Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
Chances are that if they are really that bad, we probably would've never heard of them them. Bands build reputations by people spreading the news. How many people have you ever heard say " did you hear ( insert generic band name here ) album ? It's sooooo bad, you won't believe it. You've got to buy it !!! " Not too common, is it ? Other than that, you can start naming just about all of the bands that get played on MTV on a regular basis. Sean >
I wholeheartedly agree that The Black Crows are one of the worst rock bands. Seeing the great Jimmy Page associate with them makes sick. I don't know which is worse, Jimmy Page and The Black Crows, Jimmy Page and Puff Daddy, or Coverdale/Page. Hey, here's an idea! How about Led Zep and Page!!
All 70's bands that wore cape's like Styx, Yes, etc.., but you have to consider bands like Boston and Journey with those profound lyric's like "Are you hot Mama? you look that way to me"
Any so called Rock band today! Rock music today sounds like there in pain. Rock died when John did!
A little off track, but the worst album by a once great band has to be the latest by Crosby,Stills Nash and Young. What were they thinking?
I'd say Oasis. 30 years after the Beatles they still don't know how to make their own music.
Agree w/ all of the above. Also, not a band, but Eddie Money (Mahoney) is one of the worst contemporary examples of talentless joe getting foisted on public by Bill Graham's promotional machine. Was a period in the 70's you couldn't go to any big concert (a la Day on the Green here in SF Bay Area) without having this guy on the bill. Also a waste of vinyl was Steve Miller. Hilarious comment by Miles Davis in his autobio...how Miles usually is down on white musicians, but in Miller's case simply pitied him for being so devoiod of talent. Most of the 80's LA metal scene was pathetic...Ratt, Twisted Sister, Poison. On the flip side, anyone have votes for most underrated bands?
I liked Ratt, and Journey too. Ratt ne how to perform live, the drummer alone was one of the best ever! You must be over 40, or something. The 70's had plenty of terrible music, too! (i.e, most of Fleetwood Mack)................Agree about Jimmy Page, talk about a guy that's gone downhill to below the bottom! And he's even too lazy to approve the Classic Records reissues of all the Zeppelin vinyl that we wait for with baited breath!
how about "sweet" with songs like "fox on the run" and "ballroom blitz"........
Some of the worst eas from 1964 to 1971. Supertramp sucked. All the 80's New Wave was crap. The ex- lead singer for 10,000 Manics has got to be the lousiest ever. She surpasses Marriane Faithful!
How can you say that about the Black Crows ?!? They are awesome ! I think Dave Roth's band wins as all time worst. Lot's of talent, none of it used....
Who really cares who is. I'm sure you listened to some bands and never really admit it, and I can say that sometimes even the "bad" bands seem to have some sonic quality on a good system. Oh yeah, and I guess thats why were into high end audio in the first place.
What is this? can't you guys come up with something worse? Everyone of these bands has a few good songs. I mean there worth having around because with a little bit of effort in weeding out the crap songs there is some redeeming material. STYX greatest hits is one of my favorites. Come sail away, crystal ball, MR. Roboto they all rock. Didn't twisted sister sing that "were not going to take it" song. I still love ballroom blitz That song gets you moving. The sex pistols had "anarchi". And didn't journey have that cool "wheel in the sky" song? No Doubt was one of my favorite bands for about a year. And they are really good in concert. I think Natalie Merchant was better in 10,000 maniacs but her album I have is quit decent and a very good recording for mainstream. Also her songs made it fairly high on the charts. I don't know maybe I just like it all, But come on guys there has to be worse stuff than this.
How about THE ARCHIES ?? any one have a problem with that? Or The Partridge Family.Anyone DARE to admit being a fan of these "bands"?
I admit to liking the Brady Bunch "Sunshine Day", don't think they wrote it, though. Don't own a CD of it, either. Anyone see the TV "tell alls" recently? I thought they were interesting, and even cute. I loved both of the feature films too, they were hilarious! Even kind of derided the whole concept, but that's what made it funny. Like when they flew to Hawaii, but still had their green station wagon to drive around, heh heh heh.
I find it hard to believe, but no one yet has mentioned Kiss. In the 70's, Kiss was representative of everything that was bad about rock and rock culture in general. I'll agree with the above on: Sweet, Pablo Cruise, Steve Miller (can't compose lyrics), and any heavy metal after 1977, especially this Metallica, Iron Maiden et al Devil-worship crap. Why I laughed so hard all through Wayne's World I and II was the spoofing of 70's rock culture, which, when you 'grow-up' musically, is alot of fun to make fun of. I still however, occasionally listen to Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Genesis (before 1978 of course).
You guys better go easy on The Archies. Sugar Sugar was the song of the year in 1969.
How about REO Speedwagon? They were bribing the record company execs of the same company that left The Clash with nothing.
All of you are missing the mark badly. The worst ever is THE ROLLING STONES. They haven't done anything creative since the 70's. But they got their big marketing machine rolling good. Their music is horrible and they always sounded bad together. They could never think of solo careers because that would require talent. IMHO, they top the list.
Sorry Puckie, but the Rolling Stones have written some of the gretest songs ever and helped to define the genre even if they are a bit crusty and stale now. There are better choices if you want to knock a big group.Try the Jefferson Airplane.
GWAR puts on great live shows although I'll admit their lyrics are a bit strange. At least they are doing it their way and have been successful for over 10 years.
I'd have to vote for "Faster Pussycat". An 80's band. Terrible. I don't think they ever produced anything good -- but none the less managed to get fairly popular. I (fortunately) completely forgot of the existance of this band until my girlfriend reminded me of them when I mentioned this chat topic. The thought brings back shudders -- even with the little that I can remember of their music!
That guy that did "Ricko Suave". PATHETIC! Ricky Martin is a big lip-sync no-talent too!
The Black Crows may not be the greatest, but they are far from being the worst. Axle Rose's voice is awesome. Can you imagine anyone else singing "The Jungle" or "November Rain"? Axle may be the Minute Man, but he is a fine singer neverthless. Peace.
I use to like Steely Dan there new CD is pathetic like most resurrected rock bands. Who was the losers that recorded the new Santana CD. One of the worst sounds ever for newly recorded material.
Korn, limp bizcut and kid rock, but i guess they don't really count as they claim to be rock bands but are really more like rap
All the disco ducks and coke-rockers from Saturday night Fever to the (not including) Specials.
I think so far we just have a sample of the posible bands that should be included. Starting in the '50s, but really taking off in the '70s....the marketing of a group began to have more to do with success than talent. Remember Milli- Vanilli (SP?)! Nothing has had more impact on this than videos. They took the focus away from music and marketing what was hot or trendy at the moment became the guiding light. Although all that said and done the real "death" by marketing, is now taking place in country music.
Hey, I liked "Sweet" as a kid and still do. "Love Is Like Oxygen" is a classic and good sound too!
Limp was a real limp no talent band (com'on Nookie?), but the most annoying songs in my world are Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" and every bloated song by Styx. Made punk and hardcore become relevant in my world. Total cringe factor.
This is ez.

The worst rock band ever was LA Guns. I saw them open for GNR. Hard core bikers ran for the exits at MSG, their ears literally bleeding. Me? I'd brought along a box of cotton and sold it for 10 bucks a ball; 2 balls for $17.50. I made more money than the notrous oxide vendors.

And people say Axel is dumb.


After these guys, GNR sounded great...which, in fact, they were.
The current Stones are terrible. You know a band is on the downswing when they have a horn section. I remember Keith performing some BS song he wrote. What GARBAGE. It was worse than "My Ding-a-Ling".

Steely Dan stinks.