TMR Audio; Never Again

First off thanks for the community for trying to help me with the Aurender A10 over the weekend, though I never did get it to play music. Turns out it wasn't my incompetence THIS time, it's defective. I just spoke to Ari from Aurender who DID call me back, TMR never did, still waiting. TMR was uncooperative ignoring me totally. Never again!


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.  I've purchased from TMR previously and made two returns without issue.  YMMV.

I traded in a Mac amp and purchased a Mac amp from them. I also bought a CJ MF2550 and a Marantz SA 8005 from them.  All items looked and performed better than advertised and I received very prompt shipping.  Never had any issues.  They are very good at what they do. 

Hi Joe, I’m the owner of The Music Room, and I’d like to respond. Firstly let’s agree on something - it is rare that you’ll find any business that offers post-sale, technical troubleshooting and support on pre-owned products. Every product that we sell carries a 45-day warranty and post-sale support. We do this for thousands of brands spanning decades of audio knowledge, and we maintain an impeccable reputation while selling nearly 1000 used products every month. When there is a problem after the sale, we generally ask customers to document the issues in writing so that we can avoid any confusion or misunderstandings that can result from "the telephone game."

Our support team has been a little overwhelmed in the days following the busiest shopping week of the year - particularly with a couple of folks still out on vacation. That said, to suggest that anyone on our team was "uncooperative" is not an accurate characterization. You called on Friday and reported that you were having trouble. Our receptionist opened a support ticket to escalate to troubleshooting. A member of our support team later emailed you asking to provide details on the issue you were experiencing. Your response did not include any details on the issue but did state your intention to never do business with us again.

We then responded again earlier today (On Monday as we are closed on the weekends) with another troubleshooting question, a suggestion to try (based on the little information we had) and an offer to help further if needed. Your response to that was hostile and threatening - including a threat to broadcast your discontent on Audiogon. If you are going to air your grievances with my business in public, let’s at least be factual. I understand that setting up complex digital products of this nature can be frustrating. I’ve been there. And as much as I wish we could have technical experts ready to do advanced troubleshooting by phone on every product we sell 24/7, I’m afraid we’re not quite there yet.

It’s worth noting that the while unit you purchased carried our "Certified Pre-owned" badge, it had never been used previously for more than a few hours, and as an "open box" buy, it came with a full manufacturer warranty. Unless something was damaged in shipping, it is highly unlikely that it would be defective. I would encourage you to continue troubleshooting.

In spite of the obvious mis-understanding, we’re still eager to be of assistance and try to resolve this for you. Please work with our support team through the proper channels, and we’ll be happy to get this resolved for you. I am including my direct contact below where you or any of our valued customers can reach me at any time if you are not receiving the level of customer service that we promise.

Josh Jackson (owner)

@tmraudio  +1 

In addition, Audiogon should have a strict policy that it will not / does not tolerate adjudication via it's forum. It's almost always biased against sellers and often without cause.

+1 on Josh 

All good. 

The jury is out on the OP and it don't look hung.


I have had great interactions and purchased from TMR. I think they are an asset to our community

@joeyfed55 With all due respect you could have enlisted Aurender's online diagnostic service where an engineer will log into your unit online and fix it, if possible.

Reading the manual also helps. You would have known about this if you had read the manual. Manuals are avilable online if you didn't get one.

This is like giving bad feedback on eBay before the seller can respond.


I have never purchased from TMR but I sure would after reading their response.

OP, be kind, mate! Relax and save your arrows for the enemy!!

this is a hobby.

I will say all my experiences with TMR have been very positive even if I did not buy a particular item from them.

I did buy SF speakers from them and they were perfect.

@joeyfed55 looks like a case of Pre-mature escalation!  Maybe try a Valium next time, you seem a little high strung. Tis the season! 🎅

Nothing but good experience with TMR Audio here.  They are not perfect, but work hard to have a satisfied customer.  I've bought and sold several items from them over the past year or two.  

I have bought a few things from TMR Audio.  I have nothing but praise for them.  Shipped fast and all items came in perfectly  Would buy from them anytime!

I bought an Audio Research LS-27 preamp. It was packed well, quickly shipped and a good deal. I was very happy with my one transaction and wouldn't hesitate to do business with TMR again.

Sounds like the last thread bashing TMR. IIRC, that was a pissed off buyer that couldn't get an instant reply over a holiday. Jeez, Louise.

I too have purchased a few items from TMR and have been very pleased with their EXCELLENT customer service. They stepped right up and corrected a manufacturers error in shipping about a month ago. Everything was made right in a matter of about a week. Ian was very helpful and understanding.


TMR's response to this issue seems to be spot on. My dealings with them were excellent on all counts.

I've never dealt with TMR and don't need anything at the moment, but the response here is so overwhelming that I need look at their inventory and see if there is anything I don't need but want anyway!

Josh, that was one of the best responses I have ever read from a vendor. I look forward to doing business in the future.

I have never purchased from TMR but am currently in the market for an amplifier. After reading this full thread, I actually hope it works out that I buy said amp from them..

It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience.   Your experience does not mirror mine.   I purchased a pair of Triangle Speakers from TMR and found their post-sale service and support to be exceptional.


Is it possible that that your challenge lies elsewhere?   Audio systems can be complex; TMR’s customer service is not.

