Do people tire of audio forums?

Not sure how much interest this will generate since members who've left audio forums, or at least this forum aren't here to comment.


Anyway, I've been one to come and go from forums of all kinds over many years, this for any number of reasons. So recently I've been lurking again, checking in perhaps once a week, came across a recent post where a member stated he was leaving because he felt unappreciated. Got me to thinking how much this sentiment enters into people decisions to participate or not participate in this forum, or any other forum for that matter.


Based on my observations and experience, being unappreciated and/or underappreciated is inherent to the hobby/obsession. Unless one has very wide experience with equipment in their home system or systems they have only limited empirical evidence to offer. For instance I'm exclusively involved with SET, custom build and modification. only limited numbers of members have interest in this, so appreciation only goes so far.


Seems to me, a whole lot of people on these forums speak on things they've only heard from others, or have very limited experience with, suppose this makes them feel important. And then some are provocateurs, get their need to be appreciated fulfilled in this manner, guess arguing feels like appreciation for them. Based on my observations the need to feel appreciated is important for people both to continue to participate and in decisions to leave.


I've also been perusing some past posts where members are leaving and remarking about how audiogon was a more friendly place at some time in the past. I don't recall a time when that was true, there have always been bully's, provocateurs, self important people here. I believe this nostalgia comes from a time when this individual was still making many new audio discoveries. I suspect many of us settle down into satisfactory and/or dream systems and no longer have much interest in new discoveries. I for one don't see this forum ever changing much, members come and go, always newbies and oldies, same arguments and agreements go on and on.


For me, interest in talking about audio waxes and wanes, never get tired of listening to music over a fine system, just get tired of talking and thinking about everything that goes into creating and maintaining a system. Feeling like you're repeating yourself and seeing the same old posts gets stale for me, so I leave. If past repeats itself I'll likely find audio talk to be of interest at some point in the future.


Just interested if others have similar experiences or observations.



I still mostly enjoy the forums, and often find them informative. I do find them more combative these days. Lots of good information, but also lots of incorrect factual information. Various opinions are interesting. Certainly some topics have new, endless threads, identical to older ones, for many debates...

My one joy in life is discussing the meaning of high-end audio, so.... no?  😂

I come here mainly to help others and I get very little feedback. Fortunately my ego doesn't dictate and if I can occasionally help some one all's good! I don't care for or often participate in the philosophy and equipment threads. Life is too short. If I were here for accolades I'd be long gone.

Came back to forums after a year or so break. Not sure how this impacts the forum but in talking with people it seems like used gear sales are down. I think we came off a few years or scarcity and companies are up and producing again. Dealers are selling at lower prices to stay afloat. 

Also think the buyer/seller clientele has changed over the past 10 years. Not as fun, more tire kickers perhaps. Maybe this plays a role in the passion of those in the forums compared to years past?

The advice in forums must be taken with a grain of salt because many jump on bandwagons or even create them. Several members are good at puffing up their recent buys or dealers, likely getting a cut of the pie.  The internet is a wild place.

Enjoy the forums mostly. Facebook must have taken a cut of forum time for many too.

OP filter the things does not interest you, This forum with all the disagreements and different opinions, I still enjoy it. On Cables especially its very comical. Like if there is a new thread? 99% Jasonbourne goes on opposite direction.. I find that fun sometimes.

I agree this forum and others have been instrumental in helping me assemble my dream system. So, as one accumulates knowledge and experience forums less valuable for that, left to passing on that knowledge and experience. At some point one begins to repeat themselves with this, how many times can you say the same thing over and over. The only times this doesn't get stale for me is when I'm changing out equipment which gets continually rarer as my system has evolved into stasis.

@sns I am in full agreement with your observations. One of my biggest annoyance is statements like  "I read/heard about component x and I highly recommend it".🙄

Agree with cdc, +1 @sns.

When really getting into 2-channel I would search the various audio forums, but always felt Audiogon forums was a great data point that seemed more valuable than others, which encouraged me to join. To your point OP, I’m currently in my early 40’s and have only been in this hobby for the past 15 years; I'm still learning, experimenting, and attempting to find synergy. My experience is limited given the average age (61) of this forum and subsequently the experience that comes with it, which to me is of value.

Unsure if the forum voice has changed over the years, but if so, maybe it’s because we’re all becoming older. If true, I’m okay with this since grumpy old men were always entertaining to have conversations with :)

@sns What keeps me engaged or not has a lot to do with who is in conversation. There are some members I reliably learn from -- including yourself. 

Sometimes a poster has actual experience with something -- that's helpful but of course it's an "n of one." (Their ears, room, etc.)

Other posters have been enormously helpful in explaining things to me and, in one memorable case, troubleshooting some reversed polarity outlets.

Other posters have enormous range of experience with, say, a DAC or amps or acoustics. They speak to the aesthetics or the workings of those things.

Some are just time-wasters or puffed shirts. Some write way too much for anyone to read. They're pretty obvious and either get pushback or quietly ignored.

