Can I Trust The Music Room's Product Description?

I few weeks ago, I bought a used Chord Hugo 2 headphone amp/DAC from The Music Room, a vendor I had grown to trust after a few successful new-item purchases. This time, I’m not so sure if I can trust the company or not. In their product description, The Music Room had advertised the Hugo 2 as being a year old. When it arrived, from the serial number, I discerned that it had been made in 2020, 3 years back. I called my salesperson at The Music Room and he was surprised he had sold me an older model. I guess it could have been manufactured in 2020 and not sold till 2022, so it would then be a year old in a sense.I asked the salesperson, "If the Hugo 2 is really a year old, isn’t the warranty still active? Can I get it assigned to me?" The salesperson said he’d look into it and get back to me. Weeks have gone by with no resolution. I don’t think I will ever get a warranty, and figure it probably expired with age after 3 years. My questions: Does The Music Room just put things up for sale without requiring any proof of age? Do they not inquire about transferring a warranty to the next buyer? Is this the best way they can do business?


I've several transactions with TMR and I feel they try to be accurate, but even with that, mistakes happen. Warranty usually doesn't start until item is purchased, not the production date. It could have sat on a shelf for a year before it was sold.

I doubt you'll find any audio reselling company that will research warranty transfer issues - it would just expose them to more issues if there's an issue. Sounds like the sales guy did cop-out "saying" he'd research the warranty transfer issue.

I would think you'd be able to return it you wish.

Maker’s warranty is always from INITIAL sales date. They usually only require a copy of the Original Sales Receipt to establish warranty start date.

Invoice would need to say ’New’ or ’Open Box’ to qualify for a ’fresh start’ of a maker’s full warranty.

IF invoice says ’used’, see below

It could have been in a warehouse for years, so serial # is irrelevant.

However, IF unit was registered with maker by original buyer, a copy of Maker’s email acknowledgement (to original buyer) with date/serial # might be enough, not sure. You could write maker, ask if serial # -------- is registered in their data.

’Remaining Warranty’ for a ’used’ unit:

1. does the maker (not the dealer) allow warranty transfer?

2. Copy of ------? establishing initial sales receipt would be needed.

3. Sometimes there is a maker’s process of confirmation (initial buyer/seller paperwork or online form needed to make the transfer of warranty).

4. Existing Aftermarket Warranty: some are not, some are transferrable, usually they require their process to be completed.

5. You can sometimes find/buy a warranty for used electronic equipment. You pick the $ range of coverage, the price reflects that.

i.e. for my Blackbird 12.5" Tonearm from Russia, I bought a 3 year Square Trade warranty ' 3/5/2020 to 3/5/2023 (hmm just ended) up to item's purchase price ($1,000.) for $109.

lucky I did, it needed it's wires replaced October 2021, copy of repair invoice from VAS got me full re-imbursement (cost far exceeded warranty price of $109.)


tmr are really good folks, they are earnest they are conscientious, but no one is perfect and gets everything just right every time, all the time

agree with elliot, serial # does not speak to age of unit w.r.t. warranty, which is triggered by the actual sale date to a customer from a retail establishment, and as elliott says, therefore the original retail sales invoice is the key piece of info that manufacturers (or their importers) want to see when a warranty claim is sought by an end user ... furthermore, specific manufacturers clearly state terms for their warranty transferability or applicability, and conditions pertaining to it (e.g. you need to register the product on their website etc etc)

I'd assume they also have to often take the seller's word for it as to its age; dunno if they've got enough staff to be looking up serial numbers for every used product they sell, and when I've sold stuff to them, they never asked for a serial number. But then again, I told them the truth. 

I think in the big picture TMR is top tier in regards to overall quality of operation for this stuff, but nobody is perfect. Manufacturer warranties on used items is not something I would bank on rather whatever assurances the reseller can offer.

@mysteriousmrm, please contact The Music Room ASAP and report your issue. Thanks. Please contact them today.

I have had many transactions with The Music Room and they are a top tier company.

@mysteriousmrm "Weeks have gone by with no resolution". 

Did you call TMR back for a follow-up?

