or any other non commercial shipping company you are shooting craps when it comes to shipping fragile products. For the shipping companies it is all about speed ( and we all know speed kills) not protecting your shipment, you on the other hand want both. Here is how it works - You want to ship your 100 pound amplifier from New York to San Francisco in 3 days for less than a thousand dollars, lets say you do have the factory boxes that are mediocre at best and do not comply with the shipping companies requirements for packing but you send it off anyway how could anything go wrong? The shipping company will handle your package with kid gloves as it is transferred the half a dozen or more times from one transport vehicle to another because they know it is very valuable piece of equipment right? The reality of what happens to your equipment has been posted many times by former or current employees of all the shipping companies, bottom line it ain't nice. You can always file a damage claim if all goes wrong right? Yes that is true but don't expect to get your money unless (1) you packed it according to the companies packing guide lines. (2) You bought damage insurance. (3) You took pictures when you packed the unit. (4) The recipient took pictures of the damaged box before opening and the damaged unit after opening. (5) For any amount over $1,000.00 ( some times less) expect to take the shipper to court if you want your money.
It has gotten so bad during the pandemic that if we ship any high value items we either drive them across country ourselves or we build heavy wooden crates and strap them to an oak pallet with steel straps. Why? Many times pallets are stacked on top of each other to optimize the space inside the truck. Each year shipping damage seems to increase, we are not sure how the manufactures deal with all the shipping damage that occurs to their products every year. 

35,000 Euro for the same updated remote.
We need more info on this!


They are for a Klemm Bohrtechnik foundational drilling rig. They start and tram the unit. They run all the rotary heads and it had a Top Hammer. Clamping and breaking devices. On board flushing system. KR 807D (if I remember) had an automated casing and drill steel handler. There is an easy 120 functions with plenty of room for more.

That’s not the trick. They work in grout all day long. They drop those remotes IN the grout all the time.. They wash the remoted with a cold pressure washer.. They keep working.. With or without cable either or..

LOL The guy actually had one stolen out of his PU 8-10 years ago it was 28K. I almost passed out.. FROM 8k the time before. If I remember the exchange the first time was 100 EU was 80 USD the second time the exchange almost doubled 1.50 usd for a single EU. 35k is an estimate. I bet I'm real close..

German made remote system if I remember. Maybe Swiss..