The last type of poster is someone capable about speaking to the meanings involved -- the interface between sound and music, the different approaches that one might take to a system. Non-dogmatic, these posters open up the meanings involved -- by clarifying, expanding, relating, questioning. 

@sns + 1 to the n where n is a reasonable but not ego inflammation inducing value…

you display exactly the kind of introspection and emotional intelligence that i value in the best contributors here … audiophile know thyself is a mantra i try to live by…

Remember, even the great Nelson Pass moved on from statis… ha. 

There are a lot of what i call low sample size audiophiles that post about gear, rooms, they have never heard… an aggressive noise filter helps….

finally energize yourself with new learning… even the change agent needs a change agent….

Best to you


@erik_squires i believe Java was your other one true love…. ha. Sightglass as my feeble mind would have it, … no ?

One of my mentors coming up in my career at a technical company was one of the first fifty people at NASA. Something like 8 basic rocket propulsion patents to his name..including a big one… arguably made Saturn possible…. In his early eighties enrolled in Electrical Engineering…. rode the bus to UW… mixed it up with the kids…. had homework… = lifelong learner…

Be that guy…

RIP Tony….


It’s nice to see you back. I suspected that you had gravitated toward forums that are more esoteric/DIY centric and delve deeper into the weeds.😊


I've been on this forum for gulp 24 years now and it's totally a part of my life I can't quit.😋

For me, Audiogon = "check out any time you like, you can never leave". Kind of like addiction.

I believe that it was easier to have discussions here back in the beginning.Too often now they turn into arguments between the same few members. The same questions over and over do get tedious also.If new members would take some time to read some of the older threads many questions would be answered for them. I take time off,sometimes years.I'm a mod on another forum (unrelated to audio) and I get tired of that one too.But I continue to learn things here and occasionally help someone so I stick around.

Since retirement, I have some extra time and have therefore been on here more than previously.

I do find it very helpful in amassing background information about products, brands, processes and trends. What I dislike is how some members use the site to pontificate, or worse, denigrate anyone that lacks their knowledge or bank account.

That being said, I do enjoy the majority of comments, the diversity of topics that OP's bring up and getting to know the individual personalities of some of the members.



I’m okay with this since grumpy old men were always entertaining to have conversations with :)


_ _ _ _ _ _

I stop by once in a while to see if there's anything new.  Long ago, I learned how to skip over posts by flat-earthers, naysayers and navel-gazers.

One of my biggest rewards from joining AudiogoN is - a grand piano sounds like a grand piano - via streaming*.   Another huge one is that my appreciation for all types of genres has exploded.  The audio journey has been fun adventure - into music - and physics.

_ _ _ _

*Nota bene: Thanks to advice proffered by the OP and others. +1


I agree about the repetitive nature of some topics, which is why spend more time just researching products and finding answers to questions.

That being said, I do wish the software used to search the forum's database was a little less "basic" and allowed for more functionality.

I propose Audiogon institute a "like’ system" for posts. Whoever gets the most likes in one week is crowned "Audiogon Champion" and gets a gold star next to all his/ her posts the following week. Second and third place would get silver and bronze star.


The Siren call of convenience and limitless availability has converted many a vinyl junkie, myself included, but “Let’s talk about digital” doesn’t stir my soul the way tubes and vinyl did.  And that’s 90% of the posts these days.  

With there being fewer and fewer Hifi stores, I rely on the forums for information from others who have brand X and their mostly unbiased options of the product.

It’s a hobby, not a commitment. People come and go as they please.

Most on this forum are knowledgeable and helpful, but yes there are some who seem to be touchy, argumentative, narrow minded (their truth is universal), and directly angered at specific members. Often, some resent the expensive/unaffordable components, sometimes this resentment seems directed at the purchaser.

But recently things have gotten better. In the past, it seemed that Millercarbon was a focal point for a lot of resentment, I noticed many snide remarks adding to the fuel. In his absence, things seem to have greatly calmed down.

Audio forums are a key source of finding products, fixing problems, helping and receiving help.

What make me tire of forums is when a forum owner, or so called 'gort begins to believe that they need to intercede into everything and act in a superior manner.

This happened on WBF and on Steve Hoffman. I cannot say I miss either of these the blowhards are still there. 

Another thing that makes me move on, is a forum with a philosophy that dictates what one can believe in and post...Again, a miss for me!

WBF, snooty or well informed with plenty of money to blow?


As for diy or custom build like me, diy forums are the worst as  objectivists predominate, all about measurements. Audiophilestyle forum an exception, built my streaming setup based on info gained there. 


In my estimation, Audiogon best audio forum, widest range of interests and information available on interwebs.

@charles1dad Charles, you are one of the most positive voices I've encountered in any forum. Go Blue!

@hilde45 I've been gleaning info from your Rel sub posts, very helpful for setting up the pair of Rel subs I purchased, must be selling big time as I'm waiting on backorder for both.

I think sometimes you can get tired of the forums. However, I have gotten good info on some forums.  Great tweaks and great music suggestions.  But I think people talking wreckless has destroyed the expected normal discourse.  People can’t agree to disagree.  People wanna get the last word. Done with that. Just wanna enjoy the music after a long day.  I just had someone be super pushy on a thread I did 


In my estimation, Audiogon best audio forum, widest range of interests and information available on interwebs

If you factor in all aspects you can make a strong case for this site. I will say however there is much that I appreciate about WBF. Members there don’t seem to express jealousy/envy/resentment toward those who have higher levels of disposable income and choose to purchase higher priced audio products.

I have always believed that what an adult spends their money on is their business and not mine. One of the weaknesses of this site is the public display of envy and resentment coupled with the snide and condescending commentary. Don’t begrudge those who have more, that’s petty in my opinion.


Thanks for your very kind comments above. Go blue!!! 😊👍


Athens around 400 BC

Ortofon asks Euphonix

"You ever get tired of coming to the Forum dressed in your finest toga arguing about philosophy and who has the best slaves?"

Euphonix replies "Not really. Surely not going to stay home with Martha and the kids."

For me the primary reason I am here is that I’ve no one else to talk to about this hobby, this obsession… what got me hooked in the first place was hanging out, then working in the only true high end shop we had here in town. It was a great place to listen to music, play around with gear, and drink copious amounts of Irish coffee.
We had our regulars, coming in usually on Saturday afternoons. We would sit and listen, debate and talk about music and gear. When the shop would close for the CES show, some of them would join us at the show.

I miss that interaction, that is until I joined AG.

My other purpose here is seeking advice when I’ve got the itch. Many parts of my current system are there because of the great and enjoyable suggestions I’ve received right here. Someone suggests something, I then find out where I can take a listen and go for it… I have met and interacted with some really great members here. 

additionally through here at AG I found a real gem of a shop quite close to me that makes me feel like old times. A real HIFI shop with a knowledgeable and super friendly owner who is more than happy to talk audio, have me listen to new gear and just generally be a great guy. Northern Audio in west PA. Icing on the cake is his awesome record store on the ground floor.

Happy listening..

Audio isn’t as obvious or as tactile as some hobbies. It’s a very subjective, personal, and emotional experience that’s unique to every one. There are multiple ways of doing it right, the price range of systems and experience of the users can be all over the map, and I suspect it tends to attract some less social eccentric types than something like cycling, photography, cooking, painting, model trains. Audio experiences are hard to describe, and it’s difficult to share an emotional experience within the context of an audio forum, so it’s sometimes a tough place have fun.

Audio forums can be pretty controversial, and there’s less support for each other in general compared to something like a woodworking forum, where the beginners and experts are easier to identify, thus less controversy about each other’s input. Sometimes I get tired of the controversary and lack of enjoyment for each other’s systems and experiences on forums, but there are still good moments or we wouldn’t be here. We’re all here to share and learn, no one knows everything... if you think you do, you’re no longer learning.

@sns Backorder on REL's! Gotcha. FWIW, I really, also, like my Rythmik subs and believe they offer equal performance for better price and are more adjustable than REL. There's debate but I'm happy. FWIW. Good luck taming that bass!

@Sns - I completely agree with your observations. One particular trait that gets my goat is posters with an absolutist view who really just post looking for affirmation that their view is correct and then entirely refuse to engage with any reasoned arguments that go against their dogma.

This is the site that talked me into streaming, me, a stubborn "analogue rules" old man. I will always be indebted to it regardless of all its shortcomings. 

If you put your multimeter leads on the ends of the hot dog, there is clearly no measurable difference between ketchup and kraut, or mustard and onion, therefore there can be no scientific difference in how they taste.


(that was a joke, folks)

I could do with less of that sort of thing, but overall, I think A'gon is one of the better forums out there.

I do wish this place had an "ignore member" button, though.



If you put your multimeter leads on the ends of the hot dog, there is clearly no measurable difference between ketchup and kraut, or mustard and onion, therefore there can be no scientific difference in how they taste.

Love that!  (permission to use that for a future discussion?!) 😁

Do people tire of audio forums?

Sure, people tire of many things and then re-ignite their interest, if it is something they are passionate about.  Your responses below indicate most here believe the good outweighs the bad and that a little more self-restraint and empathy by those posting on these forums would largely mitigate the stuff people don't appreciate.  I have learned a great deal in over 20 years here.


Cyber hot dogs...

Past faves were Tekton and Raven posts, but now it's Audio Research worship.



it took over 500 words to ask the question if folks are tired of this forum.

you have my answer.

I have definitely gotten excellent help here, and have always tried to say so.

Nevertheless, as several supportive members here know I have nearly left twice, they have given me enough positive energy that I stayed (which some may not like)! I could of course just be whining, or seeking attention.

my biggest problem is that OP's do not have the courtesy to acknowledge replies, even if they do not agree with a posters suggestions (myself and others)

next is the site's ridiculous prevention of members sharing personal information.