Note: they've done good by me and do have a reasonable return policy. I've bought and sold to them on more than a few occasions. Twice I've had to call them back even when I'm trying to buy something from them. They do a good volume of business, and get busy. Hey, it may take another email or call from you some times. Give it a shot if you have not already tried. Best of Luck. 

TMR is by all reports a standup company and this sounds like a fairly minor issue more importantly is the Dac in mint condition? Does it sound good?

Honestly this topic probably should be removed. Aspersions have been cast, to what end? 

I returned an item I had bought and they made it easy. I have since bought from them and have been very satisfied.

Surely you must know that when you buy something used the warranty is typically no longer valid- and in your case- the unit is definitely beyond its warranty period- and was originally only under warranty to the first owner who had to present a valid, dated bill of sale from an authorized dealer in the event of a repair claim.

TMR is, in my experience, a solid company. Perhaps you could work out a trade up scenario for a newer edition of the unit?

TMR is a good company but they are not above reproach.  They do get things wrong including their condition ratings.  So let the OP have his say.  If we agree they are a good company, one complaint won't hurt their business.

i dont know how often, but they do throw things up for sale with out checking out or checking up on em thoroughly. i found a preamp i wanted there, and they had the wrong model. it took some effort teaching them. i twice found an item they were selling was missing parts. they didnt seem to know. 

I buy from TMR when I see a newer item I want. Why ? They offer a trial period

so returns are allowed. That is a value. Some idiots buy gear and unload it before

it is even burned in. Consequently they never heard what they bought at its best.

So if you buy a brand that allows warranties to pass to the next owner-such as Pass Labs does- you can do very well. 

That said TMR does not test everything. Last item I bought was never checked.

They did give me a $100 credit toward the next purchase when I brought it

to their attention. 

Do the leg work with a serial number and call the maker yourself. 

Also have a few transactions with TMR. All smooth, but did have a slight problem with new speakers (one of their authorized brands so it was new stock) recently. When I informed them of the issue they immediately sent me pre-paid shipping labels, put my speakers on their test bench the day after they received them, fixed the minor issue and sent them back that day with 2-day shipping for a Sunday delivery. They were professional and courteous at every step of the transaction. I’ll definitely do business with them again. Just me experience. 

I have done business with TMRon 3 occasions and one of the transaction involved a trade in of my amp. All transactions went perfectly from start to finish. When I purchased a used Conrad Johnson amp from them, it looked brand new even though it was used. Great company, highly recommended.

I’ve had a great experience with TMR.  I’ve sold a few items and purchased a few items and they are very good to deal with.  Probably worth reaching out and explaining your issue.  From my experience they are very responsive

I’ve had great experiences with TMR...multiple purchases and a few seamless returns after the trial period.

I’ve had good experiences with them. Did you contact them about your issue? They should address it. 

Yes, The Music Room did address it. Although they can’t get the Chord 3-year warranty to me, we going to work out a compromise solution. As many users on this site attest, the company seems to have a good support team that responds to customer issues. 

I always assumed the "age" was more of a guesstimate. Which is fine, IMO. I don’t assume warranty services when looking at used gear.

I’ve bought from TMR several times. Always got quality gear. There is ONE time I got a set of Tannoys that were internally wired wrong (Tannoy uses no-solder wire clips), and sounded absolutely horrible until I rewired them (very easy to do). Fortunately I knew what they were supposed to sound like, because in the meantime TMR customer service tried to convince me it was an amp matching problem lol (I hadn’t discovered the wiring mistake yet). But once rectified, those ended up being one of the better bargains I’ve gotten. So once in a while their "testing" may be a little lax, but otherwise I’ve been very happy with TMR.

I’ve bought from TMR more times than I can count and I’ve made at least one return.  I have been happy with all the transactions. 
And like others have said, when the product is made has little to do with “how old” the product is, the first sales date does.

All the best.

I’ve bought lots of gear from TMR without issue...but they do expect buyer to do some homework, such as asking manufacturer if they extend warranty beyond original owner...and it is quite common for gear to be sold a year or two after manufacture, especially a large company that manufactures in quantity...

I had a very good experience buying used from TMR. And their follow-up was all I could ask. I think they're trying to do a good job. I would definitely buy from them again.


I have purchased many items from the music room always been a great experience my salesperson has always been Nick. He not only knows a great deal about most equipment but has stopped me from making a few costly mistakes. Even if what he suggested is cheaper than what I was going to purchase.

Additionally, they are conservative in my opinion on how they rate the condition of a product most times better than expected and will show detailed photos of any marks. They also package your purchase very well.

I bought from Nick too, I believe, and he was great. This time wasn't as smooth, but they are working with me now to make things better. I learned from this experience. Next time I buy used from any dealer, I will ask up front if they can tell me the year an item was manufactured and if a warranty is transferrable. If they don't know, that's understandable, but I shouldn't assume that just because a product description says a year old, that it was built a year ago. I was naive to assume that. Live and learn. 

I have nothing but good experiences with Nick and the folks at TMR. Top tier company. 

From my limited experience, TMR is a stand up organization. If you have an issue, I am sure they will try to resolve it.

As far as knowing when it was manufactured, well, you are buying a used product, and at a discount with a resellers guarantee. I would be interested to know why your experience 'wasn't as smooth'.


for certain information you may be better off calling the manufacturer instead of the dealer...

If you are unhappy with the item, get a return authorizaton and send it back. You seem to be asking a lot from TMR as I assume they do not have a research department, but provide the most accurate description they can of the item. I have been quite happy with TMR and trust them. 

I have sold two units to TMR and they have been nothing but honest in their dealings. They send you a shipping label and pay you very quick. 

I would love to see them make an effort to provide the age.

Even if it simply the range of years it was produced.

Is that not something they should provide???

I've bought and sold via TMR, and they're stand up folks. However, their descriptions can sometimes be slightly off. But, find me a dealer, journalist or audiophile on the planet who would have full product knowledge on the range of gear they sell.

I'm currently having a protracted issue with an amp (supposedly with full manufacturer warranty) that didn't get through two songs that I returned and has been somewhere for the past couple of months without an ETA or proactive status updates.

So, I'm in the due diligence camp. However, as it relates to manufacturer warranties, they should provide specific information or none at all. Don't dangle it as a worthless trust signal!  

Have had many great dealing with the Music Room. Sales and purchases. I had a bad experience with a RST2 transport (New) and finally after returning 2 units the 3rd was a charm. They were great with every time and very apologetic. They were determined to make it right and they did. I did explore one PASS Labs unit they had for sale (AMP) the product was listed as 1 year old. I called PASS and gave them the serial number and was told it was 3 years old. I believe the Music room told me the gentleman that traded it stated it was 1 year old. I don't think, they the Music Room have the time to do what i did to confirm those facts, they mostly rely on the sellers info, and their in service staff to confirm the Units operating condition.  I would just pass this point across. However, from my experience, I would not be at all reluctant to buy anything from them.  Very trustworthy. Robert TN

Have to echo everyone elses sentiments here - ive done a ton through TMR and theyre really an exemplary company - customer service is top tier and never have I felt left out in the cold. Id say give them a ring until they answer. What theyll do is anyones guess - but I gaurantee itll be fair… also isn’t there a 60 day return window? 

@mysteriousmrm "This time wasn’t as smooth, but they are working with me now to make things better."


Would expect nothing less from Nick/TMR in any case.

Having worked with Nick many times, I can guarantee you nothing misguided occurred here. TMR is in it of the long-game, and would not let the sale or return of one Chord Hugo2 amp-dac ruin their reputation and standing. A warranty is usually up to the manufacturer, and most good brands stand up to their products if they are in the first 2-3 years, or can be fixed within reason when working through it. On the flip side, there is rarely a long term guarantee with most used gear we buy/save on.


So, what’s wrong wtih the Chord Hugo "2"? If you had another year of warranty, what would you fix?



Well, I was quite disappointed in my latest adventure with the Music Room.

I wanted to trade in some Critcal Mass footers for the latest version. They finally quoted after I sent several emails. There quote was to take my trade in for 1/2 of the current used prices and sell me the replacements for full retail value. Making large profit in both directions.

Walk on...


I've bought several used items from TMR.  The transactions and deliveries were always flawless.  The equipment was in excellent condition and functioned as described by TMR.