Never even heard of TMR before this thread.  

now I gotta go check their inventory, 


Same here… multiple transactions with TMR on both sides of the game, buying and selling. Class act all the way. 


That fact that you chose this venue to air your issue

pretty much tells me all I need to know. 

You need some mirror time my friend.

After hearing the WHOLE story and not just the version from @joeyfed55, it’s obvious that Joey fed the Forum a pile of bullshit. I’ve never done business with TMR, either, but after reading the response from Josh the owner, I will do so in the future.

People like the OP should be banned from Social Media until they pull the stick out of their arse.

TMR is good place to buy, I have good  experience with them, Highly recommended. Joey you will be help by Josh. This company is a good one.

I've purchased 2 items from TMR.

Like others stated, I had nothing but a first class, positive experience with them and would not hesitate to buy from them again.


I think that TMR should've called the OP first thing on Monday instead of sending another email asking for details.  The OP bought an expensive (> $3k) equipment and it wasn't working on arrival - shouldn't that have been an adequate flag for TMR? TMR should have fixed the issue before responding on this forum - that would've been a better approach. I don't see the OP at fault here.

I'm a big fan of TMR. They are the only "institutional buyer" in the audiophile space that I know of--buying at wholesale prices and flipping for used prices. That's a tricky business model to get right, and I'm impressed with what they've accomplished. iBuyers have to staff acquisitions and due diligence teams, sales and marketing teams, figuring out how to warehouse and ship gear, maintain financing backers or lines of credit, and they have to price gear in such a way as to account for the time items will take to resell and the interest the loans will accrue all while turning a profit. I think it's wonderful we have an iBuyer in our hobby, and I'm grateful that TMR is as good as they are. 

iBuyers provide value on both sides of the equation: a convenient sale and immediate liquidity for sellers and tested gear for second-hand buyers from a trusted source. I prefer to buy most of my used gear through TMR because of their consistent experience. Buying from individuals can be a crap shoot by comparison--having to deal with exchanging gear for payment between non-professionals while being sensitive to the possibility of a scam. I'm not affiliated with TMR. I'm just a businessman myself who knows when he's being served by a great business. Keep up the great work @tmraudio 

The entitlement some people have never ceases to amaze. This is another example. You are not their only customer. Friday to Monday with two requests for more info from TMR, is more than adequate response.

But, I guess you needed someone to hold your hand and comfort you through what was obviously a very traumatic emergency  for you.

Never bought anything from TMR, but I’m off to check out their inventory now.


Well, it looks like the OP is eating crow now, and he hasn't even had the decency to offer an apology.

TMR is fantastic.  Sold to them, bought from them, my father buys from them, my brother, friends.  They.  Are.  Great.  

Full stop.  

i too have had only positive interactions with tmr - they are a good outfit

I’ve bought numerous pieces of gear from TMR, have returned hasty purchases as well as sold back and upgraded with no issue. I’ve also received friendly technical help when stumped by a few issues. Great company with great prices and customer service IMO.

It’s not very often you see professional behavior on here. Josh, you seem like a stand up guy. I’d trust you with my kids if I had any. You should print this thread, and all of the responses and either put them in a training manual for your sales people and customer facing tech or just slap it somewhere on your yelp somehow.

I also have bought several Items from them and its been great ! I was going to buy an Item from them but the salesman informed me that the piece I had was better than the piece I was going to buy from them! Not often does a salesman talk you out of a sale! I HIGHLY recommend them!

They’re the future of how the industry does business, also only extremely positive experiences.

I also have purchased a pair of speakers and a sub from them. Great transactions and the merchandise was in better shape than indicated. They are also always ready to answer any questions I have promptly by email and have had no problem contacting them by phone either. Highly recommend!

Looks like we have another drive-by thread where the poster disappears when the reception isn't what they thought it would be. Typical.



TMR has been exceptional in all my dealings with them. The OP's damaging broadside against a reputable seller should be deleted by moderators.

@tmraudio tmraudiom

I haven't had the occasion to do any business with your company.  I am very impressed with your demeanor and  compartment. Perhaps even more impressive are the multitude of positive comments from  those who've conducted transactions with your business. This is a testament  to what you are doing and  as well  an obvious sign of how to successfully run a business. Keep it up!


I've sold a handful of items to TMR and everything has gone smoothly. One time was for cash, the other was on consignment. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

I have also purchased from TMR in the past with great results. Last week I purchased another product and immediately after the purchase decided to change the item. They were very accommodating and made the switch effortlessly. Good folks to work with.

Add me to the list of satisfied TMR customers. Nick has been a fabulous person to work with there. Josh's response is a mirror image of their customer service values.


Another satisfied TMR customer.

I have bought from them several times and never had a problem with their sales or help departments.


Nothing but good experiences for me.

I bought an ARC LS26 and a couple of the capacitors came loose during shipping.  They made it super easy to return it and sent it back with upgraded capacitors.  It's been working like a champ for years.  Everyone I talked to was nice and super helpful.

Sad to see one disgruntled keyboard warrior bring his poor attitude towards the world here instead of working things out with TMR.

Another great experience with TMR here. I purchased a Jeff Rowland Model 2 amplifier that had a noise issue in one channel. They picked up return shipping, had the unit repaired and reshipped all at their expense in a more than reasonable time frame.

TMR is one of the "good guys" in high end